Stories for Dec. 19, 2008

Video production company PixelFish announced today that it has acquired recently-shut down online video editing/white-label video company Eyespot. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Founded and angel-funded in 2006, the Torrance, Calif.-based PixelFish has 15 employees and is similar to TurnHere, offering to create […] Read more »

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[qi:110] Over the past few years we’ve seen the rise of cute ideas, ones we love using on a daily basis, but are hard to turn into real, long-term businesses. Most were hoping that a sugar daddy would buy their cuteness for bags full of money. […] Read more »

With San Jose, Calif., signed on to deploy its electric vehicle recharging stations, Campbell, Calif.-based startup Coulomb Technologies has set its sights on Europe. Founder and CEO Richard Lowenthal told us today the company will enter the European market in 2009. Although no deals have been […] Read more »

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The U.S. has imported millions of barrels of oil every day for more than three decades — but the flow of dollars and fuel has fluctuated over time. How to illustrate such a massive amount of trade over time? With a new map from the Rocky […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 18, 2008

With Oprah pushing an e-reader to her audience, Google placing whole books online, and the popularity of programs such as Stanza, which turns the iPhone into a mobile library, the mass market has latched onto e-books in a meaningful way. Witness’s Kindle e-Reader, which has […] Read more »

Solar Cell Repower, a Norwegian startup working on technology to upgrade off-spec solar panels, has closed a Series A round of financing for $1.48 million from NorthZone Ventures. The company, which plans to partner with module manufacturers and begin production next summer, also announced $1.8 million […] Read more »

Joost has informed its users via email that it will discontinue the support of its desktop client today and instead completely concentrate on its new web site. This is a big step for a company that once aimed to revolutionize online video with P2P technology, and […] Read more »

We know things are bad in the ad world. It is just that things are even worse for folks who were too reliant on automobile advertising. Like Omnicom Group, a large advertising, marketing and PR conglomerate that counted Chrysler as one of its major accounts. Ad […] Read more »

In a move that has angered handset manufacturers, the European Commission is planning on taxing certain smartphones, Reuters (via the Guardi… Read more »

YouTube is making it easier to find and enjoy HD content on the site. The video-sharing giant has launched an HD section, where you can browse videos uploaded in the high-definition format. Once you’ve found a video you want to see, clicking on the “Watch in […] Read more »

With the econo-pocalypse in full swing and unlikely to get better anytime soon, DisplaySearch predicts in its revised “Q4 ’08 Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report” that LCD TV revenues will fall year-on-year for the first time since those flat-panel sets were introduced in 2000, […] Read more »

The other day I wrote about TeamViewer, which is a very quick-to-use and simple solution for online desktop sharing, including sharing desktops between PCs and Macs, although fees are imposed for commercial use. ScreenStream which bills itself as “screen broadcasting software” is another completely free solution […] Read more »

Don’t try stuffing seaweed into your car just yet, but a new project in Europe just received £5 million ($7.5 million) to help turn marine plants into biofuel. The BioMara project will be led by scientists at the Scottish Association for Marine Science and include researchers […] Read more »

I ran across Terracotta Inc. a few months ago while looking at database companies, and was impressed by the potential of its eponymously named open source software, which can make web applications scale faster and more cheaply than they do when information is stored in a database. […] Read more »

While nothing short of a fantastic delivery vehicle for all things iPhone Application, the App Store still has had its share of nuisances. (Even Apple doesn’t nail everything right out of the gate.) But with the unparalleled popularity of the iPhone and the ability to pair […] Read more »

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