Stories for Feb. 10, 2009

Entrepreneurs, start your engines. The Clean Tech Open, the Silicon Valley non-profit that has helped Aurora Biofuels, Lucid Design Systems and more than a hundred other startups raise nearly $125 million over the last three years, is going big time. The group’s annual competition for early-stage […] Read more »

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If you’re a web designer or developer, you might be interested to know that our friends over at SitePoint in Australia are holding a special three-day sale on e-books to raise money for the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009. You can pick up any […] Read more »

Newark, N.J.’s Public Service Electric and Gas announced today that it wants to put solar panels pretty much everywhere — on utility poles and streetlights, on the roofs of schools and municipal buildings, on public housing, as well as in some ground-mounted systems — all part […] Read more »

This morning, Qwest reported earnings of $185 million on sales of $3.32 billion for the fourth quarter of 2008 — an almost 50 percent drop in profits from the same period last year. The carrier was hurt by land line defections (it lost about 9.6 percent […] Read more »

VUDU, the little set-top box that couldn’t, said today it’s slashed the price of its HD movie rental device in half, to $149. And it credits the ability to enact such a deep discount to strong holiday sales and content revenue flow, as well as lower […] Read more »

The HTC Shift was one of the first full-function ultra-portable notebooks with integrated 3G.  We evaluated one back when it first was released and found it to be an innovative notebook with that sliding keyboard.  While we found the Shift to be less than compelling the […] Read more »

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Start aiming for the potholes! Engineers on both sides of the Atlantic have come up with different ways to get the cars of the future to generate power just from hitting a few bumps — a cleantech dream, an evil plot from the makers of Dramamine, […] Read more »

The Gmail team at Google has been busy lately, haven’t they? Last week, Google introduced the Multiple Inboxes Lab, which works for both and Google Apps addresses. This lets you sub-divide your inbox into multiple views; check out Simon’s Multiple Inboxes screencast from yesterday for […] Read more »

I’m rarely one to buy into extended warranties. I worked at Best Buy (I was young and stupid, cut me some slack) long ago, and swore I would never waste money on those coverage plans. All that being said, I recommend all my friends cover their […] Read more »

Notebook makers have been in a rush to offer integrated 3G in various notebooks over the past couple of years.  Models offered in the U.S. can be CDMA (EV-DO) from Sprint or Verizon or HSDPA with AT&T.  This option is usually not too expensive although it […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 9, 2009

Just as Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt hinted over the past few months, Google is moving from managing the world’s information to managing your personal energy data. On Monday night Google tells us it is developing an online tool called “PowerMeter” that will allow users to monitor […] Read more »

Tvinci announced a $1.6 million first round of funding from Zohar Gilon and Ron Tamir’s Keidan Capital Group Monday. This is actually only $600,000 in new investment since last time we reported on the Tel Aviv-based video platform company, mid-funding raise, in January. At the time, […] Read more »

The Grammys found gold on Twitter last night, with nearly 27,500 people buzzing about winners and losers. Heck, the official Grammy site had its own Twitter feed going (a poor stand-in for not live-streaming the event). As has been the case for a few weeks with […] Read more »

Long-running concerns about privacy and mobile phones are finding a new outlet: Google (NSDQ: GOOG). USA Today has a long piece about the G1… Read more »

When I wrote last week about Sprint giving up control of its 4G future, my post engendered a lively debate among some of our commenters about the technical merits of LTE and WiMAX. Since most of our readers aren’t planning a network buildout, they may have […] Read more » Google Sync has actually been around a bit for the BlackBerry crowd. Today, Google rolls out the service in bits and pieces for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian S60 and certain Motorola and Sony Ericsson handsets. Since Windows Mobile and the iPhone natively support Micrsoft’s Exchange, […] Read more »

Well, it didn’t exactly take anyone by surprise, but today Amazon officially unveiled the Kindle 2, the follow-up to their successful e-book reader. Virtually everything about it was leaked, including actual photos of the device, so the announcement didn’t exactly shake the tech world to its […] Read more »

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