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Calling a new energy frontier a “leading priority of my presidency,” President-elect Barack Obama, as expected, on Monday afternoon in Chicago named the four key members of his cabinet that will make up America’s next green team: Steven Chu as Energy Secretary, Carol Browner as Climate […] Read more »

Seems everyone’s talking about netbooks these days. So I will, too since I’ve seen so much punditry of late that says Apple can’t charge their usual prices anymore, the economy is in the dumps, netbooks rule, Apple can’t ignore the market, etc.  Yes, we see a […] Read more »

From political parodies that helped shape an electoral narrative to high-pitched tween sensations, comedy continues to be the many-flavored substance that keeps online video sticky. With so much to choose from, at every point on the low-to high-brow spectrum, what follows is simply a few personal […] Read more »

Italy’s Enel is boosting its power in the U.S. geothermal market, announcing today that it will flip the switch on two of its geothermal plants in Nevada, with a total capacity of 65 megawatts, in the first quarter of next year. The Stillwater and Salt Wells […] Read more »

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Web surfers in the Pacific Northwest will soon join the denizens of Baltimore, Md., in their ability to get WiMAX service. Although those in Baltimore are still surfing under the old Xohm brand offered by Sprint, Clearwire plans to launch the first citywide Clear branded service […] Read more »

It’s no secret that landlines are getting replaced by mobile phones. As soon as Verizon lights up the dark fiber they put in my front lawn five months, I’m cutting the landline cord myself. Unless I keep running out of juice on the mobile phone that […] Read more »

In preparation for the last half of Battlestar Galactica‘s final season, the show’s creators are once again casting a few breadcrumbs at insatiable fans. Battlestar Galactica: The Face of The Enemy is a 10-episode online sideshow revolving around Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) and two Boomers (Grace Park), […] Read more »

Rotten Tomatoes and Current are partnering to create a new TV series based on the famous vegetable-centric movie review site, the two companies announced today. The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current (yikes, that’s really an… unimaginative title) will be a half-hour show aired weekly on Current […] Read more »

Apple today released the next major update to OS X Leopard in the form of Mac OS X 10.5.6 and is now available via Software Update, or the Apple downloads page. It is a 377MB download, recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard. Some […] Read more »

Thin-film solar startup Konarka said this morning that the massive French oil and gas company Total has become its largest shareholder, investing $45 million for a stake of slightly less than 20 percent. Total says it aims to boost its crystalline silicon-based solar cell production, and […] Read more »

We know that you don’t want to release a netbook, Mr. Jobs, and we respect your stance that you don’t want to sacrifice quality and besmirch the Apple name with a sub-standard product. That said, it’s beginning to look like other companies may not be content […] Read more »

A fast new home networking standard was ratified on Friday by the ITU. With the unsexy name and some quibbles about what the consumer friendly marketing name will be (HomeGrid backed by Intel and Texas Instruments seems likely), writing a headline is hard. But think […] Read more »

The open platform that is Android has many hopeful that we’ll see cool and useful applications released for the platform.  Brighthand has discovered that Dataviz has indicated that Documents to Go will soon be released for the Android.  This is big news as Docs to Go […] Read more »

Bill, T. Boone Push for Efficiency: Former President Bill Clinton’s foundation plans to partner with the Arkansas state government to retrofit buildings and improve efficiency, and T. Boone Pickens has just launched a new campaign for energy efficiency. — NYT’s Green Inc. Australian Emissions-Reduction Target Draws […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 157 is 34 minutes long and is a 31.3 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel […] Read more »

Updated: You can say this for our current commander-in-chief: He’s got great reflexes. During a press conference on Saturday, Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, a reporter with Cairo-based network Al Baghdadia Television, hurled his shoes at President Bush, who ducked the size-10 loafers pretty nimbly. According to […] Read more »

A lot of us who make our money working from home or telecommuting have our fingers in a number of different pots, so to speak. In fact, very few of the remotely employed depend on a single stream of income or project. The trouble is finding enough components to make up a financially and personally rewarding whole. Here are a couple of options. Read more »

Whoopi Goldberg to Produce and Star in New Online Series; shown on FEARnet, the sci-fi thriller Stream will be about Goldberg’s character battling different personal demons and fears at multiple points in her life. (emailed release) CBS Re-vamping; reports say the site will move from […] Read more »

General Electric and Germany’s Conergy have formed what they claim is the first renewable energy private trust in the Asia-Pacific region, with an investment target of $250 million. Conergy’s Epuron unit is teaming up with GE Energy Financial Services on the trust, which will invest in […] Read more »

We’ve been patiently not so patiently waiting to get our own HP Magic Giveaway contest going where one lucky individual is going to snag over $6,000 worth of prizes.  There are 50 sites running their own contest as we’ve warned you so I hope you are […] Read more »

Unable to ignore the ubiquitousness of Apple’s touch devices, Microsoft has released its first app, a tech-demo of Seadragon. For those unfamiliar with the project, Seadragon is one of a few applications being developed under Microsoft’s Live Lab division. This one in particular provides “seamless browsing […] Read more »

There’s quite the buzz over a Business Week story today on Palm and their new Nova operating system. Word is that Palm will uncover Nova in a few short weeks at CES; we’ve got our invites, so we’ll see what the "new-ness" is all about. Based […] Read more »

We’ve written about Zapproved in the past including a brief review by Mike Gunderloy and a brief mention by me in a useful tools roundup. The application is so simple that you might think all that can be said about it has been said, but with […] Read more »

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