Stories for Jan. 19, 2009

How to give Auto industry a stimulus and not a handout. [Earth2Tech] How do you know that you are doing too many things? [WebWorkerDaily] Sezmi wants to sell ala carte cable content. [NewTeeVee] First Impressions of HP Mini 2140 Netbook. [jkOnTheRun] A15-inch Macbook Air. Now I […] Read more »

While all eyes are on the $54 billion for clean energy in the proposed stimulus package, federal aid from previous green bills is starting to kick in. This morning, cellulosic ethanol startup Range Fuels says it has secured a conditional commitment for a loan guarantee from […] Read more »

We’ve been following the development of the TechCrunch web tablet since they made the auspicious announcement last year.  Today’s update that Kevin covered gave us a look at long last of the latest prototype they’ve named the CrunchPad.  I agree with everything that Kevin said about […] Read more »

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I mentioned during our CES 2009 coverage that the ThinkFree folks loaned me an Asus Eee PC 1000H. They wanted me to take a closer look at their ThinkFree Office productivity suite, which I’m doing over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, I […] Read more »

“As January goes, so goes the market.” Or so holds the January Barometer theory, whose originators claim it’s accurate 75 percent of the time (others are doubtful). So far, the S&P 500 is off 7 percent; if that continues, we’re in for another crappy year. When […] Read more »

TechCrunch has more information available about their web tablet prototype, which is now known as the CrunchPad. They’ve built a working prototype and offer up two videos that show what state the project is at. Built on a VIA Nano chipset, the slate currently uses a […] Read more »

One of the big questions we’ve had about set-top box startup Sezmi was how much the service was going to cost. We’ve known the company wants to partner up and distribute its box through ISP partnerships, but Sezmi has always kept mum on pricing (which made […] Read more »

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People tease me that my hobby is starting user groups. I also organize big events for geeks in my spare time just for fun. I’m one of those people who notices the gaps and jumps in to fill them. When I wish Portland had an event, […] Read more »

Montreal-based Enerkem, which just last week announced it would soon start up its first commercial scale cellulosic ethanol factory, is looking to secure financing to begin building its second such plant this year, CEO Vincent Chornet told us. Enerkem is teaming up with GreenField Ethanol, Canada’s […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 18, 2009

The U.S. auto industry is facing the worst downturn in several generations, one so dramatic that it threatens to take out many of the domestic manufacturers and their network of suppliers. While much of the blame rests with Detroit for building mediocre products, most agree that […] Read more »

Beta, as it pertains to web sites, has seen better days. Not long ago, saying the word as part of your web development cycle could help land venture capital even faster than claiming “community,” “paradigm shift” or “disruptive technology.” Now, the term is dissipated and confusing. […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 17, 2009

We’re keeping an updated list of places to watch online as Barack Obama is inaugurated as the United States’ 44th president on Tuesday. What with the fact that much of the country will be at work during the ceremony, and also that the stream is not […] Read more »

At long last I am sitting at the gate in the San Francisco Airport where I will soon be heading back to the old hacienda.  It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks with the long CES trip to Vegas, one day home and then out to […] Read more »

It’s that magical moment every week, when we all come together to find out what’s been happening in the App Store. As the TheAppleBlog raced through the past seven days, like an angry rhinoceros in a flak-jacket, we’ve gathered the best news from the jungle of fact, infused […] Read more »

A parade of 74 plug-in vehicles really makes you realize how entirely silent electric cars are. We stopped by Plug-In America’s parade in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday morning, which celebrated the upcoming presidential inauguration, and the procession would have been almost eerily silent if the […] Read more »

With the FOX juggernaut American Idol once again rearing its culture-saturating head, it can feel downright impossible for a non-watcher to remain a functional member of society. In today’s Station Conversation, Liz Shannon Miller and Jill Weinberger discuss what happens when the lazy blogger’s last refuge […] Read more »

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