Stories for Jan. 28, 2009

I’ve spent several hours tinkering with Apple’s new iPhoto ’09 — part of the newly updated iLife ’09 suite of media applications — and I like what I’ve seen so far. The entire application is a strong step forward, and the exciting new features (facial recognition […] Read more »

iMovie ’08 was not considered one of Apple’s best releases — to put it mildly. In fact, the outcry of disappointment was so high, that Apple responded by re-issuing iMovie HD 6 (v6.0.4 to be exact) for those who were unwilling to embark on the new […] Read more »

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Mark Cuban has another lightning rod post up over on his Blog Maverick entitled The Great Internet Video Lie that discusses the futility of over-the-top video delivery. Cuban’s a fun blogger to read because he takes a position and goes all-in with it. His post begins: […] Read more »

Greenbox Technology, a startup with a web-based platform that monitors home energy use, told us recently it hopes to close its first round of funding by June. Matthew Smith, the company’s vice president of marketing, said the company is talking to potential investors now. The round […] Read more »

Updated: AT&T has reported its fourth-quarter 2008 results, and they show how dependent the company is on Apple and the iPhone for its future growth. For instance, AT&T added 2.1 million new wireless subscribers during the quarter. Nearly 1.9 million 3G iPhones were activated during the […] Read more »

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The little netbook is a very capable device, we say that all the time.  What makes the netbook such a strong performer overall is the highly portable form that makes it easy to take anywhere and do just about anything.  We are seeing more folks try […] Read more »

Let’s face it – we are not web working machines. There are several forces that are going against our productivity. So what do we do if we can’t afford to fall into an unproductive day? Here are four techniques to turn productivity into a habit. Read more »

The new president has convinced the governor of Texas that his administration will crack down on greenhouse gas emissions. But political leaders overseas want to be sure. EU environment commissioner Stavros Dimas has published an open letter to President Barack Obama, calling for the U.S. to […] Read more »

Yesterday, Google launched offline support for Gmail, a feature that’s been long anticipated by the service’s users. The feature is being gradually rolled out to UK and U.S. users and will be available via the Labs area of Gmail’s Settings page. Using Google’s Gears platform, the […] Read more »

[qi:___wifi] It’s hard to imagine a time when laptops needed big ugly PC cards to access Wi-Fi networks built with Lucent access points that cost more than today’s netbooks. Ten years later, it’s impossible to find a computing device without Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi networks are everywhere. […] Read more »

California’s stricter air emission standards just got a nod from a friend in the White House, but are California residents clamoring for more stations where they can pump biofuels into their cars? Propel Fuels, a startup that recently moved its headquarters to Sacramento, Calif., is hoping […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 27, 2009

A trend we’re really excited about here at NTV HQ is pocket HD video. Both the Kodak Zi6 and the Flip MinoHD have been on the market for awhile, but it wasn’t until recently that we got to test them out side-by-side. We’re not professional videographers, […] Read more »

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