Stories for Feb. 11, 2009

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Archos has made a name for themselves making good Portable Media Players (PMPs) and when they recently announced they were entering the netbook space, we were looking forward to seeing their offering.  Laptop Magazine has reviewed the Archos 10 and done their typically good job putting […] Read more »

Google, with its billions in annual revenue and its constant noise about open standards and free access to information, is hard to ignore when it crashes into an unsuspecting industry. As cell phone companies, publishers, advertisers and software makers have all seen over the years, when […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 10, 2009
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LG knows that texting is big business, but they also know that most phones have lousy keyboards.  That’s why they are getting approval for the LG LBA-C300 Bluetooth Enabled QWERTY Card, a name bigger than the device.  The C300 is essentially a credit-card sized keyboard that […] Read more »

With the rise of superphones such as Apple’s iPhone, the BlackBerry Bold and Nokia’s E71 and N96 devices, we are at the cusp of a new era in which the mobile and the wired web converge. This convergence, when married to location-based services, would create a new real-time and highly contextual Internet experience. And it’s why for Facebook, which by merging the social network with your phone’s address book, integrates the mobile with the web seamlessly to provide a mobile experience with a higher degree of social relevance, the future is mobile. Read more »

At the TED Conference last week, I had the chance to sit down with a number of filmmakers. My first question, of course, was what were their web distribution and marketing plans for their next projects. And each one’s response was the same: traditional distribution models […] Read more »

Microsoft plans to offer six different versions of Windows 7 when it ships later this year, but OEMs that sell netbooks will likely offer a slimmed-down number of versions.  HP recently told Computer World they will offer three different versions for their Mini line, which is […] Read more »

The Senate today passed its version of the economic stimulus plan, which allocates $7 billion for broadband grants and offers tax credits for certain types of deployments in rural areas. The next step is for the Senate and House to reconcile their respective versions of the […] Read more »

Update: It’s a massive 1.3 GW deal with solar startup BrightSource — read about it in our updated post. Southern California Edison plans to announce what it’s calling “the world’s largest solar deal” tomorrow morning, but details are scarce. There are a couple of ways this […] Read more »

The design of Apple’s App Store has been receiving a fair bit of criticism from both developer and customers alike. I’m not here to rehash all of that, but rather, to point out the results of a pricing experiment that App Cubby founder, David Barnard performed. […] Read more » is out with its latest metrics on audiences for social networks, and web workers may find some surprises in the who’s hot and who’s not roundup. The top 10 list is seen below, and a full list of the Top 25 is available below the […] Read more »

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