Stories for Jan. 30, 2009

WebWorkerDaily began in September 2006 as GigaOM founder Om Malik was building his new company from a table at Starbucks. Now, just about everyone who earns income is a “web worker” at least for some part of their day. To keep up with this ever-changing working […] Read more »

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UPDATE: A Stage 9 spokesperson got back to us to provide the following statement: “Stage 9 will continue to develop/produce in a highly selective benefit /cost manner.” The Stage 9 brand will continue to exist on its own and will not be folded into The […] Read more »

This week I discovered two things when I brought the HTC Advantage back into the rotation: I had no calendar nor contacts having canceled my Exchange Server and I needed a way to sync the Advantage with my Google Apps stuff.  Enter GooSync, a free (with […] Read more »

The iPhone has been on the market for more than a year now, and as a result technology manufacturers are beginning to see the touch screen as a viable solution for personal computing. Before the iPhone hit the market in 2007 the general population’s experience with […] Read more »

Duke Energy’s Carolinas subsidy will renege on its proposed $50 million solar rooftop program unless North Carolina utility regulators remove restrictions on how it can pay for the project, the Charlotte Business Journal reports. The energy company, which gets 70 percent of its power from coal, […] Read more »

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A lot has changed since we last caught up with Tim Healy, CEO of EnerNOC, the Boston-based company that reduces electricity demand for power grid operators by automating energy conservation. “Demand response” is a term being heard more and more frequently these days as companies and […] Read more »

The current economic slowdown is beginning to hurt telecom equipment makers, and their prospects aren’t likely to change much in 2009, as indicated by the spending plans outlined by some of the major service providers. For instance, AT&T said that it will cut its capex spend […] Read more »

[qi:004] An association of small telecommunications providers, some of them rural, has taken a look at the broadband dollars in the stimulus bills making their way through both houses of Congress and said, “Please sir, can I have some more?” What’s more disturbing (although just as […] Read more »

In my post from earlier this week, Online Community Manager: Yes, It’s Really A Job, I talked about how online community manager jobs continue to be a hot position for web workers despite the current economic conditions. The Monday post was in preparation for a talk that […] Read more »

At first blush, I wasn’t convinced that BurnBall had the stickiness necessary to merit replay in my oh-so-valuable free time. As it turns out, the deceptively simple yet addictive game play make for a great and fun way to kill time on the iPhone or iPod […] Read more »

When it comes to energy storage, lead acid can seem so last century — especially compared with nickel-metal hydride (used in the current generation of hybrid cars) and lithium-ion (used in mobile devices today and held by many to be the future of electric cars). Automakers […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 29, 2009

Nortel Networks said it will no longer support WiMax as it tries to restructure after filing for bankruptcy protection two weeks ago. Reuter… Read more »

For the thousands of contractors and state and local agencies that have received funds under the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program in the past, President Obama’s stimulus bill, which calls for a massive $6.2 billion to weatherize low-income homes, was a little like winning the […] Read more »

Dell Computer, a Round Rock, Texas–based computer maker, is looking to enter the smartphone market and is currently toying with phones based on Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating systems, reports the Wall Street Journal. The news confirms rumors first reported last January. Michael Dell, […] Read more »

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