Stories for Jan. 28, 2009

– Muzu: Irish music video start-up has signed a licensing deal with indie label Cooking Vinyl, the home of artists such as the Charlatans a… Read more »

Yesterday saw the launch of $2000 Website, an intriguing design shop in the Bay Area that describes itself as a “self-service” design agency, offering to design, code and publish a custom website within a two-week period. Users begin by completing a short online questionnaire to help […] Read more »

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After taking a look at the earnings of the largest U.S. wireless carriers, it’s clear that growth in wireless data at the top carriers is still going strong, despite a recession. There are concerns that some of this is the result of holiday sales (all those […] Read more »

Members of the House this afternoon failed to pass a bill that would delay the transition from analog to digital television signals by four months. Without House approval, the deadline for the switch stands at Feb. 17. Stacey at GigaOM has the full story and some […] Read more »

Members of the House this afternoon failed to pass a bill that would delay the transition from analog to digital television signals by four months. Without House approval, the deadline for the switch stands at Feb. 17. Qualcomm is undoubtedly rejoicing, as it stands to lose […] Read more »

It’s been nearly two-and-a-half years since we reviewed On The Job here at TheAppleBlog, and we gave it high marks back then. Today Stunt Software has released On The Job 3.0, their time & expense tracking and invoicing application. The new version has some nice new […] Read more »

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There wasn’t much cash for cleantech in the proposed 2009 federal budget for Canada that was released this week, especially when compared to the lofty goals of the new administration in the neighboring U.S. The Canadian Wind Energy Association says the proposed budget drops support for […] Read more »

GM to Import Engines for First-Gen Volts: General Motors has assured autoworker union leaders that it will produce Chevy Volt engines in Flint, Michigan as soon as possible, but it plans bring engines from overseas for the initial run of the vehicle. — Reuters Carbon Caputure […] Read more »

Opera Mini is a great mobile web browser and the latest version 4.2 has been released for the Android platform.  You can find this jewel in the Android App Market on your T-Mobile G1 phone and get surfing right away.  The beta version has been out […] Read more »

A while ago, I wrote about Planzone, a collaborative project management app, and how it allowed me to organize and manage all the pieces and players of two major projects I have going on. I have the free plan, which includes two projects. But I also […] Read more » Launches Countdown to Kick-off; the show will feature news, interviews and analysis with new episodes running daily from today through Saturday. (release) Hulu Held Up By Music Rights as Well; some episodes of shows go missing because the music used hasn’t been cleared for internet […] Read more »

Former Vice President Al Gore urged members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this morning to greenlight President Barack Obama’s entire $825 billion economic stimulus package, which includes $54 billion for clean energy. Presenting prepared testimony on climate change solutions leading up to the UN talks […] Read more »

Last week we added up all the numbers of video streams released by the various outlets for their Obama Inauguration day traffic, and were impressed to see that the number exceeded measures of TV viewers — 70 million streams vs. 37.8 million TV watchers. Now comScore, […] Read more »

I’ve spent several hours tinkering with Apple’s new iPhoto ’09 — part of the newly updated iLife ’09 suite of media applications — and I like what I’ve seen so far. The entire application is a strong step forward, and the exciting new features (facial recognition […] Read more »

iMovie ’08 was not considered one of Apple’s best releases — to put it mildly. In fact, the outcry of disappointment was so high, that Apple responded by re-issuing iMovie HD 6 (v6.0.4 to be exact) for those who were unwilling to embark on the new […] Read more »

Mark Cuban has another lightning rod post up over on his Blog Maverick entitled The Great Internet Video Lie that discusses the futility of over-the-top video delivery. Cuban’s a fun blogger to read because he takes a position and goes all-in with it. His post begins: […] Read more »

Greenbox Technology, a startup with a web-based platform that monitors home energy use, told us recently it hopes to close its first round of funding by June. Matthew Smith, the company’s vice president of marketing, said the company is talking to potential investors now. The round […] Read more »

Updated: AT&T has reported its fourth-quarter 2008 results, and they show how dependent the company is on Apple and the iPhone for its future growth. For instance, AT&T added 2.1 million new wireless subscribers during the quarter. Nearly 1.9 million 3G iPhones were activated during the […] Read more »

The little netbook is a very capable device, we say that all the time.  What makes the netbook such a strong performer overall is the highly portable form that makes it easy to take anywhere and do just about anything.  We are seeing more folks try […] Read more »

Let’s face it – we are not web working machines. There are several forces that are going against our productivity. So what do we do if we can’t afford to fall into an unproductive day? Here are four techniques to turn productivity into a habit. Read more »

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