Stories for Feb. 12, 2009

In recent years, free, open-source content management systems (CMS) have become very powerful tools for building, deploying and managing web sites, blogs and more. You may be familiar with some of the top-notch names in this arena, including Drupal and Joomla.  WebWorkerDaily’s sister blog OStatic was […] Read more »

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When Garmin announced in the lead-up to the Mobile World Congress an ongoing deal with Asus to build its long-anticipated Nuvifone GPS phone line, you could practically hear the wincing. Within hours, the move was alternately being called an admission of failure (Garmin originally planned to build the phone itself) and a desperate ploy to ride the goodwill engendered by Asus’ EeePC netbook. Analysts projected that new phones with versatile GPS features would crush the Nuvi by the time the device was finally released. The naysayers are jumping the gun. A GPS-focused phone can be a viable device so long as it follows the golden rule of the mobile market: Do one thing really well. Read more »

I have traveled a lot lately and after my recent trip to San Francisco I observed that the AT&T service in that fair city simply sucks.  I figured that some of the problems I observed with lousy service were due to my brief and very narrow […] Read more »

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Google said today that it has cut its radio advertising program, Google Audio Ads. This follows the company’s announcement last month of the coming discontinuation of its newspaper advertising business, Google Print Ads. This doesn’t mean a coming closure of Google’s other old media advertising effort […] Read more »

There are lots of online site building apps out there. Many of them are ancient, horrible to work with, and produce poor results. Which is why it’s refreshing to see that Tank is different. It’s easy to use, the basic version is free, and in the […] Read more »

[qi:051] Savvis, long a provider of co-location and dedicated hosting services, today unveiled a new cloud compute offering aimed at large corporations. Unlike Amazon, whose array of services are focused on the broader market, Savvis will start off with an on-demand computing service called Savvis Cloud […] Read more »

Updated to include quote from DOE’s David Frantz: Energy Secretary Steven Chu wanted checks cut in four weeks. Today, the director of the Department of Energy’s much-delayed loan guarantee program for clean energy technology, David Frantz, revealed what he sees as a realistic timeline: In testimony […] Read more »

YouTube said today it will allow some content partners to start offering video downloads through the site so that viewers can watch videos offline. While YouTube is saying that it’s just offering consumers another way to view video — let’s be honest, the company needs every […] Read more »

Energy harvesting has been getting interest from a number of different sectors for tiny, energy-saving applications, and now it’s making its way down to the nanoscale. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have attached a tiny muscle-movement-driven generator to a hamster and let him loose […] Read more »

DTV Update: Obama signs bill that delays the digital TV switch till June 12. (The LA Times); FCC prevents 123 stations from going all-digital on Feb. 17 (previous coverage), 368 stations will do so. (Broadcasting & Cable) Feds and YouTube Near Deal; agreement would allow federal […] Read more »

Symbian said today that 14 new companies, including Hewlett-Packard, MySpace, Qualcomm and SanDisk, have joined its foundation. This brings the number of companies that have signed up to use the mobile operating system’s platform to 78, putting it ahead of the 47 members of the Open […] Read more »

Looks like I’m eating my words today. Back in July, we kicked around the idea of device-specific, mobile-friendly websites. I said I’m not a fan, although I’ve obviously been using these sites for the past 20 months with my iPhone. I’m starting to have a change […] Read more »

Let’s Make a Deal: Spending on clean energy, energy efficiency and public transit in the latest stimulus bill is exactly halfway between the House and Senate versions — the House had approved $72 billion, the Senate $68 billion. — Gristmill Bingaman for Ethanol Boost: With corn […] Read more »

For the first time, Nielsen has released public rankings of individual TV shows watched on network web sites. Lost was the big winner in December, pulling in more than 1.4 million viewers on, followed by Saturday Night Live with 1.1 million viewers on, and […] Read more »

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