Stories for Feb. 3, 2009

Motorola (NYSE: MOT) launched an LTE trial network lab in Swindon, UK, with the intention of offering operators the ability to engage in LTE… Read more »

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T-Mobile G1 Android phone owners have no shortage of streaming audio apps to tickle their earbuds and the announcement that FlyCast comes to the G1 adds one more.  FlyCast is an online music service that has many stations as well as weather and news that can […] Read more »

*Amazon* hasn’t provided any meaningful sales info on its digital music and book downloads — but today’s launch of a downloadable games sto… Read more »

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Making data centers more energy efficient in a recession is a clear-cut decision for IT managers: cut power, save money, gain green PR. And the Green Grid organization, a trade group dedicated to reducing energy consumption of data centers, wants to help out. On Wednesday at […] Read more »

VMware, which last year watched its stock plummet and replaced its CEO with a seasoned Microsoft executive, faces headwinds from two trends: 1) open-source virtualization offerings; and 2) free virtualization within operating systems. With that in mind, VMware today made its shrewdest possible: launching an open-source […] Read more »

The Emerging Communications Conference, to be held March 3-5 in San Francisco, is a leading-edge telecom, Internet communications and mobile innovation event. It attracts the world’s leading futurists and the smartest, most forward-thinking execs, who are exploring the future of communications. It’s a must-attend conference for […] Read more »

Do you have a Windows PC that seems much slower than it once was? In my experience, that’s the natural life of most Windows-based machines. They collect litter in the Registry, on the hard disk, are prime targets for malware, and much more. I’ve written before […] Read more »

Tesla Model S Factory Update: Tesla Motors said today it’s in “late-stage” negotiations for a soon-to-be named site where it will manufacture its long-promised Model S sedan. — San Francisco Business Times LEED for Data Centers: A coalition of data center industry groups has released a […] Read more »

Netbooks have captured the mobile tech crowd’s attention like few products and the folks at Ars Technica have published a history of mobile devices that brought us to the netbook stage.  The article is an interesting read and goes back as far as the venerable HP […] Read more »

Everyone seems convinced that the Internet owes them a living, and that Google (being synonymous with the Internet the way it is for so many) is the best one to settle the bill, especially since it has billions of dollars just lying around, like Scrooge McDuck. Let’s call this the “Google as sugar daddy” argument. But why should Google pay? Especially when the main argument as to why it should seems to be because it can? Read more »

First comes infrastructure, then come the cars. That was the logic behind San Francisco’s deal with vehicle-charging network startup Better Place, and today General Motors said that it’s working with that city’s utility regulators, major employers, universities and politicians to develop policies and “enablers” (likely including […] Read more »

I wrote about the patent Apple received for this, but I’d like to comment further in light of all the discussion going on about the relative usefulness of this patent. A lot of the discussion seems to stem from these sources: A Gizmodo article using a […] Read more »

In a press conference call today Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha spilled the beans by stating that Windows Mobile 7 will not be released by Microsoft until 2010.  This is the first public confirmation we’ve seen anyone make but Motorola is certainly in a position to have […] Read more »

In my WebWorkerDaily post yesterday, I discussed an article in The Daily Beast in which Tina Brown talks about the gig economy and their research on the changing nature of freelancer jobs and the people found in them. The Daily Beast says that “as the recession […] Read more »

The UK’s National Grid says up to half of the country’s homes could be heated using biogas made from waste, using technology that until now has been primarily focused on electricity generation. Most biogas production in the cleantech industry today is used to generate electricity via […] Read more »

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