Stories for Feb. 10, 2009

The Senate today passed its version of the economic stimulus plan, which allocates $7 billion for broadband grants and offers tax credits for certain types of deployments in rural areas. The next step is for the Senate and House to reconcile their respective versions of the […] Read more »

Update: It’s a massive 1.3 GW deal with solar startup BrightSource — read about it in our updated post. Southern California Edison plans to announce what it’s calling “the world’s largest solar deal” tomorrow morning, but details are scarce. There are a couple of ways this […] Read more »

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The design of Apple’s App Store has been receiving a fair bit of criticism from both developer and customers alike. I’m not here to rehash all of that, but rather, to point out the results of a pricing experiment that App Cubby founder, David Barnard performed. […] Read more » is out with its latest metrics on audiences for social networks, and web workers may find some surprises in the who’s hot and who’s not roundup. The top 10 list is seen below, and a full list of the Top 25 is available below the […] Read more »

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This week, Google finally answered our pleas and introduced over-the-air contact and calendar sync for Windows Mobile and iPhone. Instead of a separate sync application, as with the Blackberry, the syncing works through the Exchange client already in the device. I’ve decided to only sync my […] Read more »

Comics being sold via iTunes is not, in itself, new. You can currently pick up versions of “The Watchmen” and the excellent Image title “Invincible,” but this marks comic book powerhouse Marvel’s entry into the fray, and it’s bringing something special to the table, in pre-releasing […] Read more »

When I first heard about ZumoDrive, I almost passed it by. I figured that we’ve already pointed out enough file synchronization-type programs using the cloud by now between Live Mesh, Live Sync, Dropbox, SugarSync, etc. Then I saw a few distinctive features that made ZumoDrive a […] Read more »

Cisco today released the latest iteration of its Visual Networking Index, and forecast that mobile traffic worldwide would reach more than one exabyte per month by 2012. But while Cisco’s numbers validate my theory that the next big revolution in computing will be comprised of a combination of mobility, processing power and interactivity, it doesn’t get into what needs to happen in order for the Exabyte Age to commence. Currently the biggest roadblocks to the Exabyte Age are the carriers’ business models. Read more »

The Indium Problem: Doping silicon photovoltaic cells with indium can push efficiency up to around 40 percent — but the metal is rare enough that the world’s reserves would be exhausted within a decade if we continue using it at current rates. — Fast Company How […] Read more »

Google’s got its hands all over the world’s information — search terms, email, IM, book content — but now the search engine giant wants to organize your personal energy data, too. Google said today that it’s developing software and online tools for smart meters that will […] Read more »

I’m always amazed at the clever ways that folks use technology to connect and learn from each other, so I was pleased this morning when I read about @sbbuzz. @sbbuzz is described as “an organized way for wired, innovative small business professionals to share insights and […] Read more »

Backing up your computer is an essential task that many of us neglect until something goes horribly wrong. With OS X Leopard, Apple has made it much easier to ensure that your data is always backed up and protected through a feature called Time Machine. Time […] Read more »

D-Link has offered their DSM-210 digital photo frame for a while now. The 10-inch frame can pull pics through your wired or wireless network from Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Facebook or even from RSS feeds. Standard fare for digital frames with web capabilities, right? Customers of Cellcom, […] Read more »

Flixor, a four-year-old startup that enables the insertion of a 3-D version of a digital photo of face in a video, has received a patent for its technology. Hollywood-based Flixor has no customers yet, but CEO Blake Senftner said the company is in advanced negotiations with […] Read more »

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