Stories for Dec. 26, 2008

I spent five times as much on Christmas presents this year as last year. That is, I spent $500 in one frenzied day of shopping. Last year, I spent $100 a day over 10 days of shopping. OK, I made those figures up, but you can […] Read more »

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We’d like to say thanks to this month’s GigaNET sponsors: OSI Hardware: Used Cisco gear, 50 to 95 percent off list prices. Concentric: Hosted IT Solutions from Concentric. Green IT Tools: Download The Green IT Guide and Toolkit for Sustainable Businesses Peer1: Free Flip Video when […] Read more »

We report on what browsers our visitors are using from time to time which gives a picture of the browser wars.  The current figures show that Firefox is still the browser of choice among savvy readers.  Internet Explorer is the next most-used browser among visitors.  Interestingly, […] Read more »

Got a MacBook for Christmas? I’ve used laptop computers almost exclusively for a dozen years now, and they’ve been great, but for day in, day out, workhorse duty the standard laptop configuration does have serious ergonomic deficiencies. If you position the computer high enough for comfortable […] Read more »

Cleantech startups were a bright spot in terms of overall venture funding in 2008. But while the sector pulled in record investment from VCs, as BusinessWeek noted recently, shares of cleantech companies fell harder than the rest of the stock market. According to the Wall Street […] Read more »

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about programming language OpenCL, as the new version of Apple’s OS X operating system, which uses it, is due to be unveiled soon. But what exactly is OpenCL and why should you care? It all boils down to increasing […] Read more »

In a previous article I discussed Apple’s approach to cloning and how far they should go in shutting down that business. This led to the question “why can’t I just buy Mac OS X and install it on any hardware I want?”, which led to a pretty […] Read more »

Nowadays, everyone who’s anyone in corporate America is throwing their advertising dollars in one of two directions: hip little branded web series or flashy heal-the-Earth projects. Hands-down successes on either front are still in the minority. But with the delightful GOOD News, luxury car company Lexus […] Read more »

Japan will renew subsidies for residential solar power equipment next month, officials with the country’s ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced this week. The $99.6 million package of incentives pledged for the first quarter of 2009 came not a day too soon for electronics giant […] Read more »

JibJab, in its 2009 “Year in Review” vid, is clearly aiming for a higher-than-usual level of sophistication, but makes some strange choices about what to feature (yes John Edwards love child, no Michael Phelps?). But you might recall that last year, by contrast, JibJab did too […] Read more »

It was a long, drawn out, brutal affair. Finally, after many months, five apps have emerged victorious, and earned a long-term place on my iPhone’s home screen. There are a lot of apps that I’m initially impressed with, and which actually work really well, or have […] Read more »

Santa was apparently good to this year; the e-tailer says its 14th holiday (shopping) season was its best ever, though it doesn’t offer any data to back up that cheery claim. Its biggest sellers (based on number of units ordered) included the Samsung 52-inch LCD […] Read more »

A while back we looked at Blogo, a unified blogging and microblogging client. Now they’ve put out version 1.2, which extends Blogo to support new targets and adds some useful options as well. If you’re an OS X user who posts online frequently, it’s worth a […] Read more »

Iowa E85 Tanks Up: Iowa’s Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program board has awarded $1.52 million to 43 applicants for E85 and biodiesel infrastructure, including fuel dispensers and tank vehicles. — Green Car Congress Plasmonic Solar Cells: Recent research suggests lacing solar cells with nanoscopic metal particles could […] Read more »

It’s about time! Nintendo is developing a video-on-demand service for its hit Wii game consoles, it said today in a joint announcement with Dentsu, the Japanese advertising company. However, the service will only be available in Japan starting this spring; according to reports, no international expansion […] Read more »

Like many, the market collapse of the past few months has forced me to pay closer-than-usual attention to financial news. I’ve had to rely primarily on mainstream publications; with my day set up to revolve around all things tech, unearthing valuable, alternate sources of info can […] Read more »

As President-elect Barack Obama contemplates plans that would provide universal broadband access, lobbyists and technologists are lining up to get their voices heard. When it comes to broadband, I’m strongly in favor of some type of government intervention, but rather than pay to lay fiber, a national […] Read more »

There was a lot to cheer about in the cleantech sector in 2008: record investment levels, a U.S. president-elect that supports clean power, and the extension of tax credits for renewables. But there were a lot of missed opportunities this year, too, as markets crashed, fundings […] Read more »

There are many ways to keep on top of app releases. You could, for instance, just visit the app store on your iPhone and sort the lists by release date. You could also try AppSniper, an application designed solely with keeping tabs on iPhone releases and […] Read more »

It’s looking pretty official that EEStor won’t be able to reach two important milestones for its automaker partner ZENN Motors by the end of 2008: delivering a prototype energy storage device and a having a third-party verify the high level of permittivity of the powders it’s […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 25, 2008

Is Sony P-Series VAIO really a netbook? [jkOnTheRun] Video Holiday Greetings are all the rage these days. [NewTeeVee Station] Pundits weigh in on open source’s future. [OStatic] Mac Switchers, here are some tips for using Photo Booth. [TheAppleBlog] Taskpaper 2.0, a simple to do app for […] Read more »

After winning the right to offer a satellite and cellular-based mobile voice and data service, raising $500 million in capital and restructuring its ownership, Skyterra (formerly Mobile Satellite Ventures) is getting ready for what it hopes will be two game-changing years. The company will launch a […] Read more »

Looking ahead to 2009, I can’t help but wonder what tens of thousands of skilled tech workers being kicked into a hostile job market will mean, what kind of creativity could be unleashed by workers who, though deprived of a steady paycheck, are freed from the tedious task of working for someone else. I think the results could prove to be positive for the Internet and its community over the long term. Read more »

On behalf of all the WebWorkerDaily writers, we’d like to wish all of you who celebrate a very Merry Christmas. If today isn’t your holiday, we hope you are relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. Even web workers deserve a break for a few […] Read more »

We are spending the day with our families and friends and want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season!  Stay safe and enjoy the important things in life and that isn’t mobile tech.  We’ll be back really soon to share more cool things with you […] Read more »

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