Stories for Feb. 19, 2009

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It’s crazy fast and eerily quiet. That’s the gist of what attendees at last week’s TED summit in Southern California learned about the Mission One electric motorcycle unveiled by San Francisco-based startup Mission Motors. I spoke with the company’s chief operating officer, Jit Bhattacharya, this afternoon […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 18, 2009
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Massachusetts showed its appreciation for local solar startup Konarka today with $5 million in financing for manufacturing and job creation in the state. Konarka officially opened its first thin-film manufacturing plant in New Bedford, Mass., last October, but the company has yet to announce the start […] Read more »

Video advertising network Tremor Media has raised an $18 million Series C round from Meritech Capital Partners and previous investors Canaan Partners, Masthead Venture Partners and European Founders Fund, bringing its total funding to just over $40 million. In these tough economic conditions, it’s an impressive […] Read more »

U.S gamers, rejoice: After months of hearing tantalizing tidbits about the Nintendo DSi, available in Japan since last November, we finally have word that it will go on sale here April 5th, for $169.99. The latest addition to Nintendo’s DS handheld console line bristles with new […] Read more »

As most savvy technology readers know, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibits “circumventing” digital rights management (DRM) and “other technical protection measures” used to protect copyrighted works. While this ban was meant to deter copyright infringement, many corporations have misused the law to chill competition, free […] Read more »

Stimulus Sweepstakes: — The stimulus package may revive the fortunes of OptiSolar, Abengoa and other renewable energy companies stalled by the financial crisis, but the clock is ticking. — Fortune’s Green Wombat Getting Smart with Biofuels: Key policy reforms can accelerate the transition to cellulosic feedstocks […] Read more »

NewTeeVee has learned that video platform startup Ooyala will soon power video portal Joost. Representatives for the two companies confirmed that Ooyala would be providing its technology for Joost, but declined to offer further details until they are formally announced. For now, it was made public […] Read more »

We were so excited about the news that City CarShare would be getting a new plug-in Prius in San Francisco that we logged into our account this afternoon to see when the car would be available. Once there, we discovered a list of cars that will […] Read more »

“Another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust.” First Hulu wiped its content from rival video portal, now comes word that Hulu is bowing to the demands of its content masters and has asked to be removed from Boxee‘s media center […] Read more »

Game publishers have long complained about retailers like GameStop that sell used games, because they don’t get a cut of the resale revenues… Read more »

A day after millions of consumers were excited to read that the top cell phone makers were rallying behind a universal charger, ComputerWorld has killed the buzz by writing that it will never work. And why is that? Because Apple, with its 1.1 percent cell phone […] Read more »

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