Stories for Jan. 20, 2009

I am not usually one to create databases, or web apps. Typically, my job is to produce content, be it text or image, and let others worry about number, data, programming etc. That said, when working as a freelancer, you don’t always have the luxury of […] Read more »

Qualcomm said today it has purchased AMD’s handheld graphics unit (acquired during AMD’s $5.4 billion acquisition of graphics chipmaker ATI Technologies) for $65 million. The deal shows that AMD is betting big on full-performance machines, from servers to laptops — rejecting its rival Intel’s  move into […] Read more »

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From the coders who brought you Trip Cubby and Gas Cubby (both of which I use weekly), comes Health Cubby. If you’ve used either of the aforementioned iPhone and iPod touch apps from App Cubby you’re already aware of the kind of data collection they are known […] Read more »

It’s nice to see The New York Times and others finally catching up to us by reporting that Cisco Systems is working on a new kind of server. We first reported the development of these new servers back in March 2008, essentially a lifetime on the […] Read more »

When the economy tanks, the stronger startups often take the opportunity to get stronger, while the weak get weaker. That’s the case for green construction startup Serious Materials. The company said this morning it has acquired the assets of Kensington Windows, which stopped producing vinyl windows […] Read more »

When GoodGuide — a web site that rates products based on how “good” they are, in terms of social and environmental practices — launched in September founder Dara O’Rourke told us that the company had raised an undisclosed amount of funding from New Enterprise Associates and […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 19, 2009
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As President-elect Barack Obama is sworn in at 11:30 am in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday afternoon, the world is officially welcoming a dramatic shift in U.S. policy and federal support for renewable energy and the fight for climate change. It’s a shift that is coming at […] Read more »

Looks like Comcast’s new network management plan is drawing the ire of competing Voice over IP providers and the scrutiny of federal regulators. The plan, which is detailed here, basically slows bandwidth hogs broadband speeds during times of congestion at a particular node. Apparently, it also […] Read more »

Ustream just let us know that Apple has approved its live-streaming application for the iPhone. This isn’t a huge breakthrough, since the video is only available over Wi-Fi and not 3G, but it’s a nice bit of timing for the startup given the demand expected for […] Read more »

OTCBB-traded kids media company GoFish is changing its name and altering its business model. The company, which has offices in San Francisco… Read more »

In the lull between Christmas and New Years, Intel released its new Q9000 quad-core mobile processor, and PC maker Acer almost simultaneously its Q9000-powered Aspire 8930G-7665 “extreme gaming” and multimedia notebook computer with an 18″ 1920 x 1080 pixel 16:9 aspect ratio display. Many Mac notebook […] Read more »

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