Stories for Dec. 23, 2008

What a thrilling competition the HP Magic Giveaway has been and we’ve seen over 520 entries for a chance to win this fabulous prize package: HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv4 series Entertainment Notebook PC (with Windows Live) […] Read more »

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I spent some time over the Thanksgiving holiday reviewing my feeds and getting rid of the poor performers, which really helps me get more value while spending less time in my RSS reader. However, pruning is not enough. I also use quite a few filtering techniques to further reduce the clutter. My favorite filtering techniques involve Yahoo Pipes, which looks and sounds much more complicated than it is. Read more »

SolarCity, a solar installer and financier based in Foster City, Calif., has installed one of the country’s first thin-film solar projects on a residential roof. The company installed 2.4 kilowatts worth of First Solar cadmium-telluride panels on a home in San Mateo, Calif., last week, SolarCity’s […] Read more »

Mouse technology has advanced a lot over the past two decades. The Apple Lisa-derived mouse with its DE-9 connector and thumb screws that attached it securely to my first Mac, a 1988 Mac Plus, was a pretty crude piece of engineering, with an analog ball of […] Read more »

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We know what would be on our X-mas list if we lived in the U.K, Ireland or Sweden: Wattson, a sleek smart energy home product from design shop DIY Kyoto. Wattson and it’s software component, Holmes, can wirelessly monitor your home’s energy consumption and enable you […] Read more »

Colorado-based biotech firm Luca Technologies has raised a $75.9 million round of Series C financing, the company confirms with us today (hat tip Venture Wire). The company, which is working with soil microbes to produce methane from coal, plans to use the funds to acquire new […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 22, 2008

Amazing! I have been watching the spat between Google’s YouTube and Warner Music Group play out in the media — both online and in its offline variants. The bottom line of this corporate he said she said is that there are no more music videos that […] Read more »

Flash Comes to (Jailbroken) iPhones (Sometimes) – Not, probably, what most people are looking for in terms of Flash on the iPhone, but if you’ve already jailbroken, it might be worth a look. Apparently buggy, but provides more Flash than the current, non-jailbroken iPhone does, that […] Read more »

I went away to Belize and Guatemala last week with intentions of never checking email once. But with free or cheap Internet access at every single hostel and guesthouse we went to, I did sneak on a few times. Still, I kept it to mostly personal […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal talked to many people to find out where companies would be spending their precious dollars in 2009. Here is a quick look at what may sell in 2009: Software as a Service: Today 10 percent of total software sales come from on-demand […] Read more »

Three Chinese mobile networks plan to spend a total of 280 billion yuan ($41 billion) over the next two years building out 3G networks, for which the government will announce licenses at the end of 2008 or in early 2009. Plans like that would normally have […] Read more »

Why wait for a plug-in hybrid when you can roll your own? Soon there will be even more places to get your Prius converted into a plug-in hybrid, now that Hong Kong-based GP Batteries International has taken an undisclosed stake in Poway, Calif.’s Plug-In Conversions. GP’s […] Read more »

There are some interesting new statistics out from oDesk, an online staffing marketplace and management platform that can be particularly useful for web workers looking for remote jobs. We interviewed the CEO, Gary Swart, here.  oDesk is reporting that with the economic downturn there is a […] Read more »

Paying for a live video stream is hardly new — take wrestling, adult content, even courtroom proceedings — but I highly doubt anyone has ever coughed up $1,000 for a webcast. Until now. The world-famous TED Conference announced Friday it will offer remote access to this […] Read more »

Looks like EEStor, the high-profile Texas energy storage startup, finally got its patent. According to the U.S. patent office it was issued on Dec. 16 (hat tip A lot of the details of the patent, which was filed Aug. 13, 2004, have been online for […] Read more »

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