Stories for Dec. 17, 2008

Metal Gear Confirmed for iPhone – Snake’s going to be stealthy on your iPhone or iPod touch in the near future, thanks to Konami. They’re also planning on releasing Silent Hill and Dance Dance Revolution games. I want Grey Fox in the Metal Gear game. That’s […] Read more »

Deloitte announced the results of its third annual “The State of the Media Democracy” report today, and it is packed to the gills with all kinds of information about how people are consuming and interacting with video entertainment. The survey was conducted online among 2,056 U.S. […] Read more »

Wall Street has been losing its enthusiasm for the four-play plans that offer voice, video, data and wireless services to consumers.  The initial results of such efforts have so far been marginal; one can understand the investor skepticism. But don’t tell that to cable and phone […] Read more »

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Joost has announced that it will discontinue support of its P2P TV application by the end of this week, essentially admitting that distributed content delivery for video streams isn’t worth the effort. But if 2008 taught us anything, then it’s that P2P TV is alive and […] Read more »

A French watchdog agency has decided that the exclusive deal between Apple and France Telecom’s Orange is not fair and must be suspended. The suspension of the deal is set to take place no later than Thursday of this week. The reason for the short time […] Read more »

Despite a looming crisis in the auto sector, Japan’s Honda Motor is pushing ahead with plans for the next generation of cars, signing a deal with Japanese battery maker GS Yuasa to form a ¥15 billion ($170.7 million) joint venture for the development of lithium-ion batteries […] Read more »

Yesterday, the world was abuzz over the news that Apple was pulling out of Macworld. While many were taken aback, as the publication Macworld (no affiliation with the show) notes, Apple has been backing away from trade shows for a few years already, among them the […] Read more »

Update for readers: We’ve got more information along with an interview with The CollegeHumor Show’s director in an updated post here. First, Heidi and Spencer; now, Jake and Amir. The College Humor Show was announced today as part of MTV’s slate of new series. But contrary […] Read more »

In the year 2020, technology such as web-connected mobile phones will continue to blur the boundaries between people’s work and personal lives — as well as their real and online lives — according to a survey of “Internet leaders, activists and analysts” conducted by the Pew […] Read more »

Most people who travel for work or pleasure have patterns for using some of the array of web sites that allow you to plan trips and buy tickets or other services, such as reserving hotels or rental cars. As you might expect, each travel site promises […] Read more »

General Motors has put the brakes on construction of a $349 million plant slated to produce engines for the extended-range electric Chevy Volt and compact Chevy Cruze in Flint, Mich. by 2010. According to the Flint Journal, preliminary surveying, property security, and underground work on the […] Read more »

In the ever-evolving lexicon of lolspeak (the first human language to evolve from captions given to funny pictures of cats and other animals), subtlety is often lacking — things are either epic or lame, WIN or FAIL. And the capacity for failure is immense online, a […] Read more »

Ethanol will have at least one friend in the next administration. President-elect Barack Obama announced his pick for  Secretary of Agriculture this morning: Former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, who built his underdog presidential campaign largely on a platform of energy independence and, during his tenure as […] Read more »

With all the hoopla surrounding Psystar these days, a few other companies have jumped on board the Mac clone bandwagon. In some cases they’re using somewhat, shall we say, unique, methods. Still, the intent is clear: skirt Apple’s EULA and sell a solution that allows Mac […] Read more »

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