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Stories for Feb. 16, 2009

– Nokia: Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has launched 3 handsets at MWC. The E75 and E55 have qwerty keyboards and an enhanced e-mail user interface whic… Read more »

When 2-D barcodes/QR Codes first came out they were sometimes touted as providing content through the camera — of course this wasn’t the ca… Read more »

The CTIA has announced plans to “start making its case for the educational value of cellphones”, and the consequent introduction of these in… Read more »

loading external resource It wouldn’t be the “Mobile” World Congress if we didn’t see some driving and web activities, right? Don’t worry, no humans were harmed in the making of this film. Similar to the WiMAX van ride I experienced in Baltimore, Motorola is offering an LTE demonstration […] Read more »

When Twitter first hit my radar screen sometime back in 2007, I (like many others) immediately dismissed it as a gimmicky little time-waster with no real value. I mean, a message limit of 140 characters? Lame. And what was it for? Nothing, apparently. It was like […] Read more »

Saturday Night Live showed that it still has some social media mojo, finishing out the week with lots of Tweets on Trendrr’s list of the Most Twittered Broadcast TV Shows. Heroes and American Idol made strong showings while Family Guy finished on a high note to […] Read more »

Technology propels society forward, and web workers are more keenly aware of that than anyone. In just the last five years we have made leaps and bounds in terms of how connected we can be, how quickly we can receive and disperse information and how we […] Read more »

Five major UK carriers are banding together to pool customer data so that it can be put into a giant database and then be used to sell advertising, The Register reports today. How long do you think it will take before this “database” idea lands on […] Read more »

Microsoft announced three new products today: Windows Mobile 6.5, the Windows Marketplace and the My Phone backup service. Windows Mobile 6.5 looks much better than version 6.1; the home screen and lock screen actually look useful and everything seems optimized for touch control. The Redmond giant […] Read more »

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