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Office buildings account for 17 percent of CO2 emissions in the U.S., or about 1-billion tons per year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Thanks to an agreement between property manager Cushman & Wakefield and the EPA, some of those emissions could get cut over […] Read more »

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As much as we love drooling over new hardware at CES, there’s software news around every corner as well. Fring is among those applications that get a refresh with new features. Their Windows Mobile client now sports the “Designed for Windows Mobile” moniker and gains more […] Read more »

[qi:050] Aside from slashing its sales estimates today, Intel said it would take a $950 million impairment charge related to its investment in Clearwire, citing a decline in Cleawire’s stock price (to $4.93 as of Dec. 31). Intel has invested millions into Clearwire, which is building […] Read more »

We’re here in Las Vegas for the CES and while the show proper has not begun yet there have already been some press events.  These pre-show events are designed to give journalists a preview of what will be making an appearance at the show and they […] Read more »

Big Bucks for Batteries?: Congressional Democrats are making a strong push for an expected $800 billion stimulus package to include new funds for battery research and production. — The Detroit News Techno Garlic for Energy Vampires: Good for You, Good for the Planet has developed a […] Read more »

TheAppleBlog attended the Macworld Expo keynote presentation by Phil Schiller yesterday to bring you all the news from San Francisco. For your convenience, here is an overview of everything that Apple announced yesterday in one place. If you are interested in watching the full 90 minute […] Read more »

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It was fitting that Tony Bennett, beloved for his amazing contribution to his profession but largely irrelevant to the current market, was chosen to close out Apple’s keynote address at a Mac institution that is still well loved and respected for its long history but is […] Read more »

Still struggling to remember the difference between SD and SDHC? Then you don’t want to hear about SDXC, which is a new standard from the SD Association. Secure Digital eXtended Capacity is the new name and with it comes huge leaps in flash storage capacity. How […] Read more »

TiVo Search Goes Hi-Def; set-top box rolls out new widescreen search functionality, which includes a graphical content discovery bar. (Zatz Not Funny!) Spout Hooks Up with MeDeploy; partnership will allow independent filmmakers to distribute their films via Spout. (Spout Blog) Video Becoming More Social; services like […] Read more »

Battery developer A123Systems plans to build a manufacturing plant in Michigan with $1.84 billion in direct loans from the U.S. Department of Energy. The Massachusetts-based startup said today it expects to spend a total of $2.3 billion on several factories in the state, supplying Detroit automakers […] Read more »

Facebook is a great tool for web working. It makes networking simple, offers loads of opportunities for promotion, and it boasts a massive user base. Still, it’s not designed to foreground your work, and sometimes it can be a little difficult to draw attention to the […] Read more »

After years of delay, China issued its third-generation mobile-phone licenses to its three main state-controlled carriers today, in a move t… Read more »

[qi:011] A few weeks ago Terry Gou, chairman of Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the world’s largest original equipment maker, warned that the troubles facing the technology industry (because of the global economic downturn) were much steeper than people realized. His comments were met with […] Read more »

Electric vehicle startup Aptera and its novel three-wheeled vehicle, the 2e, missed its deadline to show off its first production vehicle, and now the company says in a letter to its customers that the vehicles won’t be delivered in volume until closer to October 2009. Aptera, […] Read more »

After a holiday break, the StatShot is back, bringing you interesting numbers from around the NewTeeVee-verse. Trendrr‘s graph of the top Twittered TV shows for the week of Dec. 30 – Jan. 6 shows remained largely the same — but for the first time since we’ve […] Read more »

Verizon says it’s willing to provide access to its cellular network for wireless devices like the Kindle reader, according to Tony Lewis, vice president of open development at Verizon. He spoke to Reuters in the lead up to CES yesterday and said the public could expect […] Read more »

Huzzah! It’s true! Asus is indeed modifying the keyboards in their Eee PC line! Before CES, we heard reports of Asus revamping their Eee PC keyboards so that the Right-Shift key was in a more traditional spot. While I was literally Eee-shooting Eee-pictures from alongside him, […] Read more »

Americans, by nature, are an optimistic bunch. Even in tough times, there is something to be optimistic about. Where others see the glass half empty, we see it as half full. That is probably the only reasonable explanation for the findings of this survey conducted by […] Read more »

Energy management technology got a leg up with startup Sentilla announcing that it raised $7.5 million in a second round of funding. The company, which pulled in the new financing from Onset Ventures and Claremont Creek Ventures, said the cash will go toward further development of […] Read more »

Hard on the heels of a brutal year for solar stocks, the early days of 2009 are so far putting out a good share of negative news: sell recommendations from research analysts, a dire outlook from LDK, and Evergreen Solar shuttering a pilot plant. Investors, though, […] Read more »

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