Stories for Dec. 8, 2008

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StrataScale, a subsidiary of colocation services provider company RagingWire, is expected to announce on Tuesday the general availability of a managed hosting product called IronScale. Surprisingly, unlike many of the companies that host data center hardware, IronScale is not a cloud, but a managed server offering. […] Read more »

For more than two years, solar and semiconductor companies have predicted that a glut of polysilicon coming online in 2009 would drive down their costs. Today Suntech Power Holdings CEO Zhengrong Shi put a number on the shift, saying in an interview with Reuters that he […] Read more »

Is BD-Live the way to salvage the future of DVDs? According to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, studios are hoping the technology, which adds interactive features like chat and trivia games to Blu-ray movies, will boost sagging DVD sales. A big test of that […] Read more »

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Visual web search tools have been around for a while, with long-standing sites such as Kartoo providing graphical views of search results. These are sometimes useful and sometimes just gimmicks, but Viewzi and Redzee are two sites that may appeal to many web workers. The idea […] Read more »

Word appeared late last week that Verizon was offering an OS upgrade to the Blackberry Storm.  The upgrade was to make the screen rotation faster as well as address some stability issues that some reported.  The upgrade did in fact appear last Friday but required upgrading […] Read more »

My iPhone bleeds money. I buy apps, the bulk of which I never look at again. My monthly bill, in order to guarantee enough data available, is pretty expensive, especially when compared to what I was paying for earlier phones. And, to top it all of, […] Read more »

Updated: These are dark days for the media business, with many traditional media owners caught in the intergalactic shift to online from off. This is going to kill a lot of newspapers. Among the latest developments, Tribune Co., parent company of the Chicago Tribune, LA Times […] Read more »

The latest and greatest beta version of Firefox 3.1 hit the web today, although Mozilla hasn’t made an official announcement just yet. Without a published change-log, it’s early to say what goodies are under the covers, however, BetaNews says that the Private Browsing mode is there […] Read more »

Forget license plates, prisoners are going solar these days. Massachusetts-based Spire announced today that it signed a $54.9 million deal to supply solar cells to a solar module factory located in a federal prison in upstate New York. And Spire is no stranger to prison work […] Read more »

We just got word that the Boingo Hotspot application is now available for the iPhone.  Boingo is the provider that has deals representing many hotspots world-wide, including Starbucks and McDonalds.  The Boingo mobile plan is $7.95 per month and is required to take advantage of hotspots […] Read more »

News broke yesterday that Wal-Mart will indeed be selling Apple’s iPhone, most likely by the end of December. The source of the information is employee training materials, and employees of the U.S.-based retail giant themselves. Wal-Mart is still keeping mum about the news, having made no […] Read more »

Having spent some time teaching at a university, and being on the brink of becoming a student again myself, I recently stopped to reflect about how my school work and that of my students might be improved with some Web 2.0 tools. The discussion is timely, […] Read more »

The latest tale of woe out of the VC industry appears today in the Wall Street Journal, on how the limited partners who invest in venture capital firms are backing out of their commitments to fund individual VC funds. The end result of LPs failing to […] Read more »

The computing industries tend to build more energy-efficient data centers to save money on electricity bills, but if your company is in California, it could also get a fat check in the form of a PG&E rebate for green data center efforts. This morning California utility […] Read more »

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