Stories for Feb. 3, 2009

The latest version of Skype for Windows, released today, attempts to offer higher quality calls while cutting back on bandwidth consumption. Skype for Windows 4.0 also offers a bigger video window, one-click video calling and adds a conversations tab so users can track multiple conversations and […] Read more »

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Getting tired of the smart grid yet? Well, folks, GE’s Super Bowl ad was just the beginning, and with the DistribuTech conference kicking off this morning, get ready for the floodgates to open. In addition to news from these startups, Silver Spring Networks, the so-called Cisco […] Read more »

With the hectic schedules everyone works, it’s tough to find time to read a book. Even when I do find time, it’s usually at the end of the day and I get about a half a page in before falling asleep. But HarperCollins is testing out […] Read more »

Many of us here at WebWorkerDaily seem to have a love-hate relationship with Google and its products. While we love the conveniences and features that allow us to be so productive, we also lament lost opportunities and frustrating limitations. For example, while Judi laments on the […] Read more »

T-Mobile has let it slip that the next firmware update for the G1 Android phone will roll out starting on Feb. 5 but an employee says the updates have already started.  The updates on the G1 are over-the-air (OTA) and will be pushed to G1s over […] Read more »

Updated: Oh no, Moto! The handset and equipment maker reported a $3.6 billion loss today on sales of $7.1 billion for the fourth quarter of 2008.  Motorola’s handset business sold only 19.2 million phones, in line with expectations. With a quarterly loss of $595 million, Moto’s […] Read more »

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Today, the casual social MMO RocketOn is launching a beta partnership with six prominent youth-oriented consumer sites:, Hypster, Online Flash Games, Hotspot, Boosh Magazine and faceDub. Now, visitors will find RocketOn’s Flash-based virtual world overlaid on those sites, making it easy for users to create […] Read more »

Last month, in reviewing Taskpaper 2.0, we noted the desire for simplicity in to-do applications, while, personally, I was holding out for a good Google and Apple linkup to bring together Gmail and Apple Mail. Well, we’re not quite there yet, but Google yesterday announced that […] Read more »

Ah, a true geeky group after our own heart: the DistribuTech conference, which brings together thousands of companies that are using software, wireless networks and digital gadgets to monitor and manage energy consumption, kicks off on Wednesday in San Diego, Calif. Dozens of companies that we’ve […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 2, 2009

As part of its ongoing (and seemingly endless) battle with Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks has announced a new box — the TX Matrix Plus, which makes a multichassis router out of 16 Juniper T1600 routers. Juniper first rolled out the T1600 in June of 2007; each […] Read more »

Motorola (NYSE: MOT) said in mid-January that it expects to cut another 4,000 jobs, and today we learned that two of the employees let go ar… Read more »

Adding hundreds of small transmission line projects and grid upgrades to the 57 GW of large-scale transmission initiatives now being developed in the western U.S. (many of them in Texas) could have a significant impact on wind power development in less than six years, according to […] Read more »

Merlin Mann is one of the smartest people I know and he’s very entertaining on top of that.  Anyone with an interest in being productive no doubt has his 43 folders site bookmarked and if not certainly should.  I’ve corresponded with Merlin over the years and […] Read more »

The promise of billions being pumped into smart grid companies has sent some of that sector’s stocks rallying lately. But the stimulus plan could already be losing its ability to stimulate stocks — and before so much as a dime of it is spent. Take Liberty […] Read more »

I’m not terribly surprised by this potential development and it’s one of the six things I want to see in the next iPhone. We’re talking about support for recording and possibly transmitting video directly from your handset. InformationWeek has dug through the recently granted Apple patents […] Read more »

I debated covering this, because in no way do I or TheAppleBlog endorse the cracking and/or illegal distribution of software, but it definitely deserves attention because of the potential implications it has for the future of Apple’s App Store. A new app available for jailbroken iPhones […] Read more »

If you’ve used Google’s open source Chrome browser and appreciated the way it collects thumbnail versions of the sites you visit most on one handy page, but you tend to use Firefox most often, give the updated beta version of the Google Toolbar for Firefox a […] Read more »

Hate to say we told you so (two times), but Honeyshed, the QVC-meets-MTV online video shopping channel, is shutting down, reports AdWeek. The decision to close the Honeyshed doors came after backer Publicis decided to not invest any more money in the endeavor. The move must […] Read more »

National security for the U.S. hinges on investment and incentives for new transmission lines, a smart grid, and converting big trucks to use natural gas as fuel (one of energy magnate T. Boone Pickens’s personal favorite fuels). That was the gist of a press call today […] Read more »

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