Stories for Feb. 18, 2009

We were so excited about the news that City CarShare would be getting a new plug-in Prius in San Francisco that we logged into our account this afternoon to see when the car would be available. Once there, we discovered a list of cars that will […] Read more »

“Another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust.” First Hulu wiped its content from rival video portal, now comes word that Hulu is bowing to the demands of its content masters and has asked to be removed from Boxee‘s media center […] Read more »

Game publishers have long complained about retailers like GameStop that sell used games, because they don’t get a cut of the resale revenues… Read more »

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A day after millions of consumers were excited to read that the top cell phone makers were rallying behind a universal charger, ComputerWorld has killed the buzz by writing that it will never work. And why is that? Because Apple, with its 1.1 percent cell phone […] Read more »

Congratulations to Xavier of as well as Rob, Warner and all of our good friends on the GottaBeMobile team. Today, both sites jointly announced that has purchased GottaBeMobile. We’re obviously big fans of both sites, so we’re excited that the two have become one. […] Read more »

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Microsoft’s new and improved networking interface in Windows 7 received a nice boost of support at Mobile World Congress this week. Fourteen partners are on board with Mobile Broadband support within the new operating system. The native support is probably old news, but it’s rather timely […] Read more »

We’re in the midst of the national digital television switch, an apparent source of inspiration for conspiracy theorists, who are coming out with warnings that DTV will result in big brother-like surveillance, mind control, weather control and even…(dunh, dunh, DUNH!) a massive destructo-beam! The DTV switch […] Read more »

The electricity grid can only get so smart without a framework for interoperability; a common protocol would make it easier for utilities, appliances and software to share data about energy use and supply — in other words, it would help put the “smart” in smart grid. […] Read more »

In an effort to give you a slightly different perspective from what you normally get on WebWorkerDaily, we decided to talk with folks whom we feel are doing especially interesting web working jobs. We’re kicking off the first installment of this series of web worker interviews […] Read more »

Intel on Monday night filed suit to stop graphics chipmaker Nvidia from tying its graphics chips to certain future Intel CPUs. The suit filed in the Delaware Court of Chancery alleges that Nvidia doesn’t have the right to integrate a Nvida GPU with future Intel processors, […] Read more »

Back in the day, you used to have to count the hours until your favorite sports team took the field or court, and there was precious little to do in between games. Fortunately, now there are a metric ton of apps in the App Store that […] Read more »

The iPhone and the Apple App Store may have set a new standard for design and availability of mobile apps, but the iPhone operates within the same decades-old voice quality constraints as other handsets. Indeed, the rapid pace of handset innovation does not change the fact […] Read more »

Why Being a Hit on iTunes Isn’t So Great; Robert Seidman looks at the economics of being number one at Apple’s download store and find there just isn’t enough there yet. (TVbytheNumbers) FYI Signs Six-Figure Watchmen Promo Deal; deal includes integration into three episodes of Kyle […] Read more »

At Earth2Tech, we’ve been poring over business plans and PowerPoint presentations for the past few weeks, searching for innovative young companies that are leveraging Internet and computing technologies to fight climate change to present at the upcoming Green:Net Launchpad on March 24. Given the overwhelming response, […] Read more »

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