Stories for Dec. 11, 2008

Determining energy consumption and carbon emissions is all about data, data, data — how to organize it and what to do with it. And companies using software and web tools to deal with such energy-related data are increasingly gaining the support of investors. Among them is […] Read more »

Publicis Groupe’s Digitas is reorganizing its U.S. group and has decided to shed about 70 jobs in the process, including 25 in New York, SAI… Read more »

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How many Mac fans are still using OS 9? It’s a difficult statistic to track, or at least I’ve found it so. Hitslink’s November 2008 market share report shows pre-Intel Mac operating systems still represent a respectable (nearly three times the penetration of Linux) 2.35 percent […] Read more »

Updated: God, it is starting to get really really depressing! After the big cuts at Yahoo yesterday, today the Silicon Valley was rocked by job cuts at CBS Interactive and its CNET division. CBS had acquired CNET in May 2008 for close to $1.8 billion. My […] Read more »

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We’re adding a new data point to the StatShot this week. Trendrr will be providing a weekly snapshot of the most Twittered broadcast TV shows. Trendrr is an online service that tracks and graphs consumption trends across social networks, blogs, torrents, Amazon, Craigslist, Twitter, Google News […] Read more »

The California Air Resources Board has unanimously approved a sweeping plan for reducing the state’s greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels — an average cut of four tons of annual emissions per person — by 2020. Outlining rules for nearly every sector of California’s economy, the […] Read more »

I have been warned by the local authorities that with the holiday season there are a lot of reports of laptops and gear bags being stolen from the trunks of cars.  This has always been a problem but I’m told it’s getting much worse with the […] Read more »

Video codec company DivX has let go of 21 people, or roughly 10 percent of the company’s workforce in San Diego (though some of the cuts rook place globally as well), TechCrunch is reporting. A DivX spokesperson confirmed the layoffs with us via email saying “The […] Read more »

I entertain no illusions when it comes to my reaction time. I won’t be catching any katana blades between my hands, that’s for sure. It’s my secret shame, since it means I’m not terribly good at video games, despite my professed love of them. There may […] Read more »

I’ve written before about Yugma, which is one of the best free online conferencing applications available. Today, Yugma has announced a new version 4.0 of its meeting application, which adds many new features, including a Viewer that allows people to join a Yugma meeting without downloading […] Read more »

As the UN climate change talks continue in Poland, the European Commission announced today that it’s picked the first set of investments for its Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund. This first round will funnel €22 million ($29.3 million) into small-scale renewable energy projects in […] Read more »

[qi:032] Sarah Lacy was kind enough to invite me onto her show, “Yahoo TechTicker,” this week. We talked about a lot of stuff, including Bebo, the future of online advertising, Electronics Arts and Netflix. Below are some bullet points. Click on the links to watch the […] Read more »

2008 was supposed to be the year when Internet video finally reached the living room, thanks to a whole bunch of set-top boxes. Part of that mix was supposed to be P2P, either in the form of distributed streaming, or good old BitTorrent downloads. Well, guess […] Read more »

Next Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on the creation of a nationwide filtered wireless broadband network (unless politics cause the issue to be struck from the agenda). The most likely beneficiary if the FCC approves the plan is a Kleiner-backed startup called M2Z Networks, […] Read more »

Solar startup Lightwave Power said today it has closed a Series A round of just over $13 million, with Quercus Trust leading the investment and 21 Ventures co-investing. Lightwave co-founder Lawrence Kaufman told us the funding began in June, just six months after the company launched […] Read more »

Is “Social” already over? That’s news to me. Those immersed in web work may be sick of the (over)use of the word “social,” particularly if, like me, they’ve been working in the social media space back before anyone called it “social.” Read more »

Alleged serial killer Henry “The Overkiller” Graham sits on death row partaking of his last meal (a Hot Pocket) and awaiting his just deserts. All too soon, he’s led to the room where he’ll pay for his crimes — by being married off to his groupie-turned-fiancee […] Read more »

Silicon Valley-based SunPower can still go big with solar, but today the company announced two installations that are under a megawatt each. In Western Australia, SunPower signed a deal to build a 505-kilowatt solar power plant for Horizon Power that SunPower said will be the largest […] Read more »

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