Stories for Feb. 5, 2009

A few days months ago, Stacey reported on the rumors that Microsoft is building a Microsoft-branded smartphone based on Nvidia’s Tegra chipset. It seems those rumors might be true. Doug Freedman, chip analyst with research firm Broadpoint AmTech, wrote in a note to his clients this […] Read more »

The folks over at AutoBlogGreen have some great photos of former Secretary of State Colin Powell checking out the Fisker Karma at the Washington Auto Show this week — he’s looking under the hood and chatting with Fisker’s CEO. But while Powell is probably a natural […] Read more »

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci In art and music, the term “minimalist” describes work that is stripped down to its fundamental elements. Everything is simplified. This approach has its benefits on the web, where there are thousands of freelancers making themselves heard. […] Read more »

Netflix announced today that 1 million Xbox users have downloaded and activated the Netflix streaming service since its launch on the game platform in November, and in less than three months more than 1.5 billion minutes of content was watched. First, let’s take a moment to […] Read more »

I no longer work in an office, as you might expect of someone who works in tech. But now, even my mother accesses her work emails and does work from home. Are we all web workers now? Read more »

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Today Intel detailed its plans to stop focusing on horsepower and think about the whole car. The chipmaker has decided to stop pushing Gigahertz (basically, how fast your computer can think), and start integrating radios in one package, or on a single chip — a form […] Read more »

Having followed the online storage business for quite a few years, I have become increasingly convinced that many of the startups will have to retweak their focus and find new opportunities to stay relevant and stay in business. Aaron Levie, CEO and founder of Palo Alto, […] Read more »

You might think the investment world is pinning some hope on cleantech to perform better than the rest of the market, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, only half of the investors and analysts focused on alt-energy seem to be feeling bullish […] Read more »

A controversial “Buy American” clause under consideration for the economic stimulus bill could trigger a trade war, President Barack Obama said earlier this week. Yesterday, steel-state lawmakers threatened to pull support for the package unless the clause — which would require  public works projects receiving stimulus […] Read more »

The folks at the Pirate Bay released a Google Maps mash-up Wednesday that illustrates its worldwide user base, with exact percentages by country. It’s a pretty fascinating project in that it helps to dispel certain myths about BitTorrent, namely that while piracy may be a global […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 4, 2009

Earlier today, Google unveiled Latitude, a nifty little application for your smartphone (as long as it’s not an iPhone) that lets your friends locate you, and you them, on a map. But Latitude is actually the result of a much bigger battle between Google and the mobile operators, of which location-based services are but one small part. Read more »

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