Stories for Feb. 5, 2009

Between over-the-top video delivery, widgets and remote-less TV controls, what a television does will go through dramatic changes in 2009. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. According to two new research reports, people are looking for their TVs to get social, and the way […] Read more »

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Integration is the theme of the day today, with Broadcom announcing that the Android operating system will run on its multiradio chip, which offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM radio. It also announced open access to those drivers, allowing developers to play with the functionality offered by […] Read more »

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“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Maybe so, but how funny is that? Well, pretty darn funny, according to The Hustler, a new scripted series running on Crackle. And after a rough start, the show’s creators may well be right. The Hustler stars Mark Feuerstein […] Read more »

DEVONtechnologies this week released the second public betas of their new DEVONthink and DEVONnote information manager applications, and I downloaded Professional Office Version 2 to take a looksee. Already one a powerful productivity tool for OS X, this major update adds even more convenience, functionality and […] Read more »

Is it a Webcam or a mini-robot? That’s the question the Minoru 3D Webcam had me asking. This red and silver camera uses two eyeball-like lenses to capture images in 3-D, and it does a decent– though imperfect — job at that task. The Minoru 3D Webcam […] Read more »

It seems as though our Canadian neighbors have imported our “too big to let fail” economic policy. The Canadian government on Wednesday pledged to give telecom equipment maker Nortel Networks, which has suspended efforts to sell its Metro Ethernet unit, up to C$30 million ($24 million) […] Read more »

First, Clipper Windpower laid off some workers. Now the Carpinteria, Calif.-based turbine maker is cutting its production for 2009, blaming a rocky economy and deferred customer orders. The company manufactured 289 wind turbine drivetrains at its Cedar Rapids, Iowa, plant in 2008, but expects a 15-20 […] Read more »

Microsoft has made public their “edition strategy” (my term, not theirs) for Windows 7. While there are still too many editions, at least they make a little more sense, and offer a better overall choice, than what Vista offered. Paul Thurrott has a write-up on the […] Read more »

A few weeks ago, I blogged about how I was experiencing side project overload, and based on the number of comments, I am not the only one. In that post, I said that “I’m starting to experience serious side project bloat resulting in personal overload. I’ve […] Read more »

DTV Delay-related News; according to Nielsen, more than 5.8 million U.S. homes (5.1 percent) are unprepared for the DTV switch (Nielsen Wire); the Consumer Electronics Association warns that the recent push back to the DTV switch could result in a shortage of converter boxes. (Broadcasting & […] Read more »

Over the past few years, as companies have looked for ways to reduce their operating expenses and individuals have realized the benefits of flexibility, more and more people have turned to freelance work. In the meantime, the costs associated with web working have dropped to the […] Read more »

And Then There Was One: Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, shut down all but one of its assembly lines for vehicles and auto-related equipment in Japan today. The plants are scheduled to remain idle for 10 days. — CNNMoney Peugeot to Go Slow on Plug-Ins: PSA, […] Read more »

Screen sharing can be one of the most daunting tasks for online workers. Granted, if you’re working with someone as knowledgeable as yourself, there’s generally no issue, and any number of solutions that will work. But in many situations where you need screen sharing, like tech support […] Read more »

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