Stories for Dec. 31, 2008

Can the internet public know more about you than you would like?  According to an article at New Scientist, there’s a company that uses software to analyze blogs and forum posts to find out a blogger’s age, gender, and interests.  Web workers who are avid users […] Read more »

Car buyers in California could be getting a different kind of sticker shock in the new year. Starting Jan. 1, every 2009 model year and newer car sold in California will be required to carry a label that ranks, in addition to the existing requisite smog […] Read more »

Over the holidays, I ended up reading an awful lot using my iPhone/iPod touch. I started with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, just to determine whether or not I wanted to cough up ten bucks to go see the Brad Pitt movie, and then, since […] Read more »

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Last week I wrote an article about Liferay, an open source portal app. Today, I’ll be looking at another option,, from Cynapse, an enterprise software solution provider. is an open source collaboration app, and as such only offers a portion of the functionality of […] Read more »

Startups associated with social gaming were all the funding rage in 2008. (Think SGN’s $15 million last May, for example, or the $17 million that went to Playfish in October.) And though executives with casual game startups recently told me they’re confident they’ll survive this recession, […] Read more »

Jon Stewart, others to go off the air on Jan. 1 for Time Warner customers. [NewTeeVee] It’s not easy being green. The Solar iPhone experiment fails. [jkOnTheRun] China to build a 1 GW solar plant, Portuguese happy with 46 MWs. [Earth2Tech] The ultimate Mac browser roundup. […] Read more »

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China’s Qaidam Basin could become the equivalent of the Mojave Desert in terms of solar power projects, if new plans to build a 1-gigawatt solar power photovoltaic farm in China come to fruition. While utilities and startups have sited the Southern California desert for some of […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 30, 2008

With every tick of the clock, 2008 is taking its final steps toward 2009, when the year starts afresh. From a broadband perspective it has been an eventful year –- one that was good, bad and ugly. Here is a rundown of 10 stories that defined […] Read more »

Think of 2008 as Act I when it comes to set-top boxes, the prelude of what’s to come. Next year will bring the conflict in Act II, and 2010? Hopefully Act III and a resolution. In 2008, all manner of brand-name and upstart players began vying […] Read more »

Spain’s Acciona has plugged its Portugal solar project into the grid, announcing this week that the new 46-megawatt plant can produce enough electricity to power over 30 million Portuguese homes. One of Spain’s largest construction contractors, Acciona invested €261 million ($367 million) into the photovoltaic plant, […] Read more »

Updated: Back in October, when I broke the news that uber venture fund Sequoia Capital had organized a secret meeting in which it warned its portfolio companies to prepare for the pending financial apocalypse, the revelation was met with some skepticism. Some thought Sequoia was using […] Read more »

As seems to be the trend with Smule’s iPhone applications, their point may not be immediately clear. With many App Store offerings, “enjoyable time waster” could be the point, but that’s not always enough for some people. There were those who didn’t see the point of […] Read more »

A while back, a friend of mine and I had an idea for a new e-commerce web site we were thinking of launching. We eventually shelved the idea after digging up a couple of sites that were too close in spirit to the same idea, but […] Read more »

PC Magazine just named NewTeeVee to its 2008 list of 100 favorite blogs! We are thrilled to receive the kudos and the click-throughs. And happily, our sister sites OStatic and Web Worker Daily also made the list. Here’s what they said about us: NewTeeVee is there […] Read more »

We last briefly looked at Invotrak in the Summer of 2007. The service is similar to Freshbooks, in that users can create and track invoices and timesheets for client projects and employees as well as some funky analysis of payment history. Feature-for-feature, Invotrak and Freshbooks seem […] Read more »

Clean technology in Hawaii is ending the year with a bang. The Aloha State kicked off December with an agreement for Better Place to build an electric vehicle-charging network on the islands, then Khosla Ventures teamed up with utility Hawaiian Electric Co. to evaluate and test […] Read more »

As 2008 comes to a close, my dream of building a quality blog network that was more than just GigaOM has become a reality. While I have always believed in the quality of our editorial product, today we got a third-party affirmation of our efforts. PC […] Read more »

After a dip in October, the number of overall unique online video viewers rose again in November, according to Nielsen’s VideoCensus. The number of unique viewers during the month grew to 124 million from 120 million in October, putting November back on par with September. The […] Read more »

As I think it goes with most geeks, our better half (yes as a matter of fact, some of us have girlfriends and wives!) usually isn’t the most technical of people. My lovely wife can use a computer just fine, but she’s not the type of […] Read more »

You may be interested and motivated to become a freelance writer, but it’s hard to know where to start. First, you should write, but that goes without saying. How do you turn your passion into paid work? It’s not a simple process, and it involves a […] Read more »

With a new $6 billion bailout from the Treasury approved late yesterday, General Motors has lowered its requirements for auto loans. The bailout includes a $5 billion stake in the company’s financing arm, GMAC, plus a $1 billion loan that GM can use to reorganize the […] Read more »

At this past year’s SXSW one of the most popular “tools” used by attendees was a web app called SCHED. It was immensely helpful in figuring out what events were offered, who was going, and if you wanted to go. I’m excited to announce that this […] Read more »

I am highly skeptical when big companies get trendy and start spewing cool. Lately going green has become the new black. Dell in particular has been making a lot of noise about being “green,” most recently bragging that it has becoming carbon neutral five months ahead […] Read more »

I didn’t know anything about the new (and relatively obscure) Exit Stage Left before watching, and it truly surprised me with the quality of its production, direction, and cast. Billing itself as “a web series of theatrical proportions,” the show mines the drama-heavy world of an […] Read more »

UK Wind Farms Tangled in Red Tape: Britain has 262 wind projects representing seven gigawatts stuck in planning stages, and the rate of approvals is only getting slower. — The Guardian Electric Bikes Grow Up: “Even though motorcycles and scooters may represent a smaller percentage of […] Read more »

Facebook’s authentication system for external sites, Facebook Connect, has only been out for a few weeks, but so far, video sites are contributing the greatest numbers of active users, according to AllFacebook. The leading site by far is Joost, with 13,121 users logging in via Facebook […] Read more »

FCC chairman Kevin Martin said in a conference call today that he’s dropped the porn-free requirement from his plan to auction off AWS-3 spectrum in order to create a free wireless broadband network. This last-minute effort to get universal wireless broadband passed on his watch is […] Read more »

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