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The Conservative Party in the UK may be trying to one-up Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the rival Labor Party with its latest cleantech proposal, which calls for the creation of a smart grid that would cover electricity, gas and water customers, potentially cutting energy use […] Read more »

Whoopi Goldberg is both producing and headlining in the new sci-fi web series Stream,  which premiered Jan. 15 on FEARNet.  While the Oscar/Golden Globe/Grammy/Emmy/Tony award-winning actress had all but retired from acting to focus on her participation in daytime coffee klatch The View, the chance to […] Read more »

As cloud computing marches forward, so does the effort to deliver free, open-source solutions that allow organizations to customize their own cost-effective cloud deployments. Some of them, such as Eucalyptus, even duplicate the functions of Amazon’s EC2, eliminating any tough learning curves. OStatic has put together […] Read more »

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Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins has reopened its $500 million Green Growth and $700 million KPCB XIII funds, reaching out to investors for extra cash to support already-backed companies through the economic downturn, peHub reports. The firm will reportedly allow both new and previous investors, an […] Read more »

Monsoon Multimedia may be a lesser-known competitor to Sling Media, but the company continues to roll out products that are not only similar to, but in some cases even a little bit better than those offered by its rival. The recently announced SociableTV service, which will […] Read more »

It’s clear that the public has an insatiable appetite for behind-the-scenes peeks at famous people. You can’t twitch your remote finger without hitting some Celebrity RehabFitSurrealHotTub show. But we online video consumers like our celebrity mockery the way we like everything else — hard and fast. […] Read more »

Customer relationship management giant just gobsmacked the fledgling community management industry with its launch of a customer support service called Service Cloud. While initially positioned as a tool for customer service, it also tracks interactions with various online communities. This puts Salesforce on a collision […] Read more »

The economic stimulus proposal revealed yesterday by House Democrats includes some big wins for the auto industry: $2 billion for battery research, $300 million to retrofit or replace older diesel engines and vehicles, and $1 billion for federal, state and local governments to buy alternative fuel […] Read more »

Nielsen today sent us its streaming video stats for December. There was nothing that immediately jumped out from the data, but if you dig a little, there’s a month-to-month increase in the number of streams being delivered while the number of unique viewers fell. Nielsen didn’t […] Read more »

A combination of events yesterday got me thinking about how much time I spend sifting my Twitter stream for valuable, work-related and/or professionally useful information. First, fellow WWD writer Aliza Sherman posted a tweet about starting a second account to follow only those twitterers you really […] Read more »

Rockefeller Proposes 3-Month DTV Delay; Democratic senator of West Virginia has introduced legislation that proposes pushing the transition date back to June 12 (The New York Times). Meanwhile, the FCC votes to implement the “analog nightlight” bill, which allows broadcasters to keep analog broadcasts up for […] Read more »

It’s been pretty quiet here on jkOnTheRun the past few days due to a whirlwind schedule of traveling and meetings for both Kevin and I.  We left Vegas after 6 days of CES coverage on Monday of this week and on Wednesday we both headed out […] Read more »

As Congress contemplates broadband access as part of President-elect Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan, Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, has filed a bill that would push back the transition from analog to digital signals for television broadcasters from Feb. 18 until June 12, 2009. […] Read more »

President-elect Barack Obama’s pledge to double renewable energy in three years and make public buildings more energy efficient is getting a significant boost in the stimulus package proposed by House democrats. Of the $825 billion in proposed spending and tax cuts, $54 billion, or 6.5 percent, […] Read more »

I’m old. I accept that. And being old means there are some things that I just don’t understand. Like why anyone would want to watch the lead singer from All-American Rejects (I hear they play that “rock and roll” music) sitting in an airport, mumbling into […] Read more »

[qi:004] Some days you read something that makes you go: What the…? I got that feeling when I read Peter Kafka’s report that Tweetdeck, one of the many Twitter desktop apps that use Adobe Air and has been downloaded 250,000 times, is getting just shy of half […] Read more »

Despite my addiction to The Age of Empires (and the rest of the franchise), I’m not much of a gamer. Nevertheless, last year a friend of mine let me borrow his Nintendo Wii and after a couple of hours spent playing some of its simpler games, […] Read more »

Samsung Electronics, the world’s second-largest mobile phone company, the only profitable DRAM maker and the manufacturer of flat-screen televisions announced a reorganization that combines its consumer electronics businesses into one unit focused on gadgets from phones and televisions to home appliances, and a second unit that […] Read more »

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