Stories for Feb. 2, 2009

I debated covering this, because in no way do I or TheAppleBlog endorse the cracking and/or illegal distribution of software, but it definitely deserves attention because of the potential implications it has for the future of Apple’s App Store. A new app available for jailbroken iPhones […] Read more »

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If you’ve used Google’s open source Chrome browser and appreciated the way it collects thumbnail versions of the sites you visit most on one handy page, but you tend to use Firefox most often, give the updated beta version of the Google Toolbar for Firefox a […] Read more »

Hate to say we told you so (two times), but Honeyshed, the QVC-meets-MTV online video shopping channel, is shutting down, reports AdWeek. The decision to close the Honeyshed doors came after backer Publicis decided to not invest any more money in the endeavor. The move must […] Read more »

National security for the U.S. hinges on investment and incentives for new transmission lines, a smart grid, and converting big trucks to use natural gas as fuel (one of energy magnate T. Boone Pickens’s personal favorite fuels). That was the gist of a press call today […] Read more »

It’s not often you find a topic that brings together former Vice President Al Gore, Jimmy “Margaritaville” Buffett and hundreds of Googlers together in one building. But this afternoon the launch of the 5.0 version of Google Earth, which includes new satellite and mapping info from […] Read more »

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The technology industry is full of alternate histories, tales of what might have been had things unfolded just a bit differently. We all know about Skype, but did you know that the likes of Skype could have emerged a decade sooner, and almost did, thanks to […] Read more »

Austin could get one of the biggest solar photovoltaic plants in the country if a deal is approved between Gemini Solar Development and the city-owned Austin Energy. But the planned 30-megawatt project comes as some companies are scaling back their sun-powered operations and laying off staff, […] Read more »

When working mobile if you’re like me one of the most important pieces of information about your mobile computer is how much battery life you have remaining.  I have long enjoyed a taskbar toolbar that Lenovo uses that puts an easy-to-see battery graphic that lets you […] Read more »

The Association for Downloadable Media (ADM), a group of episodic podcast outlets, has agreed to support standards for ad formats and audience measurement. The standards were created last summer and now have been adopted by some 25 participating organizations, ranging from independent podcasters to public radio […] Read more »

In the Money: VantagePoint Venture Partners said in Davos this weekend that it plans to invest more than $1 billion in 10 to 15 cleantech startups over the next 24 to 30 months. — Reuters Will the Real U.S. Auto Industry Please Stand Up: From 1900 […] Read more »

That’s according to Jeff Bercovici, reporting on the until-now relatively insulated Wall Street Journal newsroom may be in fo… Read more »

Start-ups shouldn’t be too down-hearted — at least some sites are still being backed with big money as Europe skids into recession. Paris-b… Read more »

Doritos Contest-Winners’ Ad a Favorite; amateur Super Bowl commercial wins USA Today’s focus group, after Anheuser-Busch had won ten years in a row. (USA Today, ad video) TVtrip Raises $9 Million; Paris-based startup produces hotel video tours, now has total funding of $13.8 million from Balderton […] Read more »

Folks, today we are announcing a changing of the guard over at WebWorkerDaily, the second-oldest blog in our network. Simon Mackie is replacing Judi Sohn as editor while Judi, who has been the heart and soul of WebWorkerDaily, is transitioning to the role of senior writer. […] Read more »

As you will probably have read on Friday, Judi Sohn has stepped down as editor of WebWorkerDaily. I’m the site’s new editor. I’d like to thank Judi for the work that she’s done on WWD and also for making the transition between editors as simple and […] Read more »

Updated with comment from 3M: What 3M did for sticky notes, it now wants to do for efficiency-boosting add-ons for buildings, photovoltaics, and wind turbines: make them ubiquitous and profitable. The Minnesota-based manufacturer announced today that it has created a division in which it will develop […] Read more »

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson will not be taking a multimillion-dollar bonus this year. No, it’s not going to hurt that much — his bonus last year, about $4.5 million, was roughly 25 percent of his income — but from a symbolic standpoint, it’s the right thing […] Read more »

The Sony ( s sne) Vaio P defies description, it’s not really a netbook as it’s too expensive yet it’s equipped much like them.  No question the Vaio P brings a lot to the table, and very small tables at that.  One of the interesting components […] Read more »

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