Stories for Feb. 16, 2009

Five major UK carriers are banding together to pool customer data so that it can be put into a giant database and then be used to sell advertising, The Register reports today. How long do you think it will take before this “database” idea lands on […] Read more »

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Microsoft announced three new products today: Windows Mobile 6.5, the Windows Marketplace and the My Phone backup service. Windows Mobile 6.5 looks much better than version 6.1; the home screen and lock screen actually look useful and everything seems optimized for touch control. The Redmond giant […] Read more »

Weather apps on the Mac are sorely lacking. You generally have to use a Dashboard widget to find out the latest weather conditions in your area. In searching for a decent desktop solution, I found that many of the major weather/news publishers provide Dashboard widgets but […] Read more »

One of the big trends to emerge so far this year is the connected television set. Just about every big TV manufacturer is coming out with a set that plugs into the web to deliver news, social networks and even over-the-top video to the big screen. […] Read more »

Texas Instruments is expected to this week release details of its next-generation application processor, the OMAP 4 family of chips, which has made my love for Nvidia’s APX25000 processor grow cold. I’m faithless when a chipmaker shows me the prospect of 1080p video playback, 10 times […] Read more »

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We knew that Mobile World Congress would have a lot of news about application stores, and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) at least upheld its end of the b… Read more »

Microsoft will be going live with their press event at the Mobile World Congress in just a little while.  We will be attending the streaming live event to hopefully hear what Microsoft plans to do with Windows Mobile and the Sky services this year.  You can […] Read more »

Water management company HydroPoint Data Systems is looking to raise between $4 million and $8 million, Chief Strategy Officer (updated: and former CEO) Chris Spain told us recently, and he expects the round to close in the second quarter. HydroPoint is open to adding new investors […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 15, 2009

After success with its low-power Atom processor in netbooks, Intel is embracing the mobile Internet device, with the chip giant expected to announce at this year’s Mobile World Congress a planned MID with LG Electronics that will include 3G voice capabilities. The MID will run on […] Read more »

[qi:___3g] By now you all know that despite the spotty coverage and expensive rate plans, I am a big fan of Mobile Internet. Down economy or not, I want my 3G wireless connection. Apparently I’m not the only one. According to a survey of 50,000 wireless […] Read more »

The race for a good mobile browser is always in full swing and Bitstream has announced their Bolt browser will enter a public beta tomorrow.  Bitstream is no novice in the mobile browser scene as they were the folks behind the Thunderhawk browser that offered a […] Read more »

Have you ever wanted an easy way to get information into your smartphone so you don’t forget it?  You’d love for your phone to remind you of this stuff when you need to be thinking of it.  Microsoft has a new technology preview of an interesting […] Read more »

This week was a quiet one in the tech world with the Mobile World Congress starting next week.  It was likely the lull before the storm as we expect big news coming out of the MWC as usual.  Here are the top stories on jkOnTheRun you […] Read more »

Ever since World of Warcraft started showing signs of cancer-like growth — ravenously consuming massively multiplayer online game subscribers — video game industry entrepreneurs and investors have hunted for a WoW killer, the next big game capable of toppling the 11.5 million subscribers developer Blizzard has amassed worldwide. They need to stop looking. Read more »

The trial against the Pirate Bay will start in Sweden on Monday, and file sharers and P2P journalists alike can hardly contain themselves. The Times of London has dubbed it the “Internet piracy trial of the decade,” and the Pirate Bay’s staff and supporters have planed […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 14, 2009
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