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The economic downturn knocked the wind out of the handset market in the third and fourth quarters of 2008, resulting in shipments of 1.2 billion handsets for the year and overall growth of just 5.4 percent, according to data released today from ABI Research. And it’s […] Read more »

So it looks like San Jose, Calif., may not be getting the Tesla Motors Model S factory after all. While the Silicon Valley electric sports car maker said in September that it planned to build an assembly plant for its second-generation vehicle at an 89-acre plot […] Read more »

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Users do not mind seeing double the number of ads — eight vs. four — interspersed in an online broadcast of an hour-long TV show, according to new research done by News of the study came during a panel discussion yesterday including Disney-ABC TV Group’s […] Read more »

Disney-ABC TV Laying Off Hundreds; cuts coming from all divisions across the company and represent 5 percent of the company’s payroll. (The Hollywood Reporter) Google TV Ads Offer DVR Data; service gives its advertisers metrics on when and how their ad is viewed during time-shifted playback. […] Read more »

The drop-off in demand for personal computers is hitting the graphics chip market hard. Jon Peddie Research has issued a report showing that total GPU shipments fell to 72.4 million in the fourth quarter — down 2 percent year-over-year and 35 percent from the third to […] Read more »

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Maybe I’m biased towards writing-related topics because of my background and personal projects, but I also think good writing is one of the most important cornerstones of good business, and therefore useful in any line of web work. One of the best ways to improve any […] Read more »

The technology industry cut close to 186,955 jobs in 2008, up 74.2 percent from the 107,295 job cuts recorded in 2007, according to data collected by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a recruitment company based in Chicago. The firm claims that job cuts soared 167 percent in […] Read more »

Sony Ericsson recently reported huge losses for the second straight quarter, for which it blamed the struggling economy. The results included a $240 million quarter loss and a 21 percent drop in phone shipments, garnering a vote of low confidence among analysts. And as Dick Komiyama, […] Read more »

T-Mobile said today that it had 32.8 million customers as of the end of the fourth quarter after adding 621,000 more during the three-month period. That’s a 35 percent drop in net adds from the same three-month period in 2007 and 49,000 less than T-Mobile added in […] Read more »

Global investment in clean energy must reach $515 billion per year by 2030 — triple that of last year’s investment — in order to avoid “the catastrophic impact of climate change,” according to a report from the World Economic Forum and New Energy Finance. Released this […] Read more »

YouTube has already spawned its fair share of web video stars, but the video-sharing giant is now reportedly going after real celebrities. According to The New York Times, YouTube is close to signing a deal with the William Morris Agency that would put the firm’s Hollywood […] Read more »

[qi:090] Five years after it launched Voicewing by rebranding DeltaThree, Verizon is shutting down the VoIP service that never managed to get any traction. It was launched to compete with Vonage. AT&T stopped signing up new customers for CallVantage, another Vonage competitor, in 2008. Voicewing will […] Read more »

According to the Albuquerque Business Journal, Qwest has cut off a rival local exchange carrier over a billing dispute. Qwest and SkyWi, a wireless broadband provider that pays Qwest for backhaul, have been involved in a billing dispute that resulted in Qwest cutting off service to […] Read more »

Depending on who you ask, Second Life is either an early pioneer in what promises to be a brave new virtual world of peer-to-peer interaction, rife with business opportunities, or a non-starter that got way too much hype way too early and won’t live up to […] Read more »

Female-focused ad net Glam Media has acquired online ad optimizer AdaptiveAds. Terms weren’t disclosed. The three-year-old AA is backed by D… Read more »

Tesla Motors held the first of two planned town hall meetings with customers this week, where it explained to buyers who have not received pre-ordered 2008 Roadsters why the company has decided to charge for options previously included in the sports car’s base price. But CEO […] Read more »

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