Stories for Feb. 6, 2009

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A screenshot floating around the Internet has folks online all aflutter that YouTube could be heading to the $99 Roku set-top box. Problem is, Roku says the screenshot isn’t real. The picture in question (pasted here) originally appeared in the Roku forums. It shows off how […] Read more »

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Washington is in the business of handing out money these days (see: bank bailout, auto bailout, stimulus), but when it comes to cutting checks for a Department of Energy program designed to support advanced vehicle manufacturing, the feds have taken nearly three years to get projects […] Read more »

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Recently, when I’ve written about the performance leapfrogging going on between the Firefox and Chrome open source browsers, many people have written in in the comments about how all the benchmark results going on around the web tend to leave Opera out. Opera has always had its […] Read more »

Marten Mickos, who was chief executive officer of MySQL prior to its billion-dollar sale to Sun Microsystems, has decided to leave the company, the second high-profile MySQL executive to do so in as many days. On Thursday, Michael “Monty” Widenius, MySQL co-founder and original developer, left […] Read more »

Unlike some of the other social networking tools, Twitter doesn’t attempt to bundle all kinds of features and extras into its core product. It’s simple, and therein lies its appeal to many. That said, there are times when I need Twitter to do a bit more, […] Read more »

Strong endorsement from President Obama and Detroit’s Big Three was not enough to keep a $16 billion “Cash for Clunkers” program on the table last night as Senators wrangled with their version of the economic stimulus bill. Amid mounting pressure to shrink the $900 billion bill, […] Read more »

I can’t partake in this one, but I won’t be bitter. Instead, I’ll point this freebie BlackBerry theme out and pay it forward. Owners of a BlackBerry Bold, 81xx, 83xx, 88xx or 89xx series handset can grab a Chalk 2D theme for their handset right here. […] Read more »

Cox will fight AT&T for Alltel’s wireless spectrum. (Bloomberg) Stimulus or not, the smart grid industry is facing a rough year. (Earth2Tech) Getting Real: On Doomsday, the demise of so-called experts and the new arbitrage. (Mark Sigal) Optical chip could lead to terabit Ethernet. (Network World) […] Read more »

Today’s headlines trumpet the loss of 598,000 jobs last month — the worst in 34 years — but what does that mean for Silicon Valley, the home of technology? In order to get a sense of what’s happening with venture-backed startups, peHub talked to a local […] Read more »

Organizing information is hard work. There are many applications available to help manage your information. Rather than iterate through each one, let’s talk about two products that hold the key to information management: DEVONthink Pro Office (DTPro), which we reviewed yesterday, and Evernote Premium Edition. Both […] Read more »

Obama Wants Energy Efficiency Rules, Pronto: President Barack Obama ordered the DOE yesterday to immediately draft overdue standards for making a variety of appliances and light bulbs more efficient. — New York Times Big Bucks for Batteries: Loan guarantees and grants worth $2 billion for advanced […] Read more »

NewTeeVee readers are well aware of Boxee, but now mainstream news outlets like The New York Times, BusinessWeek and NPR are getting hip to the li’l open source media center that could change the way you watch TV. Boxee CEO and co-founder Avner Ronen stopped by […] Read more »

In addition to the new Aptera specs and the debut of the new Mission One electric motorcycle, the 2009 TED Conference has had plenty of cleantech entrepreneurs up on stage this week. Shai Agassi, CEO of Better Place, spoke yesterday, throwing out the audacious claim that […] Read more »

YouTube Adds Title and Ratings to Embeds; upper left-hand corner shows how many stars the video received (anyone else think it’s ugly?). (Mashable) Tremor Media Partners with comScore; two companies working together to come up with the online equivalent of TV ratings. (TVWeek) Panache Enables Flash […] Read more »

The buzz has been building for Boxee lately. Mainstream news outlets like The New York Times, BusinessWeek and NPR are getting hip to the little open-source media center that could quite possibly change the way you experience TV. Read more »

Knockoffs aren’t just for high-end fashion and electronics anymore. Suntech Power Holdings says that you need to check the label before you make a deal on your next shipment of solar panels — they could be fakes. Wuxi, China-based Suntech today said it has been granted […] Read more »

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