Stories for Jan. 30, 2009

Congress is debating a stimulus bill that would funnel more than $800 billion into the economy. There are two versions of it wending their way through the legislative houses, so we gathered the key differences, put them in the chart below and pointed out which ISPs […] Read more »

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Two different airlines had algae biofuel test flights this month, and both turned to the well-funded Sapphire Energy for their needs. Japan Airlines took flight today on a plane partially powered by camelina, jatropha and a small percentage of algae-based biofuels, while Houston’s Continental Airlines took […] Read more »’s rebranding as a comedy destination paid off big time this week with the release of Oprah is Dead, which chronicles the terrifying future that awaits us after Oprah Winfrey leaves us for the great beyond. Chaos, anarchy, and a Thriller homage ensue. The short is […] Read more »

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MoTR 161 is 26:50 minutes long and is a 24.5 MB file in MP3 format. CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly. HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) TOPICS: Nokia Experts launches… with one expert. Impressions of Windows […] Read more »

[qi:003] The Internet is abuzz these days with speculation over the launch of a new online storage offering from Google said to be dubbed GDrive. The service would apparently be bundled with Google Pack, the company’s software download offering that includes products such as Picasa and […] Read more »

California might get all the attention for its solar resources in the Mojave desert, but it’s not the only Western state with sun-soaked lands and a growing appetite for solar power. Arizona’s largest utility, Arizona Public Service, unveiled a plan today to invest $18 billion in […] Read more »

Unless you’re a big fan of Heroes character Mohinder Suresh, you probably don’t find explanations of genetics all that dramatic. On the other hand, the latest developments in genetic testing mean questions that were once mostly rhetorical — What diseases am I likely to get? What […] Read more »

So you’re going to a Super Bowl party, but honestly you couldn’t care less about the teams, or even football; you’ll probably get caught more up in the artichoke dip than the broadcast. Or maybe you actually love football, and you use commercial breaks for their […] Read more »

Make Way for Lemons: GM CFO Fritz Henderson says automakers still have a lot to learn about battery science, which means there are going to be some absolute lemons in the brave new world of electrical transport. — Telegraph China, Europe, Come Together on Climate: Chinese […] Read more »

Looks like energy efficient retrofits of public housing is becoming the green cause of the year — it’s cheap, fights climate change and cuts the energy bills of those who need them. This week the UK government launched a new competition, Retrofit for the Future, that’s […] Read more »

More DTV Delay Drama; Senate passes a second bill to push the national switch date back, could get to the House floor by Wednesday. (Broadcasting & Cable); Meanwhile, the White House issued a statement urging passage of this latest bill. (Multichannel News) YouTube Makes Annotations Easier; […] Read more »

[qi:060] Sure there are the flashy memes tied to poorly translated video games, 80s pop singers (I warned you) and bad dancing, but there are also serious topics of conversations that pop up online over and over — and over — again. Maybe they’re not Internet memes […] Read more »

WebWorkerDaily began in September 2006 as GigaOM founder Om Malik was building his new company from a table at Starbucks. Now, just about everyone who earns income is a “web worker” at least for some part of their day. To keep up with this ever-changing working […] Read more »

UPDATE: A Stage 9 spokesperson got back to us to provide the following statement: “Stage 9 will continue to develop/produce in a highly selective benefit /cost manner.” The Stage 9 brand will continue to exist on its own and will not be folded into The […] Read more »

This week I discovered two things when I brought the HTC Advantage back into the rotation: I had no calendar nor contacts having canceled my Exchange Server and I needed a way to sync the Advantage with my Google Apps stuff.  Enter GooSync, a free (with […] Read more »

The iPhone has been on the market for more than a year now, and as a result technology manufacturers are beginning to see the touch screen as a viable solution for personal computing. Before the iPhone hit the market in 2007 the general population’s experience with […] Read more »

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