Stories for Jan. 20, 2009

President Obama’s transition site now points readers to the revamped The AP notes that the site has retained some… Read more »

Earlier this month I wrote about Whostalkin, a beta search engine that focuses on finding content on social media sites and blogs.  It seems that the whole notion of expanding searches to social sites is gaining momentum. Today I’ve been experimenting with Twingly, from a Swedish […] Read more »

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There are dark days ahead for the studio behind The Dark Knight. Warner Bros. announced today that it would be cutting 800 jobs or 10 percent of its worldwide staff. Despite a boffo box office last year, the studio is blaming the global economic downturn for […] Read more »

With much of the U.S. at the office instead of in front of their TVs for today’s inauguration festivities, the many, many outlets carrying the action gave online video a big boost. We’ve been covering the various angles throughout the day on GigaOM and NewTeeVee. – […] Read more »

Yesterday, I looked at QuickBooks 2009 for Mac and while the new version is an improvement in many areas, it does not replace the Windows version in all situations. In fact, there are a number of good reasons to continue to use the Windows version of […] Read more »

General Motors plans to invest $30 million into building a plant for assembling Chevy Volt battery packs, the automaker said today at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, Reuters reports. GM revealed earlier this month that it would manufacture the packs in Michigan with lithium-ion […] Read more »

Updated throughout: Om just emailed that the web may be breaking under the strain of President Barack Obama’s inauguration, noting that several sites, such as and C-SPAN, appear to be down. Others including Ustream, and MSNBC are still up, so it may be a […] Read more »

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Dong Energy of Denmark unveiled a deal this week to invest in Dutch battery management system developer Lithium Balance. The company didn’t reveal how much it was investing, or how big of a stake it’s getting in Lithium Balance, only that it joined a group of […] Read more »

Qualcomm, mindful of how much it stands to lose if the transition to DTV is delayed, yesterday sent a letter to several legislators begging them to force nine TV stations in Boston, Miami, San Francisco and Houston to stop transmitting their broadcasts on the analog channels […] Read more »

The delightful thing about Americans is that you can’t define them by just one stereotype — there’s a wide diversity of crude and cruel tropes available for mockery. In the Iron Sink Media-produced Freakdom of Speech, America — as depicted by Patrick Bristow (a Groundlings comedy […] Read more »

Whether you enjoyed President Barack Obama’s inauguration on newteevee or oldteevee, it was an historic moment for our country. But just because the moment has passed doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Here’s a breakdown of where you can watch the inauguration online and on-demand. […] Read more »

President Barack Obama’s inauguration was a global moment, not just in terms of history and politics but also web participation. And now, the numbers are starting to roll in for Inauguration Day web video traffic. Was it the largest live stream audience ever, as we had […] Read more »

Weren’t we just asking who wants HDTV in their netbook? Telegent Systems might be interested in the answer to that one. They recently announced an integrated TV solution for MIDs, netbooks and traditional notebooks. Telegent’s new TLG2300 is touted as the world’s first hybrid single-chip solution: […] Read more »

For many web workers, the central hub from which they manage their online identity and portfolio is, or features, a blog. Using a blog to represent yourself has many purposes, including acting as a C.V., establishing your identity as an authority in your field, and providing […] Read more »

News Corp.’s News Limited Picks thePlatform; the Australian subsidiary will use the white-label video provider across 50 different digital media properties, including and (emailed release) Partners With EyeWonder; two are teaming up to allow advertisers to create one ad that can run on […] Read more »

After being ignored in the last two inaugural speeches, the issue of climate change got plenty of attention at U.S. President Barack Obama’s inauguration Tuesday. As an estimated 1.4 million watchers looked on in the mall alone, by far the largest attendance at an inaugural event, […] Read more »

A single linear stream that everyone watches at the same time? How retro. Live events are the epitome of traditional oldteevee fare. But while flipping between the many feeds of Barack Obama’s inauguration today, I found the best experience was offered by CNN Live with Facebook […] Read more »

Planet-Cooling Plants: New research suggests planting crops that reflect more sunlight could deliver summertime cooling of about 2 degrees Fahrenheit across central North America and a wide band of Europe and Asia. — New York Times Tesla Jacks Up Roadster Price: Tesla Motors has informed customers […] Read more »

The proliferation of notebooks and netbooks in use means you now see them everywhere you go in public.  I was pleasantly surprised to see so many of them in public use on my recent trips.  It is clear that mobile computers have become a standard tool […] Read more »

Microsoft is hoping people will use Photosynth to document the inauguration. In partnership with CNN, they’re asking people to upload 1-3 pictures, no more than 10MB each, and email them. The result will be a three-dimensional record of the event. That’s a lot of data. Having […] Read more »

Interestingly, Apple has made the decision to no longer require a serial number for the retail copy of iWork. It doesn’t require any online activation, and — in the same fashion as iLife — would seem to have no piracy prevention as such. Apple notes that: […] Read more »

PHEV conversion companies — part of the nascent aftermarket industry that takes hybrid vehicles and turns them into plug-ins — may soon be required to run emissions tests and offer warranties competitive with big automakers in California. The state Air Resources Board, or ARB, will issue […] Read more »

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