Stories for Jan. 1, 2009

2008 was the year of the netbook: My local electronics store went from having none in stock to a display offering some 20 types. Thanks to Intel’s Atom processors, and Asus and the amazing Eee PC, we’ve got a whole new class of low-powered, highly portable, […] Read more »

For the past few days, the VoIP community has been indulging in a bit of soul-searching. The debate: Is VoIP dead? To pragmatists such as Alec Saunders, the answer is yes. In his well-reasoned polemic, “2008: The Year VoIP Died,” he succinctly writes, “Voice over IP […] Read more »

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For some, a new year means a new approach. Google is taking that to heart with their new Product Ideas webpage, a place where people can suggest new features or vote for those already suggested. It’s no surprise to me that Google’s first iteration for product […] Read more »

Well, it’s 2009. The last year people can wear those ridiculous “200X” glasses. How unfortunate. 2008 turned out to be the biggest year in TAB’s four year history. The main event being that we joined the GigaOm family. It was an outcome I had in no […] Read more »

There’s a lot of online video that never manages to break out, is overshadowed by other series, or is just too weird and obscure to find an audience. But while sometimes that’s for the best, sometimes some real gems get overlooked. Here’s a list of overlooked […] Read more »

Updated: GameWager, an Austin, Texas-based startup creating a network where gamers can back their trash talk with bets based on tokens, has completed a Series A round for a bit less than the $3 million it was seeking. It has also convinced adviser Nolan Bushnell to […] Read more »

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We know there’s been an end-of-the-year rush of top 10 green stories across the blogosphere, including ours — victories, disappointments, and most popular stories. But what better time than the last day of the year to look back at 2008 and make some predictions for 2009, […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 31, 2008

2008 should have been a good year for P2P startups. The FCC ruled that ISPs can’t block BitTorrent and other distributed protocols, the growing importance of HD was increasingly making P2P look like a viable solution, and the P4P folks even came up with a way […] Read more »

China’s long-awaited 3G spectrum licenses are one step closer to being issued after China’s cabinet voted on the matter today, Reuters repor… Read more »

As 2008 takes its final breaths, I am sitting in my apartment, which is enveloped in a thick fog that’s hiding both the ugly high-rises and the beauty that is the San Francisco Bay. The fog is also muting the sounds of the city — a […] Read more »

When French student Axel Peju wanted to use his Mac to track his finances and manage a budget, he couldn’t find an application to meet his needs, so he created his own. He developed Squirrel, a personal finance program for the Mac (and soon, the iPhone). […] Read more »

In addition to the production version of its plug-in hybrid sedan, the Fisker Karma, Fisker Automotive plans to show a concept car called the Fisker Karma S (for “Sunset”) at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month. What’s unusual about the Sunset is […] Read more »

Twitter is now rumored to have between four and five million users, varying from the inactive and curious, to hardcore life-streamers, though it still lacks some useful features like groups. The company appears to be pursuing growth over immediate revenue streams, such as the lucrative delivery […] Read more »

Today, IDG World Expo (the folks behind Macworld), announced that they will be holding a Town Hall Meeting at next week’s show. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 7 at 5PM PST in Moscone’s Gateway Ballroom, room 102. All Macworld attendees are free to and […] Read more »

Year-end prognosticators have their work cut out for them. Most predictions made a year ago were undone by events few actually foresaw. Now things are as uncertain as ever. 2009 could bring a healthy recovery, or another financial crisis could set us back even further. So […] Read more »

Brits Develop Carbon-Eating Cement: A new kind of cement based on magnesium silicates requires much less heating than the conventional stuff (which accounts for 5 percent of global carbon emissions) and absorbs large amounts of CO2 as it hardens. — The Guardian Gimme a $2-a-Gallon Gas […] Read more »

Producteev is the new kid on the block in the collaborative task management arena, but this app puts the emphasis on the social and makes multi-tasking, our 21st-century way of life, a lot easier. Just to be clear, this is not another Basecamp-type application. It is […] Read more »

I’m planning to have a good 2009 – and this is going to be the year that I actually plan that. I’ve managed to muddle through the past couple of years of web working without any major plans, but like many of you, the economy has […] Read more »

As you may or may not be aware, TechCrunch reported yesterday that a larger format, 7 to 9-inch iPod touch was in the works at Apple and would arrive by next fall. They claim to have received the information from three seperate, independent sources, one of […] Read more »

The screams of anguish you might have heard today are the natural reaction of owners of 30 GB Zunes.  They started bricking world-wide last night at midnight and nothing can bring them back.  No word from Microsoft or anyone else what caused the 30 GB Zunes […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] With Time Warner Cable poised to take Viacom channels off the air in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and several other cities Jan. 1 due to a dispute over raising fees, that’s an awful lot of people who will be missing “The Daily Show,” “Best Week Ever,” “Degrassi” and “The City.” […] Read more »

Can the internet public know more about you than you would like?  According to an article at New Scientist, there’s a company that uses software to analyze blogs and forum posts to find out a blogger’s age, gender, and interests.  Web workers who are avid users […] Read more »

Car buyers in California could be getting a different kind of sticker shock in the new year. Starting Jan. 1, every 2009 model year and newer car sold in California will be required to carry a label that ranks, in addition to the existing requisite smog […] Read more »

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