Stories for Jan. 25, 2009

On Monday, President Barack Obama is expected to direct the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to quickly start work on granting California a long-contested waiver that will allow it to enforce stricter automobile-emission standards, The New York Times reported Sunday. (Update: Obama signed the executive order Monday […] Read more »

We were back in the saddle this past week following a couple of weeks of travel and found the tech world takes no time off to let us catch up.  There was the usual mish-mash of netbook news and other doings that you might have missed.  […] Read more »

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Apple’s iPhone may enjoy a cult-like following with blogs, forums and commenters galore, but it’s not the only product to enjoy such adulation. Another highly successful product of the past year, the lowly netbook, has its share of support groups, blogs and fans as well. Below […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 24, 2009

PHEV conversion companies, which turn hybrid vehicles like the Prius into plug-ins, snagged a big win in Sacramento on Friday. The California Air Resources Board, which had been considering new rules for emissions tests and warranties on aftermarket conversions, decided to separate regulations for the emerging […] Read more »

Unholster your iPhone and boot up iTunes because it’s that time of the week when we all gather round the App Store and have a look at some of the freshest picks from the last seven days. While I’ve been wandering the boutiques and bars of […] Read more »

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk begins his email to would-be Roadster owners — those who have already plunked down $50,000 deposits for 2008 models of the sports car and will now have to pay extra for previously standard features — like so: A much fuller account […] Read more »

Come Tuesday, Yahoo will step up to deliver its most recently quarterly results, which I doubt will be very much fun. Still, it will be the first time recently appointed CEO Carol Bartz will have a chance to publicly address the most significant question facing the […] Read more »

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Stories for Jan. 23, 2009

As expected, the venture industry is seeing the fallout from the economic crisis, with fourth-quarter investments dropping to a total of $5.4 billion invested in 818 companies, according to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association based on data provided by Thomson Reuters. That’s […] Read more »

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: Concentric: Hosted IT Solutions from Concentric. Ironscale Managed Hosting: Why rack when you can automate? Dell: Download a Free White Paper on how create an affordable infrastructure that delivers the full spectrum of protection — from […] Read more »

Abu Dhabi is continuing to spread its oil money around, announcing a deal today to set up a cleantech fund targeting Japanese startups. Masdar, the oil-rich emirate’s cleantech development group, is teaming up with Japan’s SBI Holdings for the joint venture, with each group investing $10 […] Read more »

We promised once upon a time that we could compile a side-by-side comparison of all the white-label video platform providers. Well, somehow other fun things got in the way, and we never got around to it. But recently I found a market comparison of all the […] Read more »

If you’re like many web workers, you’re increasingly working with video files. For some, the simple steps required to work with YouTube videos suffices, but if you need tools for more flexibility with the video you work with, there are many good free applications. In this […] Read more »

I’ve talked about live blogging events as a way to enhance and promote a real world event, literally as it is happening. But lately, I’ve been asked to host virtual world events simultaneous to real world events. Mike Gunderloy and I also included planning and hosting […] Read more »

YouTube has started enabling high-quality video playback on its embeds. Previously, you could switch to the high-quality stream by hacking the embed code, but now YouTube provides a handy-dandy little “HQ” button in the lower-right pop-up menu. Clicking on the button lets you toggle between the […] Read more »

Talk in Tesla Town: Tesla Motors has announced a set of town hall meetings to discuss jacked-up prices on pre-ordered Roadsters, since an email from CEO Elon Musk failed to appease angry customers. — AutoblogGreen Not-So-Super Carbon Footprint: A multimillion-dollar supercomputer designed by IBM to gauge […] Read more »

MoTR 160 is 19 minutes long and is a 17.4 MB file in MP3 format. CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly. HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) TOPICS: Thoughts on the CrunchPad. Will it be a hit […] Read more »

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