Stories for Feb. 9, 2009

In the economic downturn, “green jobs” has become one of the hottest political catchphrases. President Barack Obama has promised 5 million new green jobs as part of his energy and stimulus plans. Here in California, the mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as […] Read more »

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Stories for Feb. 8, 2009

Comcast-owned thePlatform announced two new products today to target low and mid-tier customers looking for a video publishing solution. thePlatform currently counts mega media companies such as BBC, CNBC and CBS College Sports as customers, but with its new mpsManage CDN and mpsManage Storage (the “mps” […] Read more »

On Friday, Facebook released a series of upgrades to its platform, allowing developers access to many core functionalities, such as Facebook Video and Notes, and giving them the ability to integrate them into their applications. But it was the opening up of a Status API that […] Read more »

OneSpot, the two-year-old Austin, Texas, startup that aims to automate content syndication online, has raised $4.2 million from Silverback Silver Creek Ventures in Dallas. I was mostly drawn to this news because founder and CEO Matt Cohen is a friend, and it’s exciting to see an […] Read more »

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There’s been a lot of chatter about the newspaper industry in recent weeks — about whether newspaper companies should find something like iTunes, or use micropayments as a way to charge people for the news, or sue Google, or all of the above — and how […] Read more »

[qi:115] When the financial crisis reached full bloom last fall, it took many technology companies some time before they were able to appreciate the impact it would have on them. This year, we’re seeing the fallout in the form big losses or shrunken profits, layoffs and […] Read more »

Here’s an idea: Stop illegal pollution from coal plants. The Department of Justice said this week that it has launched a novel campaign to start enforcing rules already on the books, beginning with a 1.5 GW Westar Energy coal plant in northeastern Kansas. As the New […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 7, 2009

Looks like lawmakers have reached a compromise agreement on a trimmed-down $780 billion stimulus package, which will still provide tens of billions of dollars for clean power and energy efficiency. But the new version of the Senate bill did cut out billions from several key energy […] Read more »

Wrapping up another seven days and bringing you the freshest picks, it’s time for this week’s App Store Roundup. Tom Reetsman kicked off the week by calling Technologizer’s Ed Oswald out on an article he wrote about MobileMe, the general gist of it being that Oswald […] Read more »

When Acclaim Games publicly unveiled its Rockfree project, a free-to-play, web-based riff on the rhythm genre, last November, it did something unusual. It invited gamers to play an early version of the game so they could weigh in on the project as it was being developed. […] Read more »

When Cisco Systems announced plans to enter the enterprise server market, no company stood up and took notice more than Hewlett-Packard — the HP ProLiant line of servers, after all, is a force in the enterprise market; Cisco’s entrance was essentially a declaration of war on […] Read more »

I called one of my friends earlier this week and asked her if we could have lunch on Sunday. I was surprised that she said she couldn’t make it, since she had to work. “What kind of evil forces are making you do this?” I asked […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 6, 2009

This article was written by Ben Homer, a NewTeeVee contributor who runs the site Online Video Watch. Updated: More than 55 million homes will could be interactive TV-enabled by the end of 2009. according to research firm SNL Kagan, a number expected to reach 75 million […] Read more »

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