Stories for Feb. 6, 2009

One of the things that I struggle with most when I’m working from home is wrapping up and finishing for the day. Quite often, I’ll mean to finish at, say, 6:30 pm, but then another email drops into the old inbox, or I’ll move onto “just […] Read more »

Update: Maryland General Assembly has removed the ban on Facebook and will allow access to the site soon. As of February 11, 2009, MySpace continues to be blocked. The rise in the number of viruses targeting social networks such as Facebook and MySpace has prompted the […] Read more »

Updated: Intel has started shipping a new Atom processor aimed at netbooks a bit earlier than anticipated, PCWorld reported last night. The latest Atom (dubbed N280 for those who like that sort of thing) is notable because it also contains a graphics core chipset called the […] Read more »

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JDSU, an optical component and test equipment company that once commanded a megabillion-dollar market capitalization (which earned them a place in my book, “Broadbandits”), has fallen on hard times. Despite growing demand for bandwidth and connectivity, JDSU, like many of its peers, has been skating on […] Read more »

The smart grid might have launched into the mainstream lexicon recently with GE’s super bowl ad and funding included in the current stimulus package, but the budding industry could falter out of the gate in this economic climate. Smart grid companies are showing some concern over […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 5, 2009
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When Sprint signed away its WiMAX spectrum to Clearwire in exchange for 51 percent of the company, and the promise of a nationwide 4G network, it also signed away control of its future. It no longer controls its next generation network — instead it has handed […] Read more »

During Netflix‘s recession-busting fourth-quarter earnings call last week, CEO Reed Hastings noted that “millions” of the company’s subscribers are using its “Watch Instantly” streaming service. The service, which opened up a year ago but kicked into high gear last fall with new content partnerships and roll- […] Read more »

[qi:006] A man is known by the company he keeps. Extending that analogy, a blog is known by the quality of commenters it attracts. There is nothing more rewarding that reading insights that extend, challenge and enhance the original thesis published by us. Over the past […] Read more »

Solar companies are painting a mixed picture of the sector’s health this month, with some companies surprising with strong results for the latest three-month period, and others disappointing. In the latter camp is Evergreen Solar, which on Thursday posted a loss in the December quarter on […] Read more »

Calendars have come a long way from the days of a pocket diary, with software able to manage your schedule and information much more reliable and accessible. iCal for OS X is the bundled calendar application, and works surprisingly well. It appears simple on the surface, […] Read more »

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