Stories for Dec. 9, 2008

In a call today outlining Sun Microsystem’s cloud computing efforts, David Douglas, SVP of Sun’s cloud computing business  and Lew Tucker, Sun’s CTO, said the server and software vendor believes that there will be multiple clouds tailored to specific industries, and that more than one or […] Read more »

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With the economy deep in the throes of a recession, the only question these days is who — or what — is next? Today it was Sony’s turn, which, citing “the sudden and rapid changes in the global economic environment,” said it’s laying off 8,000 employees […] Read more »

Windows users, much more than Mac and Linux users, are used to the perennial problem of waiting, and waiting and waiting for their systems to start up. The problem arises from how loose Windows plays with files that get scattered around your system, collecting applications that […] Read more »

President-elect Barack Obama and once-presidential-hopeful Al Gore met today to discuss (what else) “energy, climate change, and job creation — and how those three things go together.” Obama didn’t say what role Gore will play in his administration but pledged that the former VP will be […] Read more »

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So say a number of reports: this is the 1500 job cuts announced in October, and even though the situation has worsened since then, no major… Read more »

Since the Zunes inception, for all its faults, one thing that it did that seemed worth emulating was its Originals line, which are devices etched with original artwork from an array of designers. There’s no doubt that, even before comparing it to the Zune, or even […] Read more »

Time to eat crow. My Crimson Tide lost to the Florida Gators over the weekend. While it was a heartbreaker, the enormity of this game gave me the opportunity to contact Jason Kint, senior vice president and general manager at, to see how well it […] Read more »

Before the implosion of Web 1.0, Europe’s premiere Internet networking hub, First Tuesday, was run by an English guy who lived in the Bay Area. Web 2.0′s European nexus, Le Web, is run by a French guy who lives in — you guessed it — the […] Read more »

Prince, aka The Symbol, aka TAFKAP, has nothing on cleantech companies these days. Last week, Aptera’s three-wheeled Typ-1 became the 2e, and SunEthanol renamed itself Qteros the week before that. Now we have Germany-based solar manufacturer EverQ, which late last month became Sovello AG. The name […] Read more »

A 110-page congressional report issued today takes current Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin to task for allegedly suppressing and manipulating public records, not carrying out some of the jobs allocated to the FCC and generally being, well, a jerk (his “heavy-handed, opaque and non-collegial management […] Read more »

The brains behind the Google Android platform have announced the addition of 14 new members.  The Open Handset Alliance states these new members will “either deploy compatible Android devices, contribute significant codeto the Android Open Source Project, or support the ecosystem throughproducts and services that will […] Read more »

Given busy schedules as the end-of-year holidays approach, it’s easy to overlook a contest that kicks off anew each day. Here are the sites that are currently active in the HP Magic Giveaway, which is offering mega-large prizes to over 50 winners: Geeks to Go! Gear […] Read more »

During an interview with hedge fund manager and wannabe-wind-developer T. Boone Pickens last month in New York, we got the impression that Pickens was hopefully optimistic that his massive wind project would be able to meet its previous construction timeline. Despite repeated questioning from a group […] Read more »

[qi:011] In what is a sign of the times, online ad network Exponential has cut nearly eight percent of its staff as it prepares for what is shaping up to be a nuclear winter in the advertising business. The Emeryville, Calif.-based company runs and operates many […] Read more »

Sony Slices 8,000 Jobs; cuts are 4 percent of global workforce, the electronics division will be hardest hit. (VentureBeat) iStreamPlanet and Move Networks Partner Up; live-streamed event production company to offer adaptive streaming as the two enter a mutual reseller agreement. (release) NBC’s Zucker on Digital […] Read more »

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