Stories for Jan. 4, 2009

A new year brings new opportunities and new beginnings. For nearly a year we have focused exclusively on blogging (though on occasion we have interspersed it with video), we have not really explored podcasts. Thanks to our gentle persuasion, Om will participate in a podcast where we will […] Read more »

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Elsewhere: Fewer Bars in more places for AT&T customers. [OFB] In Chicago, WiMAX will arrive a year late. [Chicago Tribune.] Comcast mum on new bandwidth tracker. [DSL Reports.] The ultimate guide to hacking CES. [Swooshing] On GigaOM network: 5 video innovations we would love to see […] Read more »

Technology’s biggest consumer technology show, CES, will kick off in a few days, and it will be worth watching — not just to see what products and services are unveiled, but to see how the show itself is adjusting to the turmoil in the economy. For […] Read more »

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Stories for Jan. 3, 2009

Grab a party hat, don your celebratory garb and prepare to get your freak on because, praise be, it’s the first ever Weekly App Store Roundup of 2009. Indeed, with Macworld drawing near, attendees should immediately check out our very own Conference Schedule – it’ll make sure […] Read more »

That mystery Sony Vaio we hit on recently is poised ready for announcement at CES next week.  UMPC Portal has some sketchy information about the Vaio P that tends to create as many questions as it answers.  According to those guys, the Vaio P has an […] Read more »

By now, most agree that this recession is likely be longer, deeper and fiercer than those in the past, rendering smaller, newer companies especially vulnerable. Such vulnerability is already playing out in the public markets: Over the past three months, the Russell 2000 has fallen much […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 2, 2009

What games stand the best chance of changing the broader industry in 2009, either by dramatically influencing what consumers play and purchase, or by demonstrating the commercial viability of new revenue models and genres? Below is a list of the 10 most likely candidates, culled from […] Read more »

It’s one of my favorite pursuits to try out bushels of open source and freeware applications, looking for gems. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose on the hunt, but there are  definitely a lot of applications out there that cost nothing but pack powerful punches. […] Read more »

In the event you were too distracted by the festivities associated with the ringing in of the new year and missed the news: the internets are broken (again). To be more specific, what has actually happened is a portion of the trust system that is the […] Read more »

Earlier December saw the launch of Cogi (pronounced co-jee), an audio recording and transcription service in the mould of QTech’s reQall and SkyDeck, bringing a potentially a valuable note taking tool for web workers. The US-based service enables users to capture the audio content of any […] Read more »

Like many of us, I spend quite a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache I pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here. Congratulations to Garvin and the Serendipity […] Read more »

Valence Technology has been working to bring phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries to large-format applications such as vehicles since 1989. In other words, it’s essentially been waiting for the electric-car market to take off for nearly two decades. But the company thinks its waiting period is over. It […] Read more »

I imagine most people using OS 10.5 have become acquainted with Quick Look, which is one of my favorite Leopard features. Quick Look’s basic function, as its name suggests, is as a quick and convenient way to take a peek at what’s in a file without […] Read more »

Santa has been really nice to social networking websites this holiday season. Whether it was more broadband connections or simply bad weather, many popular web services saw a nice bump in their traffic this holiday season. In US, YouTube accounted for about 1.35% of total US […] Read more »

How do you deal with telling all your clients you’ll be on vacation, that you’re offering a new service or special rates, or any other important piece of news for that matter? What if you’d like to send out a regular e-newsletter? Without certain programming skills, […] Read more »

We’ve given some advice for setting freelance hourly rates before, including a rough rule of thumb for those leaving more traditional employment (multiple your hourly pay as an employee by 2.5 to 3.0). But a new blog post from Pat Allan offers another way to think […] Read more »

Hitwise, a data analytics and research company, today released a report that indicated a big spike in Facebook traffic on Christmas Eve. The research firm says that Facebook hit a new high, with traffic “reaching 2.18% of all U.S. Internet visits compared with 1.42% average for […] Read more »

First time freelancers make the mistake of accepting every single job that comes their way.  I made this mistake, and there’s a good chance that you did too.  Who can blame us?  Freelance income isn’t stable, especially when you’re starting out.  We tend to think that […] Read more » If you really (and I mean REALLY) like that hardware keyboard on your G1 handset, you can now use it as a wireless entry system on a computer. RemoteDroid is a bit of software that allows just that, plus you can use the G1′s touchscreen […] Read more »

The North American International Auto Show will go light on the glitz and gas guzzlers this year, as exhibitors (two of them fresh from a bailout) seek to demonstrate efficiency, innovation and frugality. Even SUVs — most notably the 30-mpg-highway 2010 Chevy Equinox — are sporting […] Read more »

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I never listen to music on my iPod. And yet, I listen to my iPod for a minimum of 30 minutes every day and often for several hours. Instead of music, I fill my iPod with audio podcasts. I don’t watch the news on TV or listen to the radio, so I rely on podcasts as my primary way to consume some types of news. Maybe I’m not as “hip” as the cool people in the iPod commercials, but I am a more productive web worker as a result. Read more »

I’m really scratching my head over the “new” T-Mobile Dash. Perhaps it’s because my Dash offered me one of the best Windows Mobile experiences in a phone back in the day. Sure, for some it might not compare to the newer HTC offerings like the Touch […] Read more »

JPG magazine, the flagship offering of San Francisco startup 8020 Publishing Inc., is shutting down. And so is the company. The subscribers were informed of the decision in an email earlier today. 8020 was co-founded by Technorati and BitTorrent alumni and backed by CNET founder Halsey […] Read more »

We have predicted that Android, the operating system from Google and the Open Handset Alliance, would break out of the phone world in the future.  Android has the extensibility and open source roots to allow it to be ported for other devices like set-top boxes.  We […] Read more »

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