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UK premium content regulator PhonepayPlus has released new rules for the mobile content industry following a 108 percent increase in mobile-… Read more »

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Amid the discussion of universal broadband access, those without broadband get all of the attention. But what about the 17 percent of Americans who regardless of cost or access simply don’t want to go online? Or the 1.7 percent who think dial-up is just fine? As […] Read more »

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Things are looking up for renewable energy, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The agency just released “Electric Power Industry 2007: Year in Review,” and for the first time, renewables (not including hydro-electric power) led the way in new electric generation […] Read more »

Google today announced its financial results for the fourth-quarter and full-year 2008 periods. It was an impressive performance, except: Google said net income for the quarter that ended on Dec. 31 was $382 million, or $1.21 a share, compared with $1.2 billion, or $3.79 a share […] Read more »

Microsoft’s earnings announcement and its unprecedented decision to cut around 5,000 employees has dominated the news today. Experts have already weighed in on the reasons and the ramifications (Mary-Jo Foley, for example, has information about which divisions might see job cuts). As the company tries to […] Read more »

Quizzing the Car Czar: With the U.S. auto industry hanging in the balance, an expected federal “car czar” faces ten fundamental questions, from whether the SUV is dead (or close to retirement) to how close we really are to having mass-market electric cars. — Wall Street […] Read more »

DownloadSquad has a short item today on QTWeb, an open source Windows browser based on the WebKit rendering engine (also found in Safari and Google Chrome). I’ve used the browser before, but decided to try out the newest version, which has quite a lot of enhancements […] Read more »

As a recent (sort-of) switcher, I’ve been exploring iWork 08 a fair bit, and, with the launch of iWork 09, I’ve really thrown myself into Pages, Numbers and Keynote. For someone who has used Microsoft Office almost exclusively for the last twenty-odd years, that’s a huge change! Along the way, I’ve started to notice subtle – but important – differences between them, but they’re not the nuts-and-bolts workaday differences you might expect… Read more »

It looks like the National Security Agency added some security software to a BlackBerry phone to satisfy President Barack Obama’s need for his Research in Motion smartphone. This means Obama can continue emailing routine and personal messages that will become part of the public record. However, […] Read more »

According to research from Instat, ZigBee may be following in the footsteps of now-ubiquitous Wi-Fi, thanks to the growth of the “smart energy” marketplace. Earth2Tech reports that chips and nodes used to build wireless networks based on the leading standard, 802.15.4, (the one the ZigBee specification […] Read more »

Making buildings more energy-efficient has started to move into the national spotlight with President Obama’s green portion of the stimulus package. And it might be geeky, but wireless networks that will monitor energy consumption will play a significant role in efficient buildings. How significant? According to […] Read more »

Running QuickBooks for Windows in a virtual machine (VM) on your Mac is often the best way to get all the advanced features of QuickBooks that are only available in the Windows version and still have fun using your Mac the way nature intended, running OS […] Read more »

I’m late to the game on this news, but recently the StyleTap folks announced full support for Symbian S60 devices. StyleTap is basically an emulator that allows you to run older Palm OS applications on a non-Palm device. The S60 version joins the Windows Mobile version […] Read more » Getting Viacom Content; video from MTVN, BET and Paramount pictures coming to the video portal, deal was struck separately from distribution agreement with Sling’s parent company EchoStar. (paidContent) Extreme Reach Gets $1.5 Million; video ad firm’s first round led by Village Ventures and Long River […] Read more »

At the Clean-Tech Investor Summit in Indian Wells, Calif., this week, Peter Gleick, co-founder and president of the Pacific Institute and one of Wired magazine’s 15 people President Obama should listen to, compared the global water situation to that of oil and said that a time […] Read more »

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