Stories for Jan. 21, 2009

A letter sent today by California air pollution controllers to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson could mark the beginning of the end of federal interference with the state’s push to enforce tighter tailpipe emissions standards. Signed by Air Resources Board (ARB) chairman Mary Nichols, the letter asks […] Read more »

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eBay today turned in a lukewarm performance for the fourth quarter of 2008, posting sales of $2.04 billion vs. an average forecast of $2.12 billion. Earnings per share were a penny better than expected, at 40 cents a share. Amidst all this doom and gloom, it […] Read more »

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Chip giant Intel Corp. unveiled a 10-kilowatt solar installation near its New Mexico manufacturing plant this weekend, launching its latest foray into clean energy for power-hungry data centers. While energy generated by the array’s 64 Sharp solar panels will feed into the local electricity grid and […] Read more »

We know that online video needs a fast pipe, but it also results in a lot of data being downloaded, meaning consumers with broadband caps might have to be wary.  Yesterday’s inauguration resulted in a 40 percent increase in U.S. network traffic yesterday, according to data […] Read more »

QuickBooks is one of those key business applications that many people who are considering a switch to the Mac are worried about leaving behind. While QuickBooks 2009 for Mac might be the perfect answer for many, others do not want to give up some of the […] Read more »

A total of $594 million was invested in 63 Virtual Worlds in 2008, according to Austin-based trade show company Virtual Worlds Management. That may seem like a lot, but that’s down from the more than $1.4 billion in 2007 (their estimate), a figure that was hugely […] Read more »

WebWorkerDaily has covered many time management, to-do list, and calendaring applications such as RememberTheMilk and Toodledo. There are many good applications in this space, but the tricky part with many of them is that they are intensely personal, and the way they work may not suit […] Read more »

It’s time for your cheerful Streamy Awards update! This Friday is the final day for submissions to the awards competition that LA Times’s David Sarno called the Emmys for online video. We’ve already received nearly 53,000 nominations for the best in web series, and while all […] Read more »

Even after T. Boone Pickens’ plan to build the world’s largest wind farm in Texas got kicked by the debt markets, he tried to remain optimistic that the funding would come and his plan would only suffer a minor delay. But at the Clean Tech Investor […] Read more »

Awards season enters the home stretch tomorrow as the nominations for the 81st Academy Awards will be announced at 5:30 a.m. (ET). Unlike last year, the nominations won’t be live-streamed, but video of them will be available on at roughly 6 a.m., along with trailers […] Read more »

In early December of last year, the folks at Western Digital released some new USB/Firewire “Turbo” drivers for their My Book line of external storage devices. There was no mention of this news, nor was there a press release issued from the company. For my own […] Read more » We’re kicking around some new ideas for 2009 and wanted to bounce one off you today. We’ll be doing more of our ten-minute “geek session” videos, but we’re considering some daily news, tips and opinion pieces on hot topics or devices. Take today, for example: […] Read more »

Around a month ago, we wrote about the integration of Slideshare within Microsoft’s Office, notably Powerpoint. Rashmi Sinha, the CEO of Slideshare, cheekily announced the company’s ‘acquisition of YouTube’ – more specifically, the ability to integrate ‘Video Inside Slides.’ Available starting today, this feature will enable […] Read more »

Get ready QuickTime junkies — Apple is taking care of you. If you check Software Update, you’ll notice a new flavor of QuickTime is available today. From Apple’s support document, here is what we can expect in this update. Video: Improves single-pass H.264 encoding quality Increases […] Read more »

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