Stories for Feb. 4, 2009

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Earlier today, Google unveiled Latitude, a nifty little application for your smartphone (as long as it’s not an iPhone) that lets your friends locate you, and you them, on a map. But Latitude is actually the result of a much bigger battle between Google and the mobile operators, of which location-based services are but one small part. Read more »

Set-top boxes that let you view the contents of your computer on your big-screen TV can be really handy — if you can get them set up. Too often, the process is complicated and messy. But a company called Silicon Mountain Holdings is hoping to ease […] Read more »

The all-you-can-eat broadband buffet appears to be at an end as ISPs implement caps and metered pricing for broadband services. The stated goal is network management, but the real reason is to cash in on the increasing value of the web despite being a dumb pipe. Today, […] Read more »

Are you a web worker with strong creative, design and online video skills? If so, you may want to look into some of the startup companies that are cropping up with ways to crowdsource grassroots video advertising spots. There are some interesting opportunities opening up in […] Read more »

After unleashing original horror shorts for the Xbox, Microsoft is going further into original productions, this time using content as a means to boost interest in its also-ran media player, the Zune. According to Variety, the debut original Zune series, Cinemash, is being co-created with Mean […] Read more »

Financial Wizards Wanted: Tax equity investors, the financial specialists that convert tax credits into capital that developers can use to build new wind turbines and solar farms, have all but disappeared — just when they’re needed most. — BusinessWeek Mass Transit Squeeze: More Americans than ever […] Read more »

Today on a quarterly financial results conference call, Time Warner Cable COO Landel Hobbs said the cable provider would be expanding its metered broadband trials beyond the  city of Beaumont, Texas (where AT&T is also conducting tiered broadband trials). Jeff Simmermon, a spokesman for the cable […] Read more »

We don’t often revisit shows we’ve already reviewed, but when a series goes on to rack up 1.8 million views with its first episode, it’s probably worth checking out the second. The newest installment of James Gunn’s PG Porn, Roadside ASS-istance, was released Jan. 23 on […] Read more »

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