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Behind popular web services such as Facebook, Google and Amazon’s AWS are racks and racks of computers serving up millions of pages or providing raw computing power. The use of thousands of servers to deliver one application or act as a pool of computing resources has […] Read more »

Google shook up the smart meter industry this month by announcing it’s developing a web-based energy data tool called PowerMeter. Energy info should be free, easy to read and owned by you — the consumer — says Google. But let’s face it, Google is new at […] Read more »

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The Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) company has bought Kerpoof, a site that lets kids create their own animations and artwork, Techcrunch reported.… Read more »

Cali Budget Clears State Senate: The budget plan approved today in the California legislature (after a three-month impasse) includes a provision that will delay requirements for builders to retrofit heavy diesel equipment to reduce emissions. — LA Times China’s Automakers Step Up: China’s Chery Automobile launched […] Read more »

Graphical and visual search engines are always interesting to me as alternatives to Google. I find that for certain types of searches, especially if I’m say, researching new hardware technology, or scanning headlines that happen to come from unusual sources, the extremely text-heavy way in which […] Read more »

This week I’m listening in as HP talks to some of its customers about cloud computing. Today’s webinar was a pretty good overview of how enterprises should think about using the cloud to deliver IT services — and underneath that, why the cloud really isn’t quite […] Read more »

I started using the Filtrbox online monitoring service after reading Aliza’s great review from last year. Like her, I was intrigued by the promise of more easily managing the sheer volume of information I was wading through. Since then, I have come to rely on the […] Read more »

I was popping through my RSS feeds today and noticed a couple of things worth passing on.  I saw from App-a-Day a mini-review of AccuWeather for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone.  I have been meaning to check out AccuWeather and this reminded me to go do […] Read more »

Turner Broadcasting released stats today saying that its online and mobile video coverage of last weekend’s NBA All-Star festivities generated 14 million streams. Here’s the breakdown. The NBA All-Star Scene, an area where players, celebrities and fans uploaded more than 400 videos using the Kyte mobile […] Read more »

Fresh — is this app “Fresh” or is it “Exciting”?* Well, let’s talk about it. Just this week, the folks at Ironic Software released this clever little utility for all to use. When I first read the product information and watched the instructional videos, my interest […] Read more »

Secretary Steven Chu has made hasty work of shaking up the Department of Energy. Today the agency announced a series of reforms designed to expedite the dispersal of loans and loan guarantees — changes that the DOE says will position it to start offering loan guarantees […] Read more »

In the continuing saga over who can call a netbook a netbook, our colleagues over at jkOnTheRun note that Dell has filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for cancellation of Psion’s trademark for netbook. The JK guys first noted Psion sending out cease-and-desist orders […] Read more »

Gateway has been quiet for a while but today announced the release of the new TC notebook line designed to appeal to the “thin and light” crowd.  The TC sports a 14-inch HD LED display running at 1366×768 and weighs 5.3 pounds.  It’s not the lightest […] Read more »

The wireless industry spends a lot of time looking internally — worried about the operators, the handset manufactures and the even the cont… Read more »

A good friend of mine, an actress auditioning like crazy here in Los Angeles, has already come across anywhere from 6-10 different casting calls this year for web series with exactly the same premise, that being: “Talented hotties struggle to get ahead in the entertainment industry.” […] Read more »

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