Stories for Feb. 4, 2009

Picking the name “TVBLOB” for your company name and set-top box software product might seem strange, but it makes sense if you want that software to be everywhere and capable of anything. This month, TVBLOB is rolling out the first implementation of its open software platform […] Read more »

Rumors have been out for a while about Microsoft’s online foray in the world of Windows Mobile.  While the folks in Redmond aren’t willing to talk about it, Mary Jo Foley has some solid-sounding information about the three new “Sky” services that Microsoft is planning in […] Read more »

Upcoming Events

In general, I am meetings-averse. Most of the time I find them of questionable value, with attendee lists that defy logical explanation, and a frequency which is almost never merited. They are also frustratingly difficult to schedule at a time that suits all of the attendees. […] Read more »

I’m sitting at the local car dealership using my MSI Wind over EV-DO and I just realized something amazing. Here at jkOnTheRun, we’ve just pushed past our 10,000th post! While some might view that as a writing accomplishment, I’m a little different. I view it as […] Read more »

Updated: On Monday, Qualcomm announced a location-based recommendation engine powered by Xiam, which it acquired last March. The service (offered through carriers) takes demographic information, a user’s personal preferences and geographic location, and serves up lists of places and events that the user might enjoy. For […] Read more »

Updated: Today, Time Warner, the conglomerate that includes movie studios, magazines, AOL and a cable company, reported sales of $12.3 billion for the fourth quarter and a $16 billion loss (thanks to a $24.1 billion impairment charge). A weak advertising climate dragged down AOL and the […] Read more »

The island nation of Malta will soon be able to call itself the first smart grid island (reality TV show anyone?) IBM is planning to build the first national smart grid network on Malta complete with 250,000 smart meters that will enable the national utilities and […] Read more »

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Solar installer Borrego Solar Systems Inc. said Wednesday it has raised $14 million in venture capital financing. It’s the first round of venture capital for the El Cajon, Calif.-based installer, which didn’t disclose its investor except to say that it’s a large corporation. The news could […] Read more »

Integrating a show with a social network, like Prom Queen on MySpace or KateModern on Bebo, is a great way to attract and interact with an audience. But the world’s biggest social network, Facebook, has no such original content initiatives. Its one content project, Facebook Diaries, […] Read more »

– Gannett’s debt edges toward junk status: Moody’s Investors Service, which recently relegated the NYTCo’s debt to junk status, has put Gan… Read more »

We’ve got a ton of TV-related Twitter action this week, and surprise, surprise, Trendrr says the Super Bowl (or “superbowl” for the character-limit conscious) reigned supreme, with everyone tweeting about the exciting game. Unfortunately, all those bummed Arizona fans threw off Trendrr’s charts a little as […] Read more »

If you’re holding out for a new fuel cell car to drive onto the hydrogen highway, you may have to wait a while. The Department of Energy in a new report says fuel cell costs are still too high and durability too low for the auto […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 3, 2009

When I read about Google launching a mobile version of Tasks, I was amazed by the attention being focused on what is essentially a to-do list web site. And while it wasn’t worth a story, I shared my feelings via Twitter. Clearly, 140 characters weren’t enough to express the fullness of my thought, but somehow the flippancy of my remark rankled my slightly overcaffeinated friend, Matt Cutts, a respected Google veteran. And thus the debate over Google and its big ideas began. Read more »

The desktop computer is in decline, hurt by netbooks and a grim economy. But as demand for desktops and even notebooks falls, so do Nvidia’s revenues. To keep growing sales, Nvidia is counting on scientific computing, mobility and visual computing. It’s proven it can grow sales […] Read more »

Motorola (NYSE: MOT) launched an LTE trial network lab in Swindon, UK, with the intention of offering operators the ability to engage in LTE… Read more »

T-Mobile G1 Android phone owners have no shortage of streaming audio apps to tickle their earbuds and the announcement that FlyCast comes to the G1 adds one more.  FlyCast is an online music service that has many stations as well as weather and news that can […] Read more »

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