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It’s one thing to rely on a network for your online presence; it’s another to take ownership of it yourself. And in the case of Top Gear, which has an international following and brand recognition beyond the BBC, they don’t just own their online presence — […] Read more »

Apple prides itself on creating products that are simple and easy to use. A prime example of this philosophy can be seen in Mail, the default email application included with Mac OS X. Mail is not an all-encompassing “collaboration” tool, and it is not “groupware;” it […] Read more »

As netbook makers continue to combat small profit margins, they’re looking for new revenue opportunities. One is surely in the slim category as MSI has already shown a few models in this area and ASUS is expected to offer some as well. Add Acer to the […] Read more »

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U.S. to Set Single MPG Standard for Cars, Trucks? Carol Browner, assistant to the president for energy and climate, says she and others in the White House back the idea of a universal fuel-efficiency standard aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. — Washington Post Growing the […] Read more »

When Google first released App Engine as a “Preview Release” last April, developers had relatively little computing power. Only a few apps got Google’s permission to grow beyond the free computing quotas, including BuddyPoke, Lingospot, Mentalfloss and Now, the company’s going to start charging for […] Read more »

Between Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and personal sites, celebrities write their own tabloids these days. And that’s especially true for the women of MTV’s The Hills, who are famous solely for allowing their posh lives to be filmed. So after Hills star Audrina Patridge’s home was robbed […] Read more »

While there were plenty of hot handsets introduced at Mobile World Congress, the HTC Touch Pro2 has to be a “Best of Show” contender. HTC routinely pushes positive improvements into Windows Mobile devices and it shows in the Touch Pro2: a tilting 800×480 touch display, 3.2MP […] Read more »

Microsoft today is expected to announce a research and development program called Cloud Computing Futures that aims to look at how the data centers underlying cloud computing can operate as efficiently as possible. The idea behind this year-old effort that will emerge from stealth mode at […] Read more »

Peter Chernin’s Exit from News Corp. Could Hurt Hulu; old media exec was new media friendly and his departure could impact Hulu’s ability to retain and attract new content. (The Business Insider) Midwest Teen Sex Show Episodes Pulled from MySpace, YouTube and Facebook; the straight-talk sex […] Read more »

No matter what your personality type, one thing is true for all of us: Every now and then we have to get out and get some human interaction — for our mental health as well as that of our careers. Holing up at home is not the best way to further your professional goals, get new clients, or find partners. And especially in our current economic climate, having a substantial professional network can mean more security for the web worker. Read more »

Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) confirmed today that it will cull 500 job from its UK operations, a move that represent around 5 percent of its UK sta… Read more »

Safari has come an awfully long way since its conception, and today marks the beta release of the fourth major incarnation of the acclaimed web browser. Version 4 introduces a range of new features and interface improvements, among them speed enhancements, visual history searching and Cover […] Read more »

Updated: The CEO of Northern California utility PG&E Peter Darbee, has been very vocal about his company’s desire to invest in and own solar projects, and suggested last month that the utility would “soon” do so. Is today the day he’ll give the word? At 11:30 […] Read more »

In my recent post about using Harvest to track my time, I discovered that I was spending too much of my time consuming information. As a result, I’ve been working on ways to further increase my efficiency, starting with some Twitter efficiency improvements, and I thought […] Read more »

Are there times when your precious phone just isn’t on your person? I nearly always have mine in a pocket, but I’ve been exercising lately and most of my workout clothes don’t have pockets. As I’m bulking and hulking up on different equipment, I’m wandering farther […] Read more »

Updated: SAGE Electrochromics said today that it has raised $20 million in a third round of funding for its smart window tinting technology. The new cash comes from Good Energies, Applied Ventures — the venture capital arm of Applied Materials — and Bekaert. That money will […] Read more »

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