Stories for Dec. 10, 2008

Apple Could Sell 1 Million Gift Cards – Analysts like big numbers. Shaw Wu, an analyst for Kaufmann Bros. likes six zeros, to be precise. He’s claiming that information he’s received from his network of Apple retail channel contacts puts the estimated sales of the iPhone […] Read more »

I was unable to bring myself to participate in the morbid and nearly gleeful frenzy that turned victimization of Yahoo faithful by a management team that gives incompetence a new meaning. None of them were fired…even Jerry goes back to being Jerry. Of all the things […] Read more »

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The CEO of Nanosolar, Martin Roscheisen, wants to tell everyone that his thin-film solar startup can make tube-shaped solar panels similar to a certain other thin film startup — which he doesn’t name, but is pretty clearly Solyndra — but that he doesn’t see the business […] Read more »

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Monday, Amit Singh and team announced the release of MacFUSE 2.0 at a Google Open Source Developers speakers series. MacFUSE 2.0, based on the FUSE (filesystem in userspace) project that is popular with the Linux crowd, is a major update to the framework that provides support for […] Read more »

Having determined that its growth in the enterprise has pretty much stalled, Cisco is looking at video to help it sell equipment to carriers. To do that it’s positioning video traffic as the new data — ready to take over the web. Because if you’re going […] Read more »

Apple simply states the firmware update addresses "stability issues" but with any luck the firmware update version 1.3 released just today will address the problems some owners of new MacBooks and Pros are having that we reported about recently.  Apple reps had indicated an update was […] Read more »

Many web workers appreciate free software applications, and there are a lot of good ones out there, especially open source tools. You can find a lot of these in the database of over 150,000 open source applications at WebWorkerDaily’s sister site OStatic, where I edit the […] Read more »

Nominations for the second annual Crunchies close at midnight tonight! The 2008 Crunchies competition and award ceremony recognizes and celebrates the most compelling startups, Internet and technology innovations of the year. GigaOM co-hosts the Crunchies with VentureBeat, Silicon Alley Insider and TechCrunch. Once nominations close, the […] Read more »

Cisco, having determined that its growth in the enterprise has pretty much stalled, has decided that video — from teleconferencing to cable — is the answer to its growth problem. To that end, it’s positioning video traffic as the new data — ready to take over the web. And Cisco is betting that cable operators and carriers panicked by the rise of video content are going to start building their own optimized video networks that the company calls a medianet. Read more »

In 2008, worldwide interest in hybrid cars began to spike at the beginning of the summer, just as gas prices began to skyrocket. At least that’s when Google’s year-end Zeitgeist, released (and covered on GigaOM) today, shows a jump in searches for the term. Surely that’s […] Read more »

Stanza is easily the most popular book app available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Recently, it expanded its library even further, adding 40,000 new titles to its library, thanks to the acquisition of a license for eReader’s eBook format. Lexcycle’s Stanza now boasts over 100,000 […] Read more »

Movies are kind of like startups. They’re risky ventures typically funded with other people’s money — and most are duds. But a new production company called ZDONK hopes to be a blockbuster in both the business and film worlds. Here’s the pitch. ZDONK has access to […] Read more »

When it comes to the more energy-efficient, twisty-shaped compact fluorescent bulbs, consumers complain that fitting them into some lighting fixtures is difficult, that they’re inordinately fragile, and that they give off an unusual light. So how do you get regular Joes to buy up the greener […] Read more »

Yesterday, Skype announced the availability of two new beta clients for mobile phones: Skype for Windows Mobile 2.5 beta and a renamed Skype for Mobile, now called Skype Lite. While the new beta version of Skype for Windows Mobile basically provides improved call quality and stability […] Read more » Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile devices finally join the handset crowd capable of Street View in Google Maps for Mobile. Google Android, Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s BlackBerry platform have been enjoying this useful feature already, which offers street level imagery in supported locations. S60 and […] Read more »

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