Stories for Dec. 19, 2008

We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: OSI Hardware: Used Cisco gear, 50 to 95 percent off list prices. Concentric: Hosted IT Solutions from Concentric. Green IT Tools: Download The Green IT Guide and Toolkit for Sustainable Businesses Peer1: Free Flip Video when […] Read more »

Bring On the Renewables: A new study suggests California’s electric grid may be able to handle three times as much wind and solar energy than previously thought. — Wired Science Picturing Federal Priorities: Andrew Revkin looks at trends in the government’s non-defense R&D spending since 1953 […] Read more »

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Have you been using Google’s open source Chrome browser? If you’re like me, you use it some of the time, and take notice of how speedy it often is, but favor Firefox for the many useful extensions that it supports. Because of the might of the […] Read more »

Apple’s new notebook-oriented 24-inch LED Cinema Display is certainly a glorious piece of equipment. If you’re not up to speed, this 24-inch LED-backlit 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution glossy-finish widescreen unit includes a built-in iSight video camera, mic and speakers in an elegant, thin aluminum and […] Read more »

New Jersey’s Ocean Power Technologies said today it’s signed an agreement with Australia’s Leighton Contractors to develop wave power projects off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. This is the latest in a number of deals for Ocean Power […] Read more »

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Japanese shipping giant Nippon Yusen K.K. and oil distributor Nippon Oil Corp. today launched the first-ever cargo ship with a propulsion system powered, in part, by solar energy. The freighter, which left a port in Kobe carrying vehicles by Toyota, sports $1.68 million worth of solar […] Read more »

A little while ago, Google released a free iCal-to-Google Calendar sync tool called Calabaration. I don’t believe that Calabaration works very well, given how it generates a new calendar group within iCal and has limitations on how the Google Calendar can then sync to MobileMe. So […] Read more »

There are a large number of project management applications and service out there; we’ve looked at many of them in the past. Most of them are explicitly directed at coordinating a team working on projects for a client, and are a poor fit for a single […] Read more »

I’ll admit it; I’m not the biggest fan of bodily fluid-related humor. And Benny and Rafi Fine — aka the Fine Brothers — tend to hold nothing back when it comes to the gross, the inappropriate, and the completely NSFW. But you know what? I can’t […] Read more »

Yesterday I pointed out the list of over 200 tech tips shared by our readers. That number is now approaching 300 tips as folks continue to enter the HP Magic Giveaway contest. I’ve noticed that there’s such a vast range of tips and technologies mentioned, which […] Read more »

Greening product lines and reducing carbon footprints is clearly a point of pride for tech companies — so much so that it’s got Dell’s competitive juices flowing. In the wake of Apple’s claims that its latest Macbook is the world’s greenest notebook, Dell decided to do […] Read more »

Many of you will be familiar with the iPhone application Where To which provides a quick way to find points of interest around you (whether you’re looking for food, places to shop, fun things to do or a whole range of other options). The application has […] Read more »

Qwest this week said it would lower the price of its 20 Mbps broadband service to $59.99 per month — a drop of 40 percent from its prior $99.99-per-month price tag. But before we get all excited, let’s be real. Qwest’s original prices were not in […] Read more »

Celebrity venture capitalists aren’t unheard of: U2′s Bono joined Elevation Partners, and Al Gore became a Kleiner Perkins partner. But Iceland rock singer Bjork? Yep. Reykjavik, Iceland-based Audur Capital says it’s teamed up with Bjork to create a venture fund called, what else, BJORK (hat tip […] Read more »

With any luck, you might also have a few slow days during the holidays: clients are on vacation, the family is driving you nuts, and you’re caught up on “real work”. What now? I even have a wish list that I hope will help me turn this into a productive holiday. Read more »

The Recording Industry Association of America, which has spent the past five years suing tens of thousands of individual file-sharers for copyright infringement, has apparently decided to change tactics, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal (hopefully this one is a little more reliable […] Read more »

President Bush has announced the federal government will provide $13.4 billion in emergency loans for Chrysler and General Motors and another $4 billion that will become available in February. If the two auto companies do not prove profitability by March 31, 2009, the government will demand […] Read more »

Universal Music Making “Tens of Millions” from YouTube; between YouTube and other streaming sites, company has gone from making nothing on music videos to nearly $100 million today. (CNET) YouTube Responsible for 25 Percent of All Google Searches in the U.S.; if it was on its […] Read more »

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