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I wrote about the patent Apple received for this, but I’d like to comment further in light of all the discussion going on about the relative usefulness of this patent. A lot of the discussion seems to stem from these sources: A Gizmodo article using a […] Read more »

In a press conference call today Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha spilled the beans by stating that Windows Mobile 7 will not be released by Microsoft until 2010.  This is the first public confirmation we’ve seen anyone make but Motorola is certainly in a position to have […] Read more »

In my WebWorkerDaily post yesterday, I discussed an article in The Daily Beast in which Tina Brown talks about the gig economy and their research on the changing nature of freelancer jobs and the people found in them. The Daily Beast says that “as the recession […] Read more »

The UK’s National Grid says up to half of the country’s homes could be heated using biogas made from waste, using technology that until now has been primarily focused on electricity generation. Most biogas production in the cleantech industry today is used to generate electricity via […] Read more »

Telecommunications equipment provider Zeugma Systems today released software called SmartMeter that helps carriers manage broadband traffic. It’s not alone in offering such a product, but with SmartMeter Zeugma is trying to ride a change in the way broadband providers price their services — moving from buffet-style […] Read more »

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I’m looking to add to the great team of writers that we have here at WebWorkerDaily. If you think you have what it takes to write for WWD, I’d love to hear from you. I’m looking for writers with a good, clear writing style, a unique […] Read more »

Super Bowl Ads Duke It Out Online; Pepsi was the most buzzed about advertiser online, according to Collective Intellect; movie trailer videos went the most viral, according to BayTSP; amateur-made Doritos ad won the Hulu user vote (it also won USA Today’s panel, as we noted […] Read more »

In the latest blow to the emerging U.S. lithium-ion battery industry, Ford Motor said it’s picked the French-American joint venture Johnson Controls-Saft to supply batteries for the automaker’s first plug-in electric vehicle. Ford said today it plans to assemble the system stateside from cells produced (at […] Read more »

While Apple still seems stubbornly set against allowing iPhone users to get things done, since they haven’t introduced any kind of note or to-do syncing for the iPhone, Google appears eager to scratch the itch. Today, Google announced that iPhone users can now visit an iPhone-optimized […] Read more »

Until very recently, Tor was always something I heard about online but never used. I never considered myself enough of a “hardcore” geek to really pursue it, but it turned out to be much simpler to use that I thought. So for those of you that […] Read more »

Less than two months ago, Google added a lightweight Tasks feature to Gmail through the experimental Labs. The service just became available for mobile handsets, working on the iPhone and Android platforms, as well as any xhtml-enabled phone. It’s still bare-bones, but offers the basics if […] Read more »

Totally brotastic: a home ethanol kit that runs off of discarded beer yeast. The entrepreneurs behind startup E-Fuel, who have been hawking a washer-and-dryer-sized home ethanol system called the E-Fuel 100 MicroFueler, say this morning that they’ve done a deal with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to […] Read more »

The latest version of Skype for Windows, released today, attempts to offer higher quality calls while cutting back on bandwidth consumption. Skype for Windows 4.0 also offers a bigger video window, one-click video calling and adds a conversations tab so users can track multiple conversations and […] Read more »

Getting tired of the smart grid yet? Well, folks, GE’s Super Bowl ad was just the beginning, and with the DistribuTech conference kicking off this morning, get ready for the floodgates to open. In addition to news from these startups, Silver Spring Networks, the so-called Cisco […] Read more »

With the hectic schedules everyone works, it’s tough to find time to read a book. Even when I do find time, it’s usually at the end of the day and I get about a half a page in before falling asleep. But HarperCollins is testing out […] Read more »

Many of us here at WebWorkerDaily seem to have a love-hate relationship with Google and its products. While we love the conveniences and features that allow us to be so productive, we also lament lost opportunities and frustrating limitations. For example, while Judi laments on the […] Read more »

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