Stories for Jan. 18, 2009
Stories for Jan. 17, 2009

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We’re keeping an updated list of places to watch online as Barack Obama is inaugurated as the United States’ 44th president on Tuesday. What with the fact that much of the country will be at work during the ceremony, and also that the stream is not […] Read more »

At long last I am sitting at the gate in the San Francisco Airport where I will soon be heading back to the old hacienda.  It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks with the long CES trip to Vegas, one day home and then out to […] Read more »

It’s that magical moment every week, when we all come together to find out what’s been happening in the App Store. As the TheAppleBlog raced through the past seven days, like an angry rhinoceros in a flak-jacket, we’ve gathered the best news from the jungle of fact, infused […] Read more »

A parade of 74 plug-in vehicles really makes you realize how entirely silent electric cars are. We stopped by Plug-In America’s parade in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday morning, which celebrated the upcoming presidential inauguration, and the procession would have been almost eerily silent if the […] Read more »

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With the FOX juggernaut American Idol once again rearing its culture-saturating head, it can feel downright impossible for a non-watcher to remain a functional member of society. In today’s Station Conversation, Liz Shannon Miller and Jill Weinberger discuss what happens when the lazy blogger’s last refuge […] Read more »

President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration is turning into one of the biggest events of the relatively young new year. Thousands of people are going to Washington D.C. to participate in what is going to be a historic day. For the rest of us, who need to work, […] Read more »

The controversial Cape Wind offshore project in Massachusetts took a step closer to becoming a reality on Friday, receiving a favorable review from the Minerals Management Service in a final environmental impact statement. The Cape Wind group said it could complete the permitting process by March. […] Read more »

Some 95 percent of all digital music downloads continue to be pirated, according to estimates released today by music industry trade group IFPI. Those numbers don’t translate well for online video, especially as streaming sites like Hulu start to see significant traction, but a quick look […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 16, 2009

Raising the Bar on Emissions Targets: “President-elect Obama’s goal of reducing emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 falls short of the response needed by world leaders to meet the challenge of reducing emissions to levels that will actually spare us the worst effects of climate change,” […] Read more »

– Perform: Online sports media rights distributor Perform has signed a five-year deal with broadcaster Matchroom Sports that will bring pro… Read more »

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