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Silicon Valley-based SunPower can still go big with solar, but today the company announced two installations that are under a megawatt each. In Western Australia, SunPower signed a deal to build a 505-kilowatt solar power plant for Horizon Power that SunPower said will be the largest […] Read more »

Analysts in Asia have reported that the usage of SSDs in netbooks has fallen dramatically in 2008 and will continue to do so next year.  This matches our own observations where we find more netbooks available today with HDDs in place of the SSD.  The first […] Read more »

Are clouds fundamentally less secure? A story today in the Guardian lists cloud security as one of the things we’ll worry about in 2009, citing a recent survey commissioned by — big surprise — security companies. I don’t believe that clouds themselves will cause the security […] Read more »

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What goes hand-in-hand with gaudy lights, fake snow, and endless holiday music? Shopping lists, of course. Here are a few items I’m thinking about giving — and a few more I’d like to receive — this year. TiVo HD XL: I know TiVo’s subscriber numbers are […] Read more »

BlackLight Power — that startup with a supposedly physics-defying fuel-cell technology and $60 million in funding — says this morning that it has signed its first commercial license agreement with Estacado Energy Services, a subsidiary of Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative. Roosevelt is a small utility coop […] Read more »

Google’s Chrome browser came out of beta today. Chrome is critical to the company’s overall cloud-centric computing vision, yet after more than three months in beta, its market share remains abysmally small. So while it might be the fastest beta-to-full launch offering from Google yet, will […] Read more »

Senate Could Snip Green Strings Attached to Auto Bailout: They made it through the House, but environmental clauses included in the $14 billion bailout plan for the auto industry may not survive a Senate vote. — Daily Green Local Governments Vie for Energy-Efficient Public Works Projects: […] Read more »

[qi:026] The venture capital market has started conserving cash, and now angels are doing the same, according to the annual Angel Capital Association confidence report out today. About 48 percent of angel investment groups surveyed invested less than they had predicted they would at the start […] Read more » to Stream SEC Basketball Games Live; select games from the 2008-2009 SEC College Basketball regular season to be shown live online starting Dec. 13. (emailed release) YouTube Launches Abuse and Safety Center; will focus on providing tips and multimedia resources for dealing with cyberbullying, online […] Read more »

It should be obvious that the blogging elves at The Apple Blog care about the fitness of our readers, especially at this dessert-laden time of year. If you managed to stuff yourself as much as I did at Thanksgiving you may be in need of some […] Read more »

It’s not always practical to copy the big fish when it comes to consulting. You’re one person, and they’re a massive organization, with backshop support, after all. Still, just because you’re not Ernst & Young or KPMG, doesn’t mean you can’t employ some of their tactics […] Read more »

Now that the credit crunch has blown a hole in investment and consumer spending and the housing market has crashed, President-elect Barack Obama will be looking to stimulate the economy through hundreds of billions of dollars in spending. A report from UBS Investment Research and the […] Read more »

New research from Nielsen out today notes that 23.3 percent of U.S. households owned an HDTV set as of Nov. 30. According to Nielsen, that figure is more than double what it was when the company started tracking HDTV sales in July of 2007. Nielsen’s numbers […] Read more »

Comcast  said this morning it would roll out its 50 Mbps wideband speed tier in Baltimore; Chicago; Atlanta; and Fort Wayne, Ind., in December, with the full rollout in the markets expected to be completed by the first half of 2009. These deployments complete Comcast’s stated […] Read more »

Have a MacBook that is a hottie, literally? Today’s laptop computers, from the 1.6 GHz MacBook Air on up, have more performance than most of us need, but the downside is heat. When I first reviewed Targus’s Chill Mat product nearly four years ago, it was […] Read more »

San Francisco — home of an ambitious solar incentive program, a Tesla-driving mayor who blogs against “drill baby drill,” and soon, electric vehicle infrastructure by Better Place — faces a staggering budget deficit for next year. Mayor Gavin Newsom revealed a plan for $71 million in […] Read more »

Ultracapacitors are getting a trial run on the South Korean subway system, with San Diego’s Maxwell Technologies announcing today that its ultracapacitor energy storage systems will be used in a regenerative braking demonstration by the Korean Railroad Research Institute. A regenerative braking system can save the […] Read more »

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