Stories for Feb. 24, 2009

The economic stimulus package opens up a world of opportunities to clean technology startups. With billions of dollars in grants, direct loans, loan guarantees and a host of incentives for smart grid and efficiency technology, renewable energy, and electric-car battery research, development and manufacturing, it might […] Read more »

Earlier today, Motorola announced it was selling Good Technology, the wireless email software division it bought for $400 million only 2 years ago, to Visto technologies, the leader in enterprise push email. This move signals the end of Motorola’s attempt to build a business-specific phone to […] Read more »

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Nearly five years and four months ago, I bought my first eBook. It was October 30th, 2003 to be exact. I purchased a Terry Brooks novel in his “Shannara” series for my Toshiba e805 PocketPC and I was hooked on digital books. Back then the electronic […] Read more »

Casual gaming powerhouse PopCap Games has acquired Gastronaut Studios, adding an Xbox- and Xbox 360-savvy team of developers to its in-house… Read more »

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I have tried just about every blogging platform out there and the one I finally stuck with was Tumblr. I like many of the more advanced functions in WordPress, but Tumblr is where it’s at for me. I’ve notice over the past couple of months I […] Read more »

We’ve all heard how California has aggressively cut energy consumption through energy efficiency programs — the state has saved a good $56 billion in electricity costs over the last 30 years. And in the next decade the state is aiming to cut carbon emissions down to […] Read more »

Australian carrier Telstra says it will open a mobile application store much like Apple’s App Store, joining the frenzy surrounding such mobile app marketplaces (Microsoft, Research in Motion and Nokia all have stores in the works as well). What’s noteworthy is that Telstra is a carrier, […] Read more »

You’ve probably all heard that California has aggressively cut energy consumption through energy efficiency programs. After all, the state has saved a good $56 billion in electricity costs over the last 30 years. And in the next decade the state is aiming to cut carbon emissions […] Read more »

The news that Gmail went down this morning (UK time) got me thinking about how we increasingly rely on third parties for essential business services. With a proliferation of web apps offering to meet our every business need and the inexorable rise of cloud computing, are […] Read more »

Investors loved the numbers they saw in First Solar’s highly anticipated earnings report Tuesday afternoon. They they tuned in to the conference call and hated what they heard about the company’s outlook for this year. For the three months ended Dec. 27, 2008, First Solar reported […] Read more »

A site called ViddyHo is running a phishing scam on Google chat users. The scam propagates via an IM from a contact telling the recipient to “check out this video.” When recipients click through, they’re asked to share their Gmail credentials. Then the site IMs the […] Read more »

In the Windows world, system administrators are likely to be familiar with the Scheduled Tasks service. This allows you to schedule processes, scripts or applications to run regularly at a specific time. In the Linux (and UNIX in general) world the cron daemon has traditionally handled […] Read more »

It’s one thing to rely on a network for your online presence; it’s another to take ownership of it yourself. And in the case of Top Gear, which has an international following and brand recognition beyond the BBC, they don’t just own their online presence — […] Read more »

Apple prides itself on creating products that are simple and easy to use. A prime example of this philosophy can be seen in Mail, the default email application included with Mac OS X. Mail is not an all-encompassing “collaboration” tool, and it is not “groupware;” it […] Read more »

As netbook makers continue to combat small profit margins, they’re looking for new revenue opportunities. One is surely in the slim category as MSI has already shown a few models in this area and ASUS is expected to offer some as well. Add Acer to the […] Read more »

U.S. to Set Single MPG Standard for Cars, Trucks? Carol Browner, assistant to the president for energy and climate, says she and others in the White House back the idea of a universal fuel-efficiency standard aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. — Washington Post Growing the […] Read more »

When Google first released App Engine as a “Preview Release” last April, developers had relatively little computing power. Only a few apps got Google’s permission to grow beyond the free computing quotas, including BuddyPoke, Lingospot, Mentalfloss and Now, the company’s going to start charging for […] Read more »

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