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The Indium Problem: Doping silicon photovoltaic cells with indium can push efficiency up to around 40 percent — but the metal is rare enough that the world’s reserves would be exhausted within a decade if we continue using it at current rates. — Fast Company How […] Read more »

Google’s got its hands all over the world’s information — search terms, email, IM, book content — but now the search engine giant wants to organize your personal energy data, too. Google said today that it’s developing software and online tools for smart meters that will […] Read more »

I’m always amazed at the clever ways that folks use technology to connect and learn from each other, so I was pleased this morning when I read about @sbbuzz. @sbbuzz is described as “an organized way for wired, innovative small business professionals to share insights and […] Read more »

Backing up your computer is an essential task that many of us neglect until something goes horribly wrong. With OS X Leopard, Apple has made it much easier to ensure that your data is always backed up and protected through a feature called Time Machine. Time […] Read more »

D-Link has offered their DSM-210 digital photo frame for a while now. The 10-inch frame can pull pics through your wired or wireless network from Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Facebook or even from RSS feeds. Standard fare for digital frames with web capabilities, right? Customers of Cellcom, […] Read more »

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Flixor, a four-year-old startup that enables the insertion of a 3-D version of a digital photo of face in a video, has received a patent for its technology. Hollywood-based Flixor has no customers yet, but CEO Blake Senftner said the company is in advanced negotiations with […] Read more »

IBM yesterday trumpeted its cloud computing strategy with a demonstration at its Silicon Valley campus and a press release touting new customers, products and other tidbits we are going to ignore (you can read the release here). Amidst it all, however, IBM did announce two important […] Read more » Launches Safe Eyes for the iPhone; app lets parent block objectionable content from being seen on kids’ mobile devices. (emailed release) GoAnimate Adds Star Trek Characters; boldy create an animation no one has ever created before using animated versions of Kirk, Spock and even a […] Read more »

Why does a company that has nearly $30 billion sitting in its coffers need another $4 billion in debt? When Cisco Systems announced that it was raising $4 billion from the debt market earlier today, it led to speculation that it might be loading up in […] Read more »

If you’re a web designer or developer, you may be interested to know that our friends over at SitePoint in Australia are holding a special three-day sale on e-books to raise money for the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009. You can pick up any […] Read more »

Here’s a fresh, not-yet-covered startup we found out about recently: ivi TV. From what we understand, Seattle-based ivi, founded in 2007, is building a video player that will stream encrypted P2P broadcast TV signals to PCs. The company wants to sign up traditional broadcasters, but will […] Read more »

Oh, invoicing, how I love thee! Seriously, being naturally hopeless when it comes to numbers, and generally terrified of paperwork and tedious “administrivia,” I am eager to test out any and all solutions that might help me avoid recurring nightmares involving marching columns of ominous figures. […] Read more »

Entrepreneurs, start your engines. The Clean Tech Open, the Silicon Valley non-profit that has helped Aurora Biofuels, Lucid Design Systems and more than a hundred other startups raise nearly $125 million over the last three years, is going big time. The group’s annual competition for early-stage […] Read more »

If you’re a web designer or developer, you might be interested to know that our friends over at SitePoint in Australia are holding a special three-day sale on e-books to raise money for the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009. You can pick up any […] Read more »

Newark, N.J.’s Public Service Electric and Gas announced today that it wants to put solar panels pretty much everywhere — on utility poles and streetlights, on the roofs of schools and municipal buildings, on public housing, as well as in some ground-mounted systems — all part […] Read more »

This morning, Qwest reported earnings of $185 million on sales of $3.32 billion for the fourth quarter of 2008 — an almost 50 percent drop in profits from the same period last year. The carrier was hurt by land line defections (it lost about 9.6 percent […] Read more »

VUDU, the little set-top box that couldn’t, said today it’s slashed the price of its HD movie rental device in half, to $149. And it credits the ability to enact such a deep discount to strong holiday sales and content revenue flow, as well as lower […] Read more »

The HTC Shift was one of the first full-function ultra-portable notebooks with integrated 3G.  We evaluated one back when it first was released and found it to be an innovative notebook with that sliding keyboard.  While we found the Shift to be less than compelling the […] Read more »

Start aiming for the potholes! Engineers on both sides of the Atlantic have come up with different ways to get the cars of the future to generate power just from hitting a few bumps — a cleantech dream, an evil plot from the makers of Dramamine, […] Read more »

The Gmail team at Google has been busy lately, haven’t they? Last week, Google introduced the Multiple Inboxes Lab, which works for both and Google Apps addresses. This lets you sub-divide your inbox into multiple views; check out Simon’s Multiple Inboxes screencast from yesterday for […] Read more »

I’m rarely one to buy into extended warranties. I worked at Best Buy (I was young and stupid, cut me some slack) long ago, and swore I would never waste money on those coverage plans. All that being said, I recommend all my friends cover their […] Read more »

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