Stories for Jan. 5, 2009

The Conservative Party in the UK is ringing in the new year with a call to boost funding for clean technology startups, create cleantech incubators across the country and establish a Low Carbon Index for publicly-traded companies on the London Stock Exchange and the LSE’s Alternative […] Read more »

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Comcast, which got in trouble with the FCC for its P2P-throttling approach to network management, has now completed its plan that deals with bandwidth hogs by slowing all broadband traffic for heavy Internet users during times of network congestion. The nation’s largest cable provider has posted […] Read more »

I was walking ’round the Moscone Center this morning after I snagged my media badge and noticed a guy sitting at the entrance to the Moscone Center. I inquired. Nick Lensander (of The MacTips Podcast) was, and currently still is, the first and only guy in […] Read more »

Xobni, a San Francisco-based maker of software for email services, has raised $7 million in fresh funding led by Cisco Systems. Existing investors Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Baseline Ventures and Atomico also invested in this round of founding. In a blog posting, the company said […] Read more »

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I’ve been looking for ways to better distribute my business contact information to others without the use of the traditional paper business card. Sure, I have really enjoyed handing out my varied and conversation-starting Moo cards at events, however, I’m often caught without my cards and […] Read more »

Here in the U.S., the first 3D movie trailer will be shown at some point during the Super Bowl. If you can’t find funky red-and-blue glasses in time for that, maybe the Minoru 3D Webcam package will suffice. Priced at $89.95 for pre-order, this webcam offers […] Read more »

Home on the Carbon-Offsetting Range: Rangeland sequestration projects, which involve paying landowners to trap carbon dioxide underground by keeping grass unmowed, are on the cusp of a major boom. — Scientific American DOE Unveils Marine Energy Database: The U.S. Department of Energy released a new searchable […] Read more »

Roku announced today that it will be adding Amazon’s Video On Demand streaming service to its set-top box as the company moves beyond just being the Netflix player. The new Amaz-oku service will be available “beginning in early 2009.” From the press release: Amazon Video On […] Read more »

We’ve discussed the attraction of using paper planners in the past. Even though web workers have access to all sorts of cool to-do list and other planning applications on the web, there are times when getting everything down on paper is the best way to keep […] Read more »

Sports car maker Lotus plans to enter the electric vehicle race, CEO Michael Kimberley told the Financial Times last week. “Don’t be surprised to see an electric Lotus shortly,” he said, adding that a concept version could debut as early as March, at Geneva’s International Motor […] Read more »

From HDTV to 3-D TV; big TV manufacturers like Panasonic, Samsung and Texas Instruments are rolling out 3D-capable sets at CES this week. (The LA Times) Consumers to Cut Back on High-Tech Product Purchases; Forrester Research survey finds 51 percent of respondents saying they will spend […] Read more »

I see that James already shared the kit that works for him, so I’ll briefly explain what I’m taking and why. My bag will surely be lighter as two items James is bringing aren’t necessary for the way I work, which underscores a fact we often […] Read more »

I suppose it’s just the price you pay for having created such a powerful brand, but Steve Jobs has been forced to publicly deal with rumors about his health once again, and this time he’s had to give details about dealings with his doctor. In order […] Read more »

Focused on the cloud as we are, we haven’t paid much attention to Marketcircle’s Daylite. It’s a desktop PIM/CRM (Mac only) and it’s not cheap ($149). Now the company is getting ready to introduce Daylite Touch, a companion product that allows for over-the-air sync of calendar, […] Read more »

I came across this very interesting BusinessWeek article by Stephen Baker last week, which discusses how willing we are to do free work online, without even trying to receive monetary compensation for our efforts. Instead, he argues, we’re looking for different kinds of payback. The non-monetary […] Read more »

This passed us by when it was announced on the company’s blog in November, but Spanish mobile social network Tooio will be starting 2009 in… Read more »

No, Ener1 isn’t looking for a piece of the auto bailout pie. But the hybrid and electric vehicle battery maker has applied for $480 million in loans from the U.S. Department of Energy‘s advanced vehicle incentive program. The DOE’s $25 billion Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan […] Read more »

Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs today issued a letter that outlines why he is skipping the Macworld: He has a hormonal imbalance that caused him to drastically lose weight, and he needs to take care of it ASAP. His weight loss had led to rampant […] Read more »

We’ve heard folks claim that today’s smartphones are so powerful compared to years ago that they should be considered computers.  Matt Miller carries that thought with his observation that Nokia was the world’s largest computer maker in 2008.  I’m sure that Nokia agrees with Matt and […] Read more »

At Macworld Expo 2009, the folks at Marketcircle, makers of Daylite, are announcing and demonstrating their new iPhone application: Daylite touch. Marketcircle originally announced this tool in the summer of 2008 and many of their users have been anxiously awaiting this new companion product. What can […] Read more »

We’re not even a full week into the new year and a dominant story for 2009 is already starting to take shape: newteevee on your oldteevee set. Intel and Adobe announced today that they are collaborating to bring Flash to the Intel CE 3100 Media Processor, […] Read more »

As the Consumer Electronics shows opens in Las Vegas this week, the papers are awash in stories about CES being smaller this year, by about 11,000 attendees (about an 8 percent decline) and 300 exhibitors (a 10 percent decline.) Given that the Dow Jones Index has […] Read more »

The big trip to the CES is tomorrow and each year we always share what gear we are taking with us to cover the big show.  The gear loadout has changed significantly each year and this trip is perhaps the biggest change yet. The show is […] Read more »

The ability to work nearly anywhere thanks to today’s 3G wireless broadband is as much of an enabler today as it was for me in 2004. Along the way these past five years, I’ve learned a few things that might be useful to you. Read more »

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