Stories for Feb. 9, 2009

Legislation changes faster than the weather in Texas, so the tweaks to the broadband sections in President Barack Obama’s stimulus bill are nothing unusual. But as the debates get down to the wire (a stimulus package should be finalized be the end of this week), it’s […] Read more »

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I attended the 2009 TED conference last week, but I didn’t really. I was given a press pass to cover a simulcast of the event held at a separate venue two hours away. As the famed conference expands, its organizers are trying to find ways to […] Read more »

We’re living in a cross-platform and cross-browser world. Most web workers aren’t one-browser-fits-all. I have two computers: a MacBook Pro and an iMac. Even though Firefox 3 is my default browser on both computers, I regularly have at least three different browsers open to do what […] Read more »

When iWork ’08 was released it felt like a half-implemented suite for a whole host of reasons: lack of interoperability between the applications, very basic functionality, performance issues — especially with Numbers ’08 — and lack of scripting. Apple’s new iWork ’09 suite has addressed many […] Read more »

UPDATED So much for the plan to achieve world domination of zero-emission cars. Nissan Motor Co. is suspending its plan to roll out electric vehicles in Japan and the U.S. by 2010, and globally by 2012. The automaker announced today that its so-called GT 2012 plan […] Read more »

Amazon unleashed its second-generation Kindle device as expected today, and it doesn’t fail to please in the looks and specs department. There’s seven times more memory, advanced eInk capabilities for 16-color grayscale and faster page refreshing, plus an updated design that addresses some of the original […] Read more »

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Ford Motor announced today that its first electric vehicle will be based on its Transit Connect compact van. But Ford isn’t going it alone on this project, it’s working with the UK’s Smith Electric Vehicles on the electric conversion. Part of the publicly-traded Tanfield Group, Smith […] Read more »

A researcher at Rice University has come up with a semiconductor that is faster than conventional silicon chips, uses 30 times less energy and can be built using the existing manufacturing facilities. The new process to create the chip is called PCMOS, and was presented yesterday […] Read more »

Apple computers have frequently been compared to Volvo automobiles, more due to the perceived political and ideological leanings of a prominent cohort of their respective users (ie: urban liberals) rather than commonality of design and engineering philosophy. Indeed, while Apple has tended to be a design […] Read more »

Hulu to Live-stream Obama Press Conference; site will be carrying the coverage provided by FOX at 8 p.m. EST. (emailed release) (embed is below, will be active at the time of conference). MLB and NHL Partner for Combo Subscription Package; two leagues teaming up for special […] Read more »

Massive oil refiner Valero Energy has been taking stakes in biofuel startups over the last year, including algae fuel maker Solix Biofuels, and cellulosic ethanol maker ZeaChem. But now the company has a different sort of biofuel assets in mind — not next-gen technology, but the […] Read more »

Updated: Okay guys I screwed up big time here and combined Verizon’s Hub product with its Network Extender product. So the simple reason this doesn’t look like a femtocell is because it isn’t. Thanks for those who quickly pointed this out. I must have been thinking […] Read more »

Oft confused with the Galactic Senate, the Mobile World Congress is nearly ready to convene in Barcelona. Some handset bureaucrats obviously can’t keep a secret because LG is already announcing the wares they’re showing off next week. Take the LG ARENA, for example, which is looking […] Read more »

I don’t follow baseball, but I may start, just to check out the new media player from MLB.TV. Rolling out in time for spring training, the new MLB.TV video player features DVR capabilities that let you pause and rewind live games, live game chat and if […] Read more »

This is the fourth in a series of online community management posts. Earlier posts covered online community manager jobs, what community managers actually do, and what skills are required to be successful in the role. I don’t want to leave anyone with the impression that community management […] Read more »

The current downturn is likely to be a tipping point for e-commerce, as thrifty buyers search for bargains on the web. We saw early signs of this trend recently when Amazon reported great sales performance for the holiday season — quite the opposite of its brick-and-mortar […] Read more »

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