Stories for Jan. 29, 2009

There, I feel better having said that.  I have the great opportunity to play with use a lot of different netbooks and notebooks and one of the common features that most share is the trackpad.  The trackpad is that small slippery little pad that replaces the […] Read more »

A number of the major online video services have added an HD option for video uploads, but which one is the best? CNET’s Josh Lowensohn did a really great round-up of HD services and determined YouTube to be the best. Even better, Lowensohn created this handy-dandy […] Read more »

With all the interest in Netbooks these days, many eyes are on Apple to see what kind of move they may make in this relatively new space. Some analysts believe that Netbooks are a risky idea for all PC makers, while others foster the belief that […] Read more »

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In an inauspicious building on a strip of offices in Menlo Park, Calif., I recently met with the team behind ZeaChem, a 25-person startup that’s using a common microbe found in termite guts and regular soil to breakdown trees and plants into the next-generation of ethanol. […] Read more »

I grab a notebook and head out the door to work quite a bit and it seems that each time I do so I have to give pause and decide what gear to take with me.  On the one hand I usually have a netbook to […] Read more »

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Earlier this week, we mentioned the new Moblin Alpha build for Netbooks. This is the mobile Linux platform that Intel is backing for Atom-based MIDs, but they’ve pushed the MID version back to 2010. Although the build is bare-bones, we’ll take a quick video look at […] Read more »

The economic downturn knocked the wind out of the handset market in the third and fourth quarters of 2008, resulting in shipments of 1.2 billion handsets for the year and overall growth of just 5.4 percent, according to data released today from ABI Research. And it’s […] Read more »

So it looks like San Jose, Calif., may not be getting the Tesla Motors Model S factory after all. While the Silicon Valley electric sports car maker said in September that it planned to build an assembly plant for its second-generation vehicle at an 89-acre plot […] Read more »

Users do not mind seeing double the number of ads — eight vs. four — interspersed in an online broadcast of an hour-long TV show, according to new research done by News of the study came during a panel discussion yesterday including Disney-ABC TV Group’s […] Read more »

Disney-ABC TV Laying Off Hundreds; cuts coming from all divisions across the company and represent 5 percent of the company’s payroll. (The Hollywood Reporter) Google TV Ads Offer DVR Data; service gives its advertisers metrics on when and how their ad is viewed during time-shifted playback. […] Read more »

The drop-off in demand for personal computers is hitting the graphics chip market hard. Jon Peddie Research has issued a report showing that total GPU shipments fell to 72.4 million in the fourth quarter — down 2 percent year-over-year and 35 percent from the third to […] Read more »

Maybe I’m biased towards writing-related topics because of my background and personal projects, but I also think good writing is one of the most important cornerstones of good business, and therefore useful in any line of web work. One of the best ways to improve any […] Read more »

The technology industry cut close to 186,955 jobs in 2008, up 74.2 percent from the 107,295 job cuts recorded in 2007, according to data collected by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a recruitment company based in Chicago. The firm claims that job cuts soared 167 percent in […] Read more »

Sony Ericsson recently reported huge losses for the second straight quarter, for which it blamed the struggling economy. The results included a $240 million quarter loss and a 21 percent drop in phone shipments, garnering a vote of low confidence among analysts. And as Dick Komiyama, […] Read more »

T-Mobile said today that it had 32.8 million customers as of the end of the fourth quarter after adding 621,000 more during the three-month period. That’s a 35 percent drop in net adds from the same three-month period in 2007 and 49,000 less than T-Mobile added in […] Read more »

Global investment in clean energy must reach $515 billion per year by 2030 — triple that of last year’s investment — in order to avoid “the catastrophic impact of climate change,” according to a report from the World Economic Forum and New Energy Finance. Released this […] Read more »

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