Stories for Jan. 27, 2009

“Opel Ampera.” That’s what GM’s German subsidiary, Opel, has named the European version of the Chevy Volt. Using the same electric propulsion system that appears in the Volt, Opel — which just a few months ago SolarWorld was speculated to want to buy and turn into […] Read more »

Everything you ever wanted to know about Smart Grids. (Earth2Tech) What went wrong with OLPC. (OStatic) Does Apple’s new multitouch patent mean end game for others? (jkOnTheRun) Cheap ways to stay entertained during the downturn. (NewTeeVee) How to learn from unfulfilled goals. (WebWorkerDaily) When it comes […] Read more »

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On Feb. 8, comedy site CollegeHumor will make its jump from web to television when the appropriately titled The CollegeHumor Show premieres on MTV. The crew there is hard at work shooting and editing episodes, but director/executive producer/writer/actor Sam Reich took a few minutes to talk […] Read more »

The Senate yesterday approved a bill to delay the transition to digital television signals until June 12, and the House is expected to approve similar legislation today. While Qualcomm may be gnashing its teeth over the passage of the delay, which the company says could cost […] Read more »

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The proliferation of electric cars and convenient places to charge them took another step toward becoming reality in Denmark today, with the announcement that startup Better Place and Danish partner DONG Energy have closed €103 million ($135.8 million) in financing for an electric car-charging network in […] Read more »

Cisco has long been trying to push beyond routers and into the home, as the company needs to continue growing, and is maxing out its Internet infrastructure market share. But like everyone else these days (holy green stimulus package), Cisco has decided to get into the […] Read more »

[qi:011] Corning, the company that makes the key component (glass) for LCD and plasma screens, today posted its fourth-quarter 2008 results, which included revenues of $1.1 billion and earnings per share of 13 cents, much lower than what Wall Street was expecting. Telecommunications segment sales — […] Read more »

Cisco, the largest maker of Internet infrastructure, could one day be managing the energy consumption of your PC or the building you’re working in. On Tuesday, Cisco plans to launch its “EnergyWise” software, a smart energy upgrade for its switch hardware (infrastructure that routes data on […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 26, 2009

You know that saying –- if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck. Same goes for portable personal computers — whether you call them netbooks or laptops. Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia agrees. “Netbooks are not a […] Read more »

Sometimes it seems that voice is going out of fashion on mobile phones, for example… GigaOM has a look at three mobile VoIP companies — m… Read more »

President Obama has called for the installation of 40 million smart meters and 3,000 miles of transmission lines. That means 2009 could be the year that we finally start seeing real attention being paid to “Power Grid 2.0” — basically turning the electrical grid of the […] Read more »

So you’ve made your awesome web show, now what? You’re not successful unless you get an audience. And attracting views for your video series is not a simple feat. Distribution and promotion are recurring conundrums in online video, as we saw (most recently) on Friday, when […] Read more »

Sarah Lacy, as we were taping her Tech Ticker video show earlier today, asked me about San Francisco-based startup Twitter and its rumored fundraising effort, which would value it in excess of $250 million. Should the company, she asked, put itself up for sale? My answer […] Read more »

A new report from eMarketer says that the number of online shoppers who watch retail videos grew by 40 percent last year. A product video or demo can give consumers a sense of how an item actually works, and eMarketer writes that e-commerce video can reduce […] Read more »

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