Stories for Feb. 13, 2009

Carbon capture and storage technology has barely left the trial stage — let alone be proven as safe or effective at commercial scale. But according to a new report from Emerging Energy Research, the industry could be “well-positioned” for commercialization by 2016 if demonstration projects go […] Read more »

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Handmark has launched its Pocket Express mobile news and information service in Europe in eight languages (English, Spanish, German, French,… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 12, 2009
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Hey guys (and yes, I do just mean the guys on this one), lonely for Valentine’s Day? Need some positive reinforcement? Maybe just a quick, chauvinistic laugh? If you answered with an emphatic “Yes!” to any of the preceding and have an extra 99 cents to […] Read more »

Live video is a slam dunk for sporting events, bringing in major viewership via the Olympics and golf’s U.S. Open and basketball’s March Madness, and significant paying audiences for sports from baseball to basketball to hockey to cricket. One sport that gets hardly any oldteevee love […] Read more »

While efforts to get web sites onto the top page of Google’s search results have spawned an entire industry, people are only starting to seriously consider the value of video optimization for search. Google’s “Universal Search” feature — which incorporates results from news sites, videos and […] Read more »

[qi:004] Ultra-wideband startup TZero Technologies has shut down, according to a story posted today by EETimes.  The chipmaker, which raised $18 million back in March, joins at least two other defunct UWB startups that had hoped to use the wireless technology to transmit large amounts of […] Read more »

Analyst firm the Yankee Group put out a paper today calling for President Obama to focus on the nation’s broadband and technology, suggesting, among other things, that DTV delays be halted, that new multitenant housing and office buildings be required to have fiber installed during construction, […] Read more »

The Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) unveiled version 2.0 of its open-source video player, Miro, yesterday. The new version features a revamped UI, a smaller memory footprint and the ability to access streaming video sites like from right within the client. We covered those changes in […] Read more »

On Feb. 17, VLAB presents “Tales of Young Entrepreneurs” at the Stanford Business School — a night of stories from the youngest and most promising minds in Silicon Valley about how they achieved their initial success and what they plan to do with it. Topics will […] Read more »

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